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Live coverage of the Apple Music Event is over.
This page will refresh every 3 minutes during live coverage. Please do not refresh/reload the page. Most recent update appears first.

This concludes the live broadcast.

iTunes 4.1 for Mac and PC is now online for download.
iPod Software 2.1 is now online for download.

She is now playing another song.
She's done - now thanking Steve and thanking Apple and the iTMS.
Sarah McLachlan has taken the stage and is playing on the piano and singing.

Jobs thanks the iTunes developers, everyone claps as they stand.

Jobs is now talking to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones (London) about iTunes for Windows and music via iChat AV.
Jobs is now talking to Dr.Dre (Los Angeles) about iTunes for Windows and music via iChat AV.
Jobs is now talking to Bono of U2 about iTunes for Windows and music via iChat AV.

Promotion will last 60 days to redeem your song.
Announceing Pepsi promo during SuperBowl.
Pepsi will be launching a large advertising campaign.
300 million bottles, 1 in 3 is a winner, 100 million winning bottles, winners get a free 99 cent song.
They are giving away 100 million songs with Pepsi.
Apple announces partnership with Pepsi.

In AOL at MUSIC, there will be an iTunes button that launches iTunes and takes you to that song. It will bill you on your AOL bill.
AOL has 25 million subscribers and 16 million AOL Music users - AOL Music will now be a part of iTMS.
AOL Music is going to link to iTunes.
Apple announces partnership with AOL.

Apple's goal is 100 million downloads by April.
Apple is market share king since launch of iTMS.
New ad camapign for iTunes for Windows titled "Hell Froze Over"
The iTMS has the Grateful Dead. iTMS is the only place you can buy them online.
Steve is showing off iTunes for Windows on a PC.
Slight redesign to appearance of iTunes for Mac and PC.
iTunes for Windows connects to net radio just like Mac version.
Mix and match songs between Macs and PCs up to 3 computers.
You own the music, unlimited CDs, unlimited iPods, play music on 3 computers, authorize and de-authorize computers.
iTunes Music Store exact same as for Mac version.
iTunes for Windows FREE
Rendevous in iTunes Windows- works with mac ina network.
Music sharing enabled.
Full speed CD burning.
"iTunes for Windows is the best jukebox ever on Windows"
"The best Windows app ever made"
Exact same application as for Mac.
iTunes for Windows announced.

New feature; Celebrity Playlists - Recommended music by artists.
New feature: Kids allowance. Set limit for purchase of music for your kid(s).
Redeem online.
New feature: gift certificates for iTunes Music Store.

Not just books, but also things like NPR (National Public Radio) recordings.
5,000 Audio books on the store now.
Multi-year exclusive deal with Audible.com
New feature: Audio books now in the iTMS

Signed up over 200 Indie labels.
300,000 right now, adding 100,000 more by the end of the month.
Will add over 400,000 tracks by the end of the month.

Nielsen SoundScan says iTunes marketshare is 70% of all legal downloads last week.
Over 600,000 songs downloaded per week in iTunes Music Store.
13 Million songs have been sold in less than 6 months for current iTunes Music Store.

New TV ad runs tonight. - Same style, just more rock and roll,

2.1 software is available today.

Also by Belkin - upload cards right into iPod. When you dock your iPod it syncs right into iPhoto - up to 20,000 photo's - $99
2nd new feature is photo storage!

670 hours of voice on the 40GB iPod
Audio files saved into the "new" version of iTunes
Made by Apple and Belkin.
Mounts on the top of the iPod!
Voice recording! $49 Includes mic and speaker!
New features for dockable iPods

Revenue market share is 50% (unit market share is 31%)
MP3 player iPod market share is 31%
1.4 million iPods sold to date
2.5 iPods sold every minute of every hour of every day last quarter.

Jobs is taking the stage. Black turtleneck as normal.
Event moderator is telling people to turn off cell phones and pagers.
Apple broadcast has started.