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Daily Deal: Avanca 9000mAh Powerbank

In our iLounge Deal for today, you can pick up the Avanca 9000mAh Powerbank for only $39.99 — that’s 42% off the regular price. This lightweight powerbank is fueled by 9000 mAh of juice and three USB outputs — so it can charge up to three devices at once, and you aren’t restricted to charging your mobile phone — it charges practically anything USB-compatible, like tablets, GPS devices, e-readers, and more.

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Report: 2018 OLED iPhones to support Apple Pencil

A new report from Economic Daily News (via 9to5Mac) is adding its voice to a chorus of other recent rumours that Apple may be bringing Apple Pencil support to its 2018 OLED iPhone lineup. Although Apple Pencil support debuted on the iPad Pro almost three years ago, support for Apple’s stylus hasn’t arrived on the iPhone as many had hoped it would. A report last fall suggested that Apple was at least considering iPhone stylus support by 2019, particularly in light of some of the new handwriting and markup function in iOS 11. Now, reports are suggesting the Apple may in fact bring support to its OLED iPhone models this fall, in hopes of driving adoption of the higher-end models, and making it another feature that will differentiate the OLED models from the lower-cost LCD version expected to also arrive this fall. The move may not be entirely surprising, considering that Apple expanded the previously iPad Pro only feature to the lower-end iPad with the release of the sixth-generation model earlier this year, suggesting a desire to move toward universal support for the stylus across all iOS platforms.

Tweetbot update removes deprecated features in advance of Twitter API changes

Tapbots has released an update to its popular Tweetbot client for Twitter, removing features that will no longer be supported as of today’s Twitter API changes. Twitter announced changes to its APIs last year — a move that was met with protests by developers of third-party Twitter clients, and while the company later extended its deadline, it offered no leeway in allowing third-party app developers to continue using many of the streaming and notification features that they had come to rely on. In the release notes for Tweetbot, Tapbots notes that “because Twitter has chosen not to provide alternatives to these interfaces we have been forced to disable or degrade certain features” and that the matter is out of its control. this includes not only the popular live timeline streaming feature — users will now be limited to 1-2 minute refresh intervals rather than live updates — but also delays push notifications for mentions and direct messages, and removes them entirely for likes, retweets, follows, and quotes. Ina addition, the Activity and Stats tabs and the Apple Watch app are casualties of the new changes, as the latter depended heavily on the Activity data that is no longer available to third-party apps. Although Tapbots notes that it will be investigating how to bring some features back in the future, it seems this will depend heavily on finding workarounds in Twitter’s more limited API, and it’s unclear whether this will be successful, or, if so, for how long. [via 9to5Mac]

Australian teen pleads guilty to hacking Apple’s secure systems

An Australian teenager has pled guilty to criminal hacking charges for repeatedly breaking into Apple’s secure computer systems, The Age reports. The intrusions, which were discovered by Apple’s internal security teams and reported to the FBI and Australian authorities, saw the teen breaking into Apple’s mainframe from his home in suburban Melbourne on multiple occasions over the course of a year. According to his lawyer, the teen engaged in hacking Apple’s systems because he “was such a fan of the company” and that he had told police that he had “dreamed of working for Apple.” The teen had downloaded 90 GB of secure files and accessed various customer accounts over the course of his unauthorized access and had developed VPN tunnels and other systems to attempt to hide his identity, however, Apple was able to trace the source of the intrusions by logging the serial numbers from the MacBooks he was using, which were also matched up by authorities the the laptops were seized, along with a mobile phone and hard drive. The teen’s method of accessing Apple’s systems reportedly “worked flawlessly” until the intrusions were discovered by Apple and the teen was caught. The teen’s guilty plea has been acknowledged, however sentencing has been put off until next month due to the complexities involved in the case. [via MacRumors]

Daily Deal: Okra 7-Port USB Desktop Universal Charging Station

Today in iLounge Deals, we’re offering the Okra 7-Port USB Desktop Universal Charging Station for only $39.99 — that’s 60% off the regular price. Efficient and visually streamlined, the Okra USB charging station lets you charge up to seven electronic devices at once, w with four one-amp ports and three 2.4-amp ports so that you can charge even high-powered devices quickly, while keeping clutter to a minimum.

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Apple releases iOS 12 beta 8, following removal of beta 7 earlier this week

Apple has released an eighth beta of iOS 12, following an issue with the seventh beta being pulled earlier this week, a few hours after it was released, due to reports of performance problems. The new beta features a build number of 16A5357b, a relatively small increment from Monday’s build of 16A5354b, suggesting that Apple simply addressed whatever was causing the performance issues and pushed out a new beta that’s otherwise similar to the earlier beta.

Kuo predicts Apple Car to launch by 2025

Well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is predicted that Apple will indeed release an Apple car by the year 2025, according to a new investor note set out from TF International Securities, his new employer. The note, which outlines products that Kuo expects to see in Apple’s future, also makes note of Apple’s plans for an [augmented reality headset][2] that has been rumoured to be in development for the past couple of years, along with the prediction that Apple will hit a two trillion dollar market cap via these new products along with its ever-growing services business. Most notably, however, Kuo predicts that Apple still has a vehicle in the works, and the “Apple Car” will be “the next star product,” expected to launch sometime between 2023 and 2025. Kuo adds that the new car will be as disruptive to the automotive industry as the original iPhone was to the mobile industry.


Apple’s upcoming sci-fi series casts Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, and Sarah Jones

Apple appears to be building up its cast for its upcoming Ronald D. Moore sci-fi drama, Variety reports, with the addition of Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, and Sarah Jones to the roster. Apple reportedly placed the order for the new series late last year, which is set in a world where the global space race never ended, and considering Ron Moore’s extensive sci-fi experience with shows ranging from Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica, the new series is expected to be one of the company’s flagship productions.


Verizon’s 5G broadband service to include Apple TV 4K

As part of the launch of its new 5G broadband service, Verizon will be offering subscribers an Apple TV 4K set-top box alongside a YouTube TV subscription, Variety reports. A report last month revealed that Verizon was seeking a partnership with Apple to be a television provider for its new wireless broadband television service, which will initially be launching later this year in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis. While it appears that, for now at least, Verizon has partnered with Google’s YouTube TV to provide content delivery — perhaps not surprising considering Apple has not yet revealed a timeline for its own video content service — Apple will be providing the set-top box that powers the new platform.


Daily Deal: WALTR 2

In our iLounge Deal for today, you can pick up WALTR 2 for only $19 — that’s 52% off the regular price. This handy tool lets you wirelessly transfer music, video, PDF files, ringtones, and more from your Mac to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod without having to resort to iTunes or other intermediate file format converters. At a basic level, WALTR 2 acts as a simple file manager allowing you to drag-and-drop files onto your Apple device, but it also includes automatic file conversion for a variety of audio and video formats and support for converting and including metadata. It also goes beyond just iOS devices — the entire Apple iPod lineup is also supported, going back to the original 2001 iPod.

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