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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.


12-11-13: Shared Apple ID and switching away from iPhone

12-6-13: Syncing multiple iCloud data with a family Mac

12-2-13: Whether to include specific apps in iCloud backups

11-26-13: Custom ringtones assignments don’t sync to iCloud

11-25-13: Resuming incomplete iCloud backups

11-14-13: iOS 7: Incorrect display of Company-only contacts

11-6-13: Problems sending via AirDrop

11-4-13: Notifications when restoring from another Apple ID

10-25-13: Sync only selected photos between devices via iCloud

10-18-13: Using iMessage without iCloud

10-16-13: Syncing music from iTunes when using iTunes Match

10-15-13: Deleting old iCloud Backups

10-3-13: Estimated iCloud backup size doesn’t add up

10-2-13: Restoring Text Messages from an iCloud Backup

9-30-13: Removing Purchased Apps from iCloud

9-26-13: Reminders appearing on multiple iPhones

9-25-13: Restoring iCloud backup to a second iPhone

9-19-13: iOS 7: Find My iPhone only available on primary iCloud account

8-29-13: Sharing recorded video between iOS devices

8-26-13: New photos appearing from lost/stolen iPhone

8-14-13: Accessing iPhone data via

7-25-13: iPhone prompting for old Apple ID

7-15-13: Retrieving deleted data from an old iCloud backup

7-9-13: Accessing an older iCloud backup

7-4-13: Cannot create new events in iOS Calendar

7-3-13: Restoring an iCloud backup to an older iPhone

7-2-13: Backing up a damaged iPhone

6-28-13: Restoring iCloud Contact info from backup

6-25-13: Re-enabling Find My iPhone

6-24-13: iTunes Match and track metadata

6-21-13: Retain existing tracks when enabling iTunes Match

6-20-13: Listening to iTunes Match tracks on an airplane

6-5-13: Deleting backups made under another iCloud ID

5-30-13: Multiple iPads sharing contacts in a company

5-29-13: Contacts and iMessages appearing on multiple iPhones

5-28-13: Photo Stream and one-way syncing of photos

5-24-13: Shared iCloud accounts and Remote Erase

5-17-13: Calendar info disappears after iCloud restore

5-16-13: Remove old iCloud backup after restoring to a new iPhone

5-9-13: Retaining older versions of Apps during an iOS Restore

5-7-13: Can’t change iTunes Apple ID to iCloud e-mail address

5-6-13: Effect of erasing an iPhone on the Find My iPhone feature

4-30-13: Scheduling automatic iCloud backups

4-29-13: Transitioning purchased apps to a new iTunes account

4-25-13: Backing up iPhones for other family members

4-24-13: Restoring missing apps after an incomplete iCloud restore

4-22-13: Removed iPhone still syncing with iTunes in the Cloud

4-18-13: Transferring Apps to a new iPhone

4-4-13: Using a single iCloud account for Find My iPhone

3-26-13: iTunes in the Cloud limitations on iOS devices

3-22-13: Setting default account for new Contacts

3-21-13: Transferring Contacts to a new iPhone

3-20-13: Transferring data when moving to a new iCloud account

3-15-13: App Store accounts and iCloud document sharing

2-28-13: iCloud Tabs, Bookmarks and Reading List on Windows 7

2-22-13: Automatically backing up photos via cellular data

2-19-13: Separating family iTunes and iCloud accounts

2-11-13: Restoring from a previous iCloud backup

2-6-13: Accessing a large iTunes music library from an iPad

2-4-13: Separating iCloud apps between different family devices

1-31-13: Sharing iOS Calendars between family members

1-30-13: Calendar entries disappear after enabling iCloud

11-29-12: Image Quality Considerations with Shared Photo Streams

11-28-12: iCloud Photo Stream and Image Quality

11-27-12: Managing multiple iCloud accounts for Contacts

11-15-12: Maintain separate contact lists on two iOS devices

11-9-12: Using Shared Photo Streams on Windows 7

10-26-12: Subscribing to iTunes Match with an iPhone music library

10-17-12: Deleting unwanted apps from iCloud

10-11-12: Manually downloading iTunes Match content on iPad

10-10-12: iTunes Match and streaming in iOS 6

10-9-12: Using Find My iPhone from a PC or Mac

10-3-12: Restoring Apps from iTunes vs iCloud

9-28-12: Can’t remove iTunes Match tracks in iOS 6

9-18-12: Removing an iOS device from an iTunes account

9-6-12: Backing Up Phone Numbers to iCloud

8-29-12: Calendar & Contact entries still appearing from previous iPhone

8-10-12: Multiple Apple IDs and iOS devices in a Family

8-9-12: Smart Playlist and iCloud Status field

7-30-12: Deleting App Data from iCloud

7-27-12: Setting Custom Repeat Intervals in the Reminders app

7-23-12: Sync iCloud Contacts on multiple iPhones

7-17-12: Reordering iCloud Calendars on iOS

7-4-12: Disappearing iPhone Calendar events

6-15-12: Transferring Apps to a new iPhone using iCloud

6-12-12: Moving an iTunes library with iTunes Match enabled

6-8-12: Using iCloud Find My iPhone on iOS 4.2 devices

6-4-12: Sharing Photo Stream content on the web

6-1-12: Deleting Camera Roll photos after uploading to Photo Stream

5-31-12: Removing greyed out music tracks from iPod touch

5-22-12: Converting Purchased Videos to 1080p HD

5-21-12: Find My Friends always reports home location

5-18-12: Creating an iTunes Match library from an external hard drive

5-17-12: Benefits of keeping apps in iTunes when using iCloud

5-11-12: Audiobooks and iTunes Match

5-8-12: Resetting Forgotten Passcode on iPod touch

5-7-12: Travelling with iTunes Match

4-27-12: Converting DRM Purchases: iTunes in the Cloud vs iTunes Match

4-26-12: Using iTunes Match to convert protected tracks from other iTunes accounts

4-25-12: iTunes Match only partially matching some albums

4-24-12: Sharing iTunes Match among family members

4-23-12: Using iTunes Match with your own song tags

4-16-12: Managing Devices in your iTunes Store Account

4-12-12: Streaming from iTunes Match on primary iTunes computer

4-10-12: Apple IDs, iTunes accounts and iCloud e-mail addresses

4-9-12: Adding Attachments to iCloud Calendar Events

4-5-12: Sharing iTunes & iCloud Accounts in a Family

2-3-12: Deleting pictures from Photo Stream

10-21-11: Audiobooks and iCloud

10-21-11: Using iCloud’s Find My iPhone on older devices

10-21-11: Merging contacts from two devices into iCloud

8-5-11: iCloud and Find My iPhone

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