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Gear: Moleskine myCloud Briefcase, myCloud Smallpack + Vertical Device Bag

Moleskine, known mostly for its notebooks, has recently introduced a number of bags. We’ve received the myCloud Briefcase ($210), myCloud Smallpack ($150), and Vertical Device Bag ($115). Both myCloud Briefcase and myCloud Smallpack have luggage tags which connect to the company’s MyAnalogCloud game, which can be used to create a personalized luggage tag. The briefcase and Vertical Device Bag will accommodate a MacBook up to 15”, along with other accessories, while Smallpack can hold a 13” MacBook, plus other items. All of the bags feature a durable water-repellant exterior fabric. While myCloud Smallpack and Vertical Device Bag come in red or gray, myCloud Briefcase is only available in gray.

Tip of the Day: Manually adjusting camera exposure in iOS 8

While being able to make exposure adjustments on your iPhone camera has been around since iOS 5, this option was limited to relying on the iPhone’s automated sensors for judging the optimal exposure; you could tap on a location to make the iPhone meter exposure based on that spot, but that was about as far as your adjustments went. Even third-party apps that provided exposure control had to use workarounds to accomplish this, instead of being able to adjust the exposure directly at the camera sensor level.

The good news is that iOS 8 introduced the ability for a whole bunch of camera settings to be manually controlled, although most of these are only available through developer APIs, allowing third-party apps to let you take over and do things in an almost “full-manual” mode. While the built-in Camera app doesn’t provide all of this functionality, Apple has hidden away a manual exposure control option, allowing you to adjust the exposure to your preferences.…

Daily Deal: Last chance to ditch your annoying bulky key ring with Key Smart

Today is your last chance to take advantage of our iLounge Deal to get the KeySmart 2.0 & Expansion Pack for only $16.99. This handy little accessory allows you to say goodbye to annoying and bulky key rings, allowing you to keep your keys organized in a single convenient, compact, and lightweight holder, allowing you to store twice the keys in half the space. The included expansion pack provides you with room for up 10 keys, and is specifically designed to work with larger international and maintenance-style keys. Crafted from quality aluminum, the KeySmart is lightweight so it won’t add bulk to your pocket, with internal stainless steel hardware for maximum durability.

Get the KeySmart 2.0 & Expansion Pack now for only $16.99

Pandora CFO calls Apple a ‘frenemy,’ says service will be available in CarPlay

Pandora CFO Mike Herring says his company and Apple have a “frenemy kind of relationship going on” with Apple poised to enter the streaming music market, Fox Business reports. The report also notes that “one can expect” Pandora will be integrated into Apple Watch, and Herring said “we’ll definitely be in CarPlay.” While Pandora and Apple have a close partnership — “We were part of what made it fun to have an iPhone,” Herring said — Apple’s development of a streaming music service comes at a time when Pandora’s share price has dropped over uncertainties about royalty rates paid to artists. Herring admits that if royalties go much higher than the current $0.0014 per song, Pandora would have a hard time staying profitable. Even though Pandora is still at the top of the streaming heap with 81 million monthly active users, Apple siphoning off a significant portion of that number would further strain the already struggling company. But since Pandora still owes much of its success to the popular iPhone app, Herring said it’s a “very interesting relationship.”

Tip of the Day: Quickly Bookmark and Add to Reading List in Safari

If you’re a heavy Safari user on iOS, you may find yourself bookmarking pages or adding them to your Reading List — or even your Shared Links — on a fairly regular basis. iOS 8 offers a slightly streamlined way of doing this without having to go through the Share Sheet. Simply tap-and-hold on the Bookmark button while viewing a page, and a menu will pop up, offering options to Add Bookmark, Add to Reading List, and — if available — Add to Shared Links.

While this may not seem all that much more difficult than simply opening the Share Sheet and tapping the option you want, one of the big advantages is that with all of the new iOS 8 Action Extensions available, you can more easily prioritize other app extensions by putting them at the left side of your Share Sheet while still retaining quick and easy access to the built-in “Add” actions. While you can’t switch these actions off in your Share Sheet entirely, you can pull up the settings by tapping “More” at the right hand side of the action extensions. From there, simply drag the actions down to the bottom to keep them at the end and out of the way.…

Apple now accepting all Apple Watch app submissions

Apple has announced that third-party iOS Developers can now begin submitting their Apple WatchKit apps to the App Store for review, along with other data such as the app icon, screenshots, and description. Apple has also released guidelines for Apple Watch app submissions, including notes that up to five screenshots may be included, that WatchKit app icons should be “visually similar” to the corresponding iOS app icons, and that the iPhone app and WatchKit app should “share one name and one description” and the iPhone app should contain notes on Apple Watch functionality. Notably, WatchKit apps cannot include the phrase “Apple Watch” in their names. App Previews can also only include footage of the iPhone app, and developers are explicitly instructed not to show the WatchKit app in their app previews. Apple also notes that “a small group of people who currently have an Apple Watch will be able to use [...] WatchKit app[s] before April 24” although it notes that developers can choose to restrict availability until launch day in the same manner as for any other app.

While several developers released iPhone app updates late last week, it’s unclear whether those developers have received priority access for App Store submissions, or if their actual corresponding WatchKit apps were still waiting for final submissions to open. The Apple Watch App Store was added to the iPhone in iOS 8.2, although it remains closed with a “Coming Soon” banner and instructions to pre-order the Apple Watch on April 10th; the store will presumably open to begin showcasing apps closer to that time.

Review: VERT Wearable Fitness Monitor

Mayfonk Athletic's VERT Wearable Fitness Monitor ($125) is a fitness tracker with one very specific application — jump measurements. Most notably, vertical jump measurements. VERT is a small sensor which comes with a charger and a VERTbelt, which stretches out to be worn across the waist. A clip on the belt allows the VERT to be worn on your person during athletic use. The charger connects VERT on one end and plugs into a USB port on the other side. While the VERT sensor itself displays readings, the free Vert app should be downloaded to gain full use of the accessory, as it connects to VERT using Bluetooth 4.0.

Mac: Epson SureColor P600 Printer

For professionals and serious artists, there’s often still a desire to showcase your work in actual hard copy, and Epson has just the answer to that need in its latest entry into the higher-end printer game. The SureColor P600 boasts an advanced printhead, next-generation Epson inks, and enhanced imagine technology that combine to produce “exhibition-quality” black and white prints and “stunningly vivid” color prints.

Apple hires former Dolby executive

Apple has hired former Dolby Executive Vice President Mike Rockwell as an executive in its hardware division, 9to5Mac reports. A source says Rockwell was likely recruited to improve audio and display performance of Apple’s upcoming products. Rockwell oversaw Dolby’s new technology development, including efforts to create “state-of-the-art color display technology” at a company mostly known for its audio applications. Before coming to Dolby, Rockwell was with Avid Technology, a company specializing in video and audio production technology. AnSEC filing shows Rockwell resigned from Dolby on January 30 and his LinkedIn profile shows him coming on board at Apple in February, but lists no current title. Rockwell’s addition fits with Apple’s hiring spree for top talent in recent months and further bolsters the company’s audio credibility following last year’s acquisition of Beats Electronics.

Daily Deal: Toruk AP10 Drone w/ HD Camera

Today in iLounge Deals we have the Toruk AP10 Drone with HD Camera for only $679. Not only is this a 6% discount off the regular price, but you can take another $70 off with the coupon code STACKAP10. This little drone flies further and higher due to its expansive propellors and provides up to 25 minutes of flight time with its high voltage battery. The HD camera also lets you capture more with 1080P video and a 120-degree wide view, and provides first person view piloting streamed to your iOS device, which you can mount right on the controller for the optimum flight experience. The Wi-Fi extender provides a 1000-ft range and GPS-based autopilot enables a quick and easy return-to-home feature.

Get the Toruk AP10 Drone with HD Camera now for only $679

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