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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.


12-13-13: Non-Bluetooth Lightning dock speakers

9-27-13: iPhone 5/5s docks and case compatibility

8-7-13: Wired in-ear headphones with mics and call quality

8-5-13: Streaming AirPlay audio via an Apple TV to an alternate destination

7-17-13: Availability of Lightning vs Dock Connector Car Adapters

2-6-13: Accessing a large iTunes music library from an iPad

2-5-13: iPad Camera Connectors - USB vs SD card

1-25-13: AirPlay vs Bluetooth for Speakers

1-18-13: Connecting a microphone to a guitar input

11-20-12: iPod models that include EarPods

11-5-12: RFID Cards and cases for iPhone 4/4S

10-12-12: Upgrading to a newer iPod for an in-car Dock Connector

10-1-12: Wireless speakers and the iPhone 5 and new iPod nano

8-22-12: Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $300

5-30-12: Cannot sync ‘Now Playing’ queue between iPod and iTunes

5-4-12: Smart Cover folio cases for iPad 2

4-19-12: iPad Heat Dissipation and Cases

4-11-12: iPad cases for Apple Keyboard, removable keyboards

4-4-12: Using your iPad charger with other devices

9-23-11: iPad and iPhone charger compatibility

5-20-11: Connecting an iPod to a stereo

4-1-11: iPod classic microphone compatibility

2-25-11: iPad Camera Connector on iOS 4.2

2-6-11: iPod charging cables

2-6-11: 2G/3G iPod touch cases

1-28-11: iPad and Bluetooth headsets

1-28-11: Car Bluetooth receivers

1-28-11: iPod touch and external keyboards

1-14-11: iPod shuffle dock adapters

11-12-10: iPhone 4 Case Program

10-29-10: Playing iTunes at a party

10-22-10: Using iPod touch with an AV output cable

8-13-10: iPhone 3G only plays monaural audio

7-23-10: Using GPS car kit with Bluetooth stereo

6-11-10: 3G iPod and iM600 speakers

5-14-10: Bluetooth A2DP support on iPad

5-14-10: Continual iPod charging

4-23-10: Streaming iTunes Radio in the car

4-16-10: Pairing iPod touch with Bluetooth headsets

3-19-10: iPhone Sync Cable compatibility

3-5-10: External microphones for 5G nano

3-5-10: iPod Dock and Remote control solutions

2-26-10: Connecting to projectors

2-19-10: Black Dock adapters

2-12-10: Displaying photos via TV out

1-29-10: iPad Accessory compatibility

12-11-09: iPod docks and line-out

12-11-09: Audio output from iPod shuffle

12-4-09: iPhone and iPod external batteries

11-27-09: iPhone 3GS Airplane Mode requirement

11-27-09: iPod nano 5G speaker compatibility

11-6-09: Klipsch S4i earphones

10-16-09: Using AV cables for audio only

10-16-09: Memorex iFlip and iPhone compatibility

10-9-09: iPhone OS and external keyboards

9-11-09: Kensington LiquidAUX

9-11-09: Waking to a playlist on iPod touch

8-28-09: iPod touch Bluetooth headset compatibility

7-31-09: 3G iPod and iPhone Accessory compatibility

7-31-09: Waterproof earphones

7-31-09: Shure earphones

7-24-09: iPhone and car integration

7-24-09: iPod shuffle accessory compatibility

7-17-09: iPhone 3GS and charging accessories

7-10-09: First-generation iPhone and stereo Bluetooth

7-10-09: Nike+ shoes

7-3-09: iPod touch Bluetooth audio support

7-3-09: iPhone stereo audio recording

5-29-09: iPhone Bluetooth Headset Dock

5-22-09: New iPods and charging accessories

5-22-09: Apple iPod Hi-Fi and iHome and iPod touch compatibility

3-20-09: iPod touch 2G and Dock audio

3-20-09: iPod shuffle 2G/3G accessory compatibility

3-6-09: iPhone Car Integration

2-20-09: Video docks for 5G iPod

2-13-09: Waterproof cases and sound quality

2-13-09: iPhone 3G Dock options

1-23-09: New iPods and charging

1-23-09: iPhone call audio via Dock Connector

1-23-09: Remote control of Windows via iPhone

12-19-08: iPod and TV USB inputs

12-12-08: iH9 and iPhone compatibility

11-21-08: iPod touch video accessories

11-14-08: mm50 speakers and new iPod models

10-31-08: iPod charging accessory compatibility

10-31-08: iPod touch accessory compatibility

10-24-08: AV cables with 2008 iPods

10-17-08: iPod video out

9-26-08: Shure MPA-3C and iPod touch

9-19-08: Restoring older iPod models

9-19-08: XtremeMac Luna X2

9-5-08: AV output from iPhone 3G dock

8-29-08: iPhone v2.0 and TV Out accessories

8-8-08: Playing iPod touch on secondary computer

8-8-08: Multiple product reviews at the same time

8-8-08: iPhone 3G and Apple’s Universal Dock

8-8-08: Editors opinions on the most outrageous products

8-8-08: iPhone 3 and iPod HiFi

8-1-08: Car charging accessories

8-1-08: Excel and A2DP support

7-25-08: Voice recorders for 4G iPods

7-4-08: Optimum iPod video output cables

7-4-08: Hard cases for iPhone

6-6-08: Dock Compatible iPod cases

5-16-08: Using the iPhone with integrated in-car Bluetooth

5-2-08: Transferring digital camera movies to iPod

4-17-08: Bluetooth stereo on iPhone

4-17-08: Zeppelin speakers and USB port

4-17-08: Audio recording on iPod touch

4-3-08: iM7 and iPod nano

3-28-08: iPhone charging accessories

3-21-08: Slideshows on iPod touch

3-21-08: iPod Dock Connector extender cables

3-21-08: iPod classic TV output quality

3-14-08: iPhone alarm clocks

3-14-08: 5G firmware updates

3-7-08: Chargers for 3G iPods

3-7-08: Wired remotes for iPod classic

2-15-08: Setting up an AirTunes network

2-15-08: Firewire support on modern iPods

2-7-08: Voice recorders for 2007 iPods

2-7-08: Transferring music from iPod touch

1-31-08: Charging with Universal Dock

1-10-08: iPhone charger compatibility

1-3-08: 2007 iPod models and speakers

12-27-07: Differences between iPod models

12-27-07: Earphone Recommendations

12-21-07: TV Dock compatibility

12-14-07: Bluetooth headphones for iPod nano

12-14-07: Universal Dock and line-out volume

12-7-07: New iPod firmware - video output and iPod Hi-Fi support

12-7-07: iPod screen staying on when docked

11-16-07: iPod classic video output (revisited)

11-9-07: iPod/iPhone remote control

11-2-07: Universal Dock compatibility

11-2-07: TV Docks for new iPod models

10-18-07: iPod charging accessories

10-11-07: 3G iPod car audio compatibility

10-11-07: Managing a class set of iPods

9-27-07: iPod nano voice recording Functionality

9-7-07: iPod touch compatibility with older iPod adapters

9-7-07: New iPod compatibility with the old digital camera adapter

9-7-07: iPod touch and built in Bluetooth

8-30-07: Car line-out solutions

8-16-07: ROKR sunglasses and iPhone

7-26-07: Using iPhone speaker and dock

7-19-07: iPod nano accessory compatibility

6-28-07: Drivers and Software for 4G iPods

6-14-07: Radio tuners for older iPod models

5-31-07: Viewing iPod menus on a TV screen

5-24-07: Nike+iPod kit and treadmills

5-11-07: Bluetooth speaker accessories

5-3-07: Using the Universal Dock line-out

5-3-07: Power adapter compatibility

4-27-07: External batteries

4-27-07: FireWire/USB connections

4-12-07: Finding accessories for the 5G iPod

4-12-07: Speakers for charging a 3G iPod

4-12-07: Compatibility with overseas accessories

4-5-07: Preventing Apple Remote from controlling Universal Dock

3-29-07: iPod photo transfer performance and accessories

3-29-07: iAlbum and transferring photos from SD cards to iPod

3-22-07: Charging iPod while recording audio

3-22-07: Etymotic Earjacks

3-16-07: Recording Lectures

2-22-07: Using third-party A/V cables

1-17-07: Now Playing screen on TV

1-17-07: Car Stereos with USB ports

12-29-06: Charging iPod video with old AC adapter

12-29-06: Nike+iPod Sport Kit compatibility

12-29-06: Accessing and playing video with DLO HomeDock Deluxe

12-14-06: Buying an aux-in cable for the car

12-9-06: Using Mac-formatted iPods with an XBOX 360

12-1-06: Charging second-generation iPod shuffle

11-16-06: Dealing with a scratched iPod backing

10-26-06: Accessing iTunes music with a Media Center PC

10-26-06: Loading TiVo/DVR TV Shows on iPod

10-26-06: iPod Hi-Fi remote control

10-26-06: Leaving an iPod in the car

8-30-06: Connecting iPod to car Aux-In jack

8-17-06: Third party headphones on iPod

8-2-06: Airport Express not working under “Multiple Speakers”

7-20-06: Sound lost in one headphone channel

7-13-06: Slideshows from an iPod nano

7-13-06: Powering two devices from one car power port

7-6-06: Buying an iPod from overseas

6-28-06: Increasing the iPod’s volume

6-21-06: Microphone for iPod mini

6-15-06: Recording direct to iPod from cassette

6-15-06: Synchronizing a folder of files between computers using iPod

6-15-06: Using 4-pin Firewire ports

6-7-06: Finding a simple iPod mount for the car

6-7-06: Using generic AV cables for iPod TV display

5-25-06: Independent left & right volume controls

5-18-06: Transferring large amounts of photos via iPod Camera Connector

5-4-06: Using the iPod’s power adapter overseas

4-28-06: Made For iPod

4-28-06: New and unpublicized additions to the iLounge site

4-28-06: Publicizing your company to the iLounge community

4-13-06: On-TV iPod menu navigation revisited

4-13-06: Protecting the iPod’s Dock Connector

3-30-06: Locating replacement iPod parts for self-repair

3-23-06: Queueing TV episode conversion in HandBrake

3-16-06: iTunes Videos on other devices

2-16-06: Fixing Nano Dock Connector audio problems

1-25-06: iPods received from Apple’s Battery Replacement Program

1-19-06: Hearing both channels of audio in one earpiece

1-12-06: Docks with On-Screen Navigation?

1-4-06: Using old top-mounting accessories on 5G and nano

12-29-05: Charging new iPods via Firewire

12-21-05: Wireless headphones for iPod 5G and nano

12-8-05: Dock Connector splitter accessories?

12-8-05: iPod to RCA output cable

12-1-05: Wired remotes for 5th generation iPod

12-1-05: Avoiding iTalk/iPod interference

11-16-05: Camera importing accessories’ 5G iPod compatibility

11-16-05: Giving PowerPoint presentations with an iPod

11-10-05: Clarifying and troubleshooting “sibilance”

11-2-05: Charging iPod shuffle directly from the Power Adaptor

10-26-05: Using the iFM Radio with an iPod speaker system

10-12-05: Cassette adapter far too quiet

10-6-05: Lost Firewire Adapter

10-6-05: Connecting cassette adapters to line-out port

9-28-05: Upgrading a 1st-Generation iPod

9-21-05: iPod nano dock adaptor confusion

8-25-05: Dock Connector Extension Cables

8-25-05: iTrip Battery Drain

8-18-05: Wall charging iPod minis

8-11-05: Waking up to the iPod shuffle

8-11-05: Using Apple Pro Speakers with the iPod

7-28-05: Charging new mini with old power adapter

7-21-05: Wireless iPod transmitting from 50-foot distance

7-7-05: New iPod and Airport Express

7-7-05: AirPort Express volume and iPod compatibility

7-7-05: Sound degradation through audio cables

7-2-05: Recharging the shuffle

5-12-05: Apple remote/earphones retail pack

5-5-05: Trying to Sync iPod from AirPort Express

4-8-05: Got an eBay iPod without anything in box, what do I need?

4-8-05: Traveling and recharging overseas with iPod

2-26-05: Using iPod’s line out to connect to your stereo

2-26-05: Connecting an iPod to audio equipment

2-3-05: Using AC adapter from older model iPod to charge newer iPod

2-3-05: Adjusting iPod’s volume for use with external speakers

1-27-05: iPod for multi-room playback

1-19-05: iPod screen becomes dark when charging

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