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Framed, Prune, Puddle+, Sky Force, Lara Croft GO, Smash Hit

Framed ($4) — In this unique and interesting puzzle game, your challenge is to rearrange animated comic book panels to change the outcome of the story and continue the storyline. The simple yet elegant interface has you moving and rotating comic book panels to help the character successfully navigate their way through each sequence to avoid getting trapped or caught so they can continue to the next one. The art and animation is unique, and the smooth jazz score helps set the noir mood. Framed is spare, but addictive.

Prune ($2) — Another work of art turned into a game, Prune challenges you to grow and shape a tree into sunlight, blooming as many flowers as possible while avoiding the dangers of a hostile world. At a basic level, it’s a digital plant for your pocket, but it’s designed with an engaging and minimalist interface and meditative music and sound to chill out to.

Puddle+ ($3) — Puddle+ is another unique physics puzzler where you guide a puddle of fluid through obstacles such as drains, pipes, flames, and more, by tilting the environment to the left or the right, trying to get as much of the fluid as possible to reach the exit. The universal app supports iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV, and you can use either the Siri Remote in touchpad or accelerometer mode, or connect a Bluetooth MFi Game Controller. Different levels introduce new fluids with their own unique properties and challenges, and a range of original environments include burning passageways, carnivorous plants, and electrical currents.

Sky Force Anniversary Edition for Apple TV ($5) — Infinite Dreams brings Sky Force to the Apple TV, specially redesigned for the big screen with all of the fun from Sky Force 2014 for iOS, plus a new two-player co-operative game play mode. Sadly, it’s a paid app and not a universal extension of the iOS version, so you’ll need to purchase it separately. However, considering that the iOS version was (and still is) free, we don’t really see that as a bad thing.

Lara Croft GO ($5) — If you’ve already worked your way through all of the puzzles in Square Enix’s latest turn-based puzzle adventure, you’ll be pleased to note that the app’s new update gives you a whole new adventure, not only adding 26 new puzzles in a new location, but a new game mechanic that changes enemy behavior, a new set of gems, two new artifacts, two new costumes, and a new set of achievements.

Smash Hit (free) — One of our favorite games of 2014, Smash Hit’s developer, Mediocre, was recognized as our Developer of the Year for making a great game and continuing to aggressively update it with new features. We’re happy to see that Mediocre is still turning out updates for this fun app, with the latest version of Smash Hit adding iPad Pro support and new local multiplayer game modes with unique levels for both head-to-head and co-operative game play.


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