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Apple "It's Showtime" Special Event : September 12, 2006

Highlights from event below. Photos on iLounge's flickr page.

News in reverse chronological order:

One last thing - 1:50 PT

Q1 2007 completes the story.
Apple will release a wireless box for the TV.
Called iTV.
Box is like 1/2 the size of Mac mini.
USB, ethernet, 802.11 wireless, component video, optical audio, HDMI ports.
Works with Apple Remote.
Jobs demoing on stage.
Interface is like next-generation Front Row software.
Hi-res artwork, movie text.
Video access is instantaneous.
Looks like watching a DVD.
Same videos play on iTunes, iPod and TV now.
iTV works with iTunes on PC or Mac - available Q1 2007
"Apple is in your den now," says Jobs. "Apple is in your living room. Apple is in your car. Apple is in your pocket."

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Movies - 1:35 PT

Adding movies to iTunes Music Store.
Today, films from Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax - over 75 movies.
New releases - $12.99 preorders and first week, after that - $14.99.
Most library titles $9.99 every day.
Near DVD quality - 640x480 resolution.
Can watch movie as it downloads.
Can download multiple movies at once.
Dolby surround audio in videos.
Movies on iTMS going international in 2007.
Usage rights are just like TV shows on iTMS.
Robert Iger of Disney takes stage.

iTunes 7 - 1:20 PT

Source list now includes Library with separate libraries for all forms of media.
Store now has own section, devices have own section.
Album art view - Apple will provide art for any music in your library.
Cover flow view - Find music by album flipping.
NFL 2006 season coming to iTMS.
New 640x480 video resolution (was 320x240).
Gapless playback in iTunes 7.
Can now sync iPod content to second computer.

Updated iPods - 1:05 PT

5G iPod:
60% brighter screen.
3.5 hours of video playback.
Gapless playback.
New earphones.
New quick scrolling feature using letters.
Games added - Bejewled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, Pac Man, Tetris, Texas Hold Em, Vortex and Zuma.
Games will work on all 5G iPods, will cost $4.99 each from iTMS.
White and black available.
30GB - $249
80GB - $349

Second-generation iPod nano:
Aluminum, thinner - looks like thin iPod mini.
Green, silver, black, blue, pink available.
24 hour battery life.
New charger, armband, lanyard headphones.
Available today.
2GB - $149
4GB - $199
8GB - $249

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iPod shuffle:
10 million shuffles sold.
Second-generation today.
Metal body with white click wheel.
12-hour battery
Size of iPod radio remote.
World's smallest mp3 player.
Available October.
1GB - $79

Inside - 12:55 PT

The 755-capacity theater is nearly filled. Top iPod accessory makers in attendance.

iLounge on scene - 8:15 am PT

The iLounge team has arrived at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. With two hours remaining before Apple's "It's Showtime" event, the scene is fairly quiet. Apple staff are milling in front of the theater, and satellite TV trucks for both Apple and at least one major news network are stationed outside. The theater's only apparent Apple decorations are a large poster of a woman with a fifth-generation iPod and a large Apple logo inside; there aren't any spotlights or other clues as to what's about to be shown.

Today Apple is holding a special event for media and press at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. We will be bringing you coverage of the event as it unfolds. To bring you the news as fast as possible, we have created this special page to alleviate any issues due to heavy traffic. The event starts at 10:00 am PT/1:00 am ET.

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