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Phishing scam targets iCloud credentials of iOS device theft victims

Criminals who stole iPhones and iPads are phishing for iCloud information from the very people they robbed in a new scam, according to Symnantec’s security blog. Some users with lost or stolen devices have reportedly received messages informing them that their device has been found — these users are then sent links to fraudulent websites that often incorporate the word “icloud” into the URL and are made to look like the real iCloud login page. Once the thieves have the user’s iCloud credentials, they’re able to turn off Lost Mode and use or sell the device. Symantec warns users with lost devices to be wary when receiving unsolicited messages and to carefully examine URLs before entering any information. [via MacWorld]

Apple, others likely to reach $415M settlement in poaching lawsuit

A U.S. judge appears ready to accept a $415 million offer to settle a lawsuit accusing Apple and three other Silicon Valley companies of conspiring to keep employee wages low, Reuters reports. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh rejected an earlier $324 million offer as too low after one of the plaintiffs objected. Apple, Intel, Google and Adobe are accused of agreeing not to recruit employees from the other companies, limiting job mobility to keep salaries lower. The lawsuit, filed in 2011, was largely based on emails from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and leaders at the other rival companies.

Apple adds vehicles to list of company’s activities in Switzerland

Apple has filed to expand protection of its brand name and logo to the automotive industry in Switzerland, ApfelBlog reports. Public filings made by Apple lawyers to Swiss regulators request protection of Apple’s trademarks to be used with multiple types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, golf carts, trains, planes and ships. Though not a major development, it’s another sign pointing to Apple’s rumored car plans; a recent report claimed the company intends to produce an electric vehicle by 2020.

Cook: Apple Watch to be available outside U.S. in April

Apple CEO Tim Cook told a group of employees in Berlin that the Apple Watch will be available in countries other than the U.S. this April, 9to5Mac reports. Germany will also get an April launch for the smartwatch, Cook said. It’s possible the U.S. launch could occur early in the month, with other countries getting the device in late April. But there’s also the possibility Apple Watch will roll out in the U.S. and other countries simultaneously. We’re certain to hear details on the launch schedule during Apple’s March 9 event.

Ask iLounge: Can I transfer the existing version of an app to my new iPhone?

Q: I just got my girlfriend a new iPhone 6 as a birthday present a couple of weeks ago, but she’s been holding on to an older version of a game that she’s obsessed with (Threes) because she likes the red color scheme that they only had for a short time in an older version. As crazy as it sounds, she actually refuses to switch from her iPhone 4 as she doesn’t want to lose the colors. When I download the game onto the new iPhone, it’s the latest version, without the red scheme. Is there some way I can transfer the older version that’s on her iPhone 4 over to the new iPhone 6?

A: The good news is that there are actually a couple of ways you can do this. If she’s been using iCloud to backup her iPhone 4, you can actually set up the new iPhone 6 to restore from her iCloud account. Despite the fact that an iCloud Restore re-downloads apps from the App Store, it actually tries to re-download the versions that were backed up, not the latest versions available. It’s a “best-effort” basis — Apple can only restore the older version if it’s still available in the App Store archives, but older versions usually are.

The good news is that you can test this easily enough without affecting her existing iPhone 4. Since the iPhone 6 is a separate device, just make sure you have a current iCloud backup from her existing iPhone — you can check this by going into the Settings app and then choosing iCloud, Backups, and from here you can even initiate a new backup if the previous backup is too old. If she hasn’t been using iCloud to backup her iPhone, you can also simply switch it from here and then initiate a backup.…

Apple Watch to have low energy ‘Power Reserve’ mode

The Apple Watch will have a “Power Reserve” feature that will let the watch run in low energy mode while only displaying the time, The New York Times reports. As of now, it’s unclear how the feature will be activated. Apple claims the watch’s battery will last a full day, requiring an overnight charge, and it’s unknown how much Power Reserve will affect this estimate. We’re likely to hear more details on this low-power mode — and any other Apple Watch features still yet to be announced — at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event, scheduled for Monday, March 9.

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Ask iLounge: How do I quickly erase all of the contacts on my old iPhone?

Q: Hi. I’m actively using my new iPhone 6 and want to delete everything from my old iPhone 5. How do I delete all of my contacts at once on the 5?

A: There are actually two separate questions here, so it’s unclear exactly what you want to do, but let’s take a look at both scenarios. If you only want to delete the Contacts from your iPhone 5, while leaving everything else intact, the easiest way to do that is through iCloud. If you’re already using an iCloud account, simply go into your iPhone Settings app, select iCloud and then toggle “Contacts” off. You should see a prompt asking you whether you want to keep the contacts locally or remove them from your iPhone. Choose “Delete from my iPhone” and they’ll be removed from your iPhone, but left in iCloud, and on your new iPhone 6.

Apps: AG Drive, Delectable Wines, Google Maps + more


AG Drive ($4) — Three years in development, this new 3D racing game from Finnish game studio ZORG entertainment takes players on a blazingly fast-paced anti-grav race through a stunning and lively futuristic Earth city landscape. Built on the company’s own ZORG 3D engine, the game renders at 15 million polygons every second and runs at an impressively smooth 60 fps, providing seriously impressive visuals. The game also features an immersive and engaging soundtrack produced by the award-winning composer of other hit games such as Angry Birds, Outland, Trine, and more. Several racing modes are available ranging from single races to duels and eliminations. Multiple tracks with different environmental settings give you a wide variety of courses to race on, and each ship has its own unique set of skills for players to master.

Crazy Taxi City Rush (free) — Sega teams up with Mattel in this latest update to Crazy Taxi City Rush, letting you spin around Bay City in the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker hot rod. Available as part of an in-game Hot Wheels event that runs for the next month, players can unlock the car through the in-game activities, or buy it outright via an in-app purchase. Additional Hot Wheels content is included in this latest update as well, including the Spare Hot Wheel tire trunk cover, a Hot Wheels themed decal, and players will be able to retain all of the unlocked content after the in-game event ends.

We are the Chuggineers ($5) — We are the Chuggineers features characters from the popular kids show about trains — no, the other one — Chuggington. As we’ve seen in other recent StoryToys apps, We are the Chuggineers keeps things varied to hold a child’s attention. While the app is built around a read-along story, there are also video clips from the show, and four interactive games thrown in, as well. We’d recommend it for Chuggington fans, but other StoryToys apps are more fitting for a wider audience.

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