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Review: Mobee Technology Magic Case 6 for iPhone 6

Mobee Technology's Magic Case 6 ($80) is a new battery case for, you guessed it, iPhone 6. The thick 2800 mAh case, which uses a two-piece slider design, lacks button coverage. A power button is located on the back of Magic Case, with four lights denoting battery life remaining within the case. A micro-USB port on the bottom of the case allows it to charge using the included cable. However, if you've already got Mobee's Magic Charger or Magic Feet, Magic Case can also use inductive charging from those products. Magic Case 6 comes in black or gray.

Apple TV adds Shomi, CraveTV channels in Canada

In addition to the CBS Sports and USA Now channels added to the Apple TV in the U.S., Canadian users are getting a nice bonus with the addition of Bell’s CraveTV and Rogers and Shaw’s Shomi streaming TV services. Similar to Hulu in the U.S., CraveTV and Shomi are designed to provide domestic alternatives to Netflix, albeit with a stronger focus on television content than movies. CraveTV is available to existing Bell subscribers for an additional $4/month while Shomi charges $9/month for non-Rogers and Shaw subscribers while including the service for free in most cable TV and Internet packages. Apple TV is one of the first third-party set-top boxes to get support for either of the new services; CraveTV was previously only available on Bell’s own Fibe receivers, while Shomi has up until now been limited to Rogers/Shaw cable boxes and the Xbox. Both services also continue to provide web-based playback and iOS apps for portable device playback.

Crowdfunding Spotlight

Glass x Silicone Protector for iPhone 6

The only tempered glass screen protector that covers the iPhone 6 edge-to-edge, while maintaining the curvature of its screen. With liquid silicon surrounding technology and our Impossible Tempered Glass, your iPhone will resist shock and scratches like never before. The ultra smooth glass surface also makes it a cinch to apply to your phone's screen. It's the ultimate screen protector for your iPhone 6.

Apple TV adds CBS Sports, USA Now channels

Apple TV has gained two more channels today, as CBS Sports and USA Now have been added to the main menu. CBS Sports offers free clips from a number of shows — mostly sports discussion — which can be sorted by show or sport. USA Now also offers free clips from shows on the USA Network, but cable authentication is required to view full episodes. These two new channels follow another recent addition, NBC Sports Live Extra, which debuted last week.

GE’s intelligent LED lightbulbs will work with HomeKit

GE is building intelligent, color-changing LED lighting that will be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, GE CEO Beth Comstock said during the company’s Connected Future event. GE’s Align technology allows users to automate lighting based on the body’s sleep cycle, producing a bright blue tone during the day to suppress melatonin production and a warmer amber light at night to encourage sleep. HomeKit will allow the lighting to be controlled by Apple devices and to integrate with other connected devices. The connection between the bulbs and iOS device will be authenticated and protected by end-to-end encryption to prevent tampering. GE plans to make the intelligent bulbs available later this year.

Apple releases band design guidelines for Apple Watch

Apple has laid out its guidelines for third-party developers looking to make bands for the Apple Watch. The document comes with only two basic guidelines — the band must securely attach to the watch and not hinder its operation — but there are still plenty of other restrictions. Most notably, bands are prohibited from integrating magnetic chargers or using certain materials that don’t meet environmental standards. No mention is made of the watch’s diagnostic port, located in the slot where the bottom band fastens to the watch. Bands will have to fasten tightly enough to keep the watch’s sensors in contact with the user’s skin while remaining comfortable. The bands must pass corrosion tests and resist efforts to pull the band off, while still providing easy detachment when a user wants to remove the band. Apple provides specifications for creating the special lugs used to secure bands to the Apple Watch, but the homepage for the new guidelines says Apple will be making its own lugs available to developers soon through the Made for Apple Watch program.

New Apple TV remote to have touchpad

The Apple TV remote is getting a touchpad when Apple debuts the new Apple TV this summer, The New York Times reports. An employee briefed on the product said the remote will have two physical buttons and the touchpad, which will be used for scrolling. The new remote will also be thicker than the previous model. Apple declined comment.

Daily Deal: Veho Retro Leather Bluetooth Speaker - 63% Off

In our iLounge Deal for today, we’ve got the Veho Retro Leather Bluetooth Speaker for only $65 – over 60% off the regular price. Providing a smooth and classy leather and brushed aluminum design with sharp sound, this speaker’s retro look can be a great addition to your man-cave. The ultra-compact design also provides maximum portability, and the dual acoustic drivers provide 6 watts of high-fidelity sound along with a built-in mic for hands-free calls, and a rechargeable 1800 mAh battery for up to 8 hours of playback time.

Get the Veho Retro Leather Bluetooth Speaker now for only $65

Ask iLounge: Why doesn’t my iPhone reconnect to Wi-Fi after I turn it on?

Q: Hi. I turn my iPhone off every night before I go to bed, as I don’t want it waking me up in the middle of the night, but when I turn it back on in the morning, it doesn’t seem to want to connect to my home Wi-Fi right away. If I start using it, it eventually works, but sometimes I’ll turn it on and go take a shower, and when I come out and get ready, it still only says 3G — there’s no little Wi-Fi symbol there. I don’t have much data on my plan, so I don’t want to be wasting data if my iPhone is checking my emails and stuff when it starts back up again. Any ideas how I can get it to automatically connect when I turn it on?

A: Unfortunately, this is more or less by design. You’ve essentially run into a side effect of the iPhone’s Data Protection feature, designed to keep sensitive data such as Wi-Fi passwords encrypted when your iPhone is locked with a passcode.

iOS stores all of your passwords — including the one for your Wi-Fi network — in an encrypted area called the “Keychain,” which is secured with your device’s passcode. When you restart your iPhone, none of these passwords are decrypted until you’ve unlocked your iPhone — and the iOS Keychain — by entering your passcode. Until you do this, your iPhone doesn’t “know” your Wi-Fi password, and therefore can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network. This problem isn’t limited to Wi-Fi either — for the same reason, your iPhone won’t be able to check your email accounts, even over a cellular connection, until you’ve unlocked it at least once. Of course, some apps may still be able to perform certain tasks in the background without requiring access to passwords from the keychain, so it’s valid to still be at least somewhat concerned about data usage. Although depending on the apps in question, the amount of data that gets used in this case should be pretty minimal. If you’re concerned, however, you can check your data usage via the iOS Settings app just to be sure.…

Review: Uniq Transforma for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Uniq Transforma for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ($23-$25) is an iPhone case with a built-in folding stand. We've reviewed Transforma for iPad Air 2, which earned our general recommendation. Transforma for iPhone is similar — its stand folds into various angles for portrait or landscape viewing, or typing. Button coverage is adequate, and covers the sleep/wake button and volume controls. There's also a package which includes Uniq's MountPro Vent with the Transforma case — the case can be magnetically affixed to the car mount with ease.

Mac: Mobee Technology Magic Hub

Mobee Technology’s Magic Hub ($50) is a peripheral that mounts on the back of an iMac to give users three extra USB ports. Magic Hub has four USB 3.0 ports — one is used to connect with the iMac itself — and all ports output 2.1A. The peripheral is directly powered by the iMac or monitor itself, and it’s able to charge devices even when the iMac is turned off.

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