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Mac: IK Multimedia MODO BASS

IK Multimedia continues to push the envelope forward with their analog effects modelling with their new MODO BASS virtual electric bass instrument app — the first of its kind to physically model the properties of a real electric bass. MODO BASS promises to deliver a completely new level of realism and playability, recreating not only the sound profile of the electric bass but also the human technique of how the instrument is played in real time, and all of the effects and amplifiers that would be in the sound chain. The app includes a collection of twelve of the most iconic electric basses in history, all specifically modelled, ranging from “60s P-Bass” based on an Alder body 60s era Fender Precision Bass and “70’s P-Bass” based on an Ash body Fender Precision Bass, all the way to more eclectic options such as the Ibanez Soundgear based “Japan Bass” and the Warwick Streamer inspired “Flame Bass.”


Report: AirPods delay due to problems with wireless audio synchronization

A new report in The Wall Street Journal sheds some insight on the reasons for Apple’s delay in shipping its new AirPods wireless earphones. Citing people familiar with the product’s development, the report explains that the main reason for the delay has been related to engineering challenges around the AirPods unique new wireless technology, specifically in ensuring that one AirPods is able to properly transmit a synchronized audio signal to the other.


Daily Deal: Nomad Leather MFi-Certified Charging Wallet

In our iLounge Deal for today, we’re offering the Nomad Leather MFi-Certified Charging Wallet for only $49.95 — that’s 50% off the regular price. This minimalist leather wallet comes with a 2400 mAh MFi-certified iPhone charger with an integrated Lightning cable so you can give your iPhone a full boost while on the go. It gives you everything you want in a wallet, plus a spare battery, so you’ll have one less device to carry while still knowing you have backup power available when you need it.

Get the Nomad Leather MFi-Certified Charging Wallet now for only $49.95

Review: Elgato Eve Light Switch

Elgato is one of the more prolific HomeKit accessory makers we've covered, with a diverse lineup of accessories ranging from weather sensors to outlets, so it's no surprise that the company has continued to expand its HomeKit lineup in unique new directions with the recent debut of Eve Light Switch, a Bluetooth-based HomeKit in-wall switch for controlling lighting or any other fixtures and appliances that are controlled via a standard wall switch. Although Lutron's Caséta Wireless System was the first to offer HomeKit-compatible in-wall dimmers, it's worth noting that Elgato's new Light Switch represents the first completely standalone HomeKit light switch solution — it connects directly to HomeKit via Bluetooth and no additional hub or bridge is required.


Review: iHome iPLWBT5 Docking Clock Radio for iPhone and Apple Watch

iHome's iPLWBT5 ($130) is an alarm clock radio with a built-in Lightning dock, and a built-in Apple Watch charger, allowing users to charge a Lightning-based iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously with no cables. iPLWBT5 has typical alarm clock functions, while also letting users wake up to audio from a docked device or Bluetooth — yes, the speaker is also Bluetooth compatible. An extra USB charging port can be found on the back of the clock radio, so users can even charge a third device, if they so desire. The alarm clock's display has an auto dimming feature to adjust to nearby light. Other features include dual alarms, speakerphone functionality, and auto sync for the time — iHome's clock radio will immediately sync with a docked iOS device to display the time accurately.


Apple offering hands-on demos of Super Mario Run in stores

In advance of Nintendo’s Dec. 15 iOS release of Super Mario Run, Apple is now offering playable demos of the game on display iPhone and iPad units in Apple retail stores. Nintendo has also been promoting the title, with an appearance by Nintendo U.S. head Reggie Fils-Aimé on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, who led a TV demo and allowed Fallon to run through a level of the game.

Daily Deal: SKEYE Nano 2 First-Person View (FPV) Drone

In our iLounge Deal for today, we’re offering the SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone for only $99 — that’s 23% off the regular price. This shockingly agile and tiny flying machine allows you to perform cool airborne stunts like figure eights, banking turns, flips, and more, both indoors and out, and the HD, Wi-Fi controlled camera lets you record incredible real-time first-person video. Further, the on-board Wi-Fi means you can use your iPhone or iPad instead of the included controller if you’d prefer.

Get the SKEYE Nano 2 First-Person View (FPV) Drone now for only $99

Review: Brydge 12.9 iPad Pro Keyboard

Brydge's Brydge 12.9 ($189) is, as you might expect, a keyboard for the 12.9" iPad Pro. Made out of aluminum, the Bluetooth keyboard has hinges which attach to the iPad, giving it a laptop look when in use. Keys are backlit, with three levels of lighting. The top row of keys is devoted to iOS functions, such as screen brightness, playback, and volume. Brydge claims the Brydge 12.9 lasts for three months before its battery needs recharged via micro-USB (a cable is included). Brydge 12.9 comes in space gray, gold, and silver.


Report: Apple pursuing studio agreements for early movie rentals

Apple is attempting to negotiate with Hollywood studios to offer access to movie rentals — possibly as early as two weeks after they open in theaters — according to a new report by Bloomberg. The move appears to have been initiated by several of the big studios, including 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures, which have confirmed that they are looking for ways to offer “high-priced” video rentals of new movies shortly after they open in theaters. People familiar with the matter have said that the studios are considering a deal with iTunes as a possible option, although Apple is not necessarily the only company that the studios have been in talks with. Sources have suggested that one of the main concerns regarding whether iTunes will be a suitable choice centers on the security of the platform to avoid jeopardizing box office sales from pictures that are still in theaters. Despite Apple’s tight FairPlay DRM security on existing iTunes rentals, studio executives are concerned that users could still use a camera to record a movie playing on a TV screen; by comparison at least one competing startup named in the report has implemented watermarking technology that would in theory allow the source of a leak to be tracked to a specific end user, thereby discouraging piracy.


Apple releases seventh beta of iOS 10.2 to developers

Only two days after a sixth iOS 10.2 beta was released to developers, Apple has now released a seventh beta for the upcoming iOS version today. The latest beta, with a build number of 14C92, actually comes in as a 1.98GB OTA update, unlike prior beta updates that were generally under 100MB; the larger size points to the possibility that this latest beta may be a final “GM” release leading to an impending general release of iOS 10.2 to the public. We’ll update with any notable findings.

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