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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.


1-24-14: Viewing only downloaded iTunes Match tracks

1-22-14: Splitting purchased content between two iPads

12-6-13: Syncing multiple iCloud data with a family Mac

12-4-13: iMessages come in from email address instead of phone number

12-2-13: Whether to include specific apps in iCloud backups

11-26-13: Custom ringtones assignments don’t sync to iCloud

11-25-13: Resuming incomplete iCloud backups

11-21-13: Adding multiple photos to a Shared Photo Stream

11-15-13: Receiving FaceTime calls on multiple devices

11-14-13: iOS 7: Incorrect display of Company-only contacts

11-12-13: Internet access from Wi-Fi iPad via iPhone

11-11-13: Deleted photos in Camera Roll also removed from albums

11-7-13: Using an iPhone with an external Bluetooth adapter

11-6-13: Problems sending via AirDrop

11-5-13: Problems deleting pictures in Photos app

11-4-13: Notifications when restoring from another Apple ID

11-1-13: Migrating from shared to personal iPads

10-30-13: Cannot use AirDrop with iOS and OS X

10-28-13: Receiving other users’ iMessages when sharing an Apple ID

10-25-13: Sync only selected photos between devices via iCloud

10-24-13: iOS 7: Delete photos from Camera Roll without removing from Photo Stream

10-21-13: Scheduling Alarms when using Do Not Disturb

10-18-13: Using iMessage without iCloud

10-17-13: Manual vs scheduled Do Not Disturb settings

10-16-13: Syncing music from iTunes when using iTunes Match

10-15-13: Deleting old iCloud Backups

10-8-13: Deleting and reinstalling an iOS app

10-7-13: iOS 7: Deleting Messages individually

10-3-13: Estimated iCloud backup size doesn’t add up

10-2-13: Restoring Text Messages from an iCloud Backup

9-30-13: Removing Purchased Apps from iCloud

9-26-13: Reminders appearing on multiple iPhones

9-25-13: Restoring iCloud backup to a second iPhone

9-24-13: iTunes Radio: Requirements for ad-free listening

9-23-13: iOS7: Accessing Music Controls

9-19-13: iOS 7: Find My iPhone only available on primary iCloud account

9-6-13: Phone numbers for iMessage on an iPad and iPod touch

8-29-13: Sharing recorded video between iOS devices

8-26-13: New photos appearing from lost/stolen iPhone

8-22-13: Measuring Wi-Fi signal strength from iOS

8-21-13: Choosing an account when creating a new contact

8-5-13: Streaming AirPlay audio via an Apple TV to an alternate destination

7-25-13: iPhone prompting for old Apple ID

7-23-13: Sharing an iMessage account between family members

7-16-13: Updating Contacts with Twitter and Facebook info

7-15-13: Retrieving deleted data from an old iCloud backup

7-10-13: Keeping track of iMessage conversations

7-9-13: Accessing an older iCloud backup

6-5-13: Deleting backups made under another iCloud ID

5-30-13: Multiple iPads sharing contacts in a company

5-28-13: Photo Stream and one-way syncing of photos

5-24-13: Shared iCloud accounts and Remote Erase

5-23-13: Costs associated with using FaceTime

5-22-13: iMessages showing as Delivered when iPhone is out of coverage

5-21-13: Inability to use Find My Friends without a passcode

5-17-13: Calendar info disappears after iCloud restore

5-16-13: Remove old iCloud backup after restoring to a new iPhone

5-14-13: Using a Wi-Fi hard drive with an iPad

5-10-13: Can’t restore iPod touch without passcode

5-3-13: Organizing video collections on an iPad

4-29-13: Transitioning purchased apps to a new iTunes account

4-25-13: Backing up iPhones for other family members

4-22-13: Removed iPhone still syncing with iTunes in the Cloud

4-18-13: Transferring Apps to a new iPhone

4-16-13: Google Reader alternatives for iOS

4-9-13: Forgotten Passcode for Parental Restrictions

4-5-13: Disabling Previews in Notifications

4-4-13: Using a single iCloud account for Find My iPhone

4-3-13: Cancelling a sync in iTunes 11

3-28-13: Accessing the Equalizer on iOS devices

3-27-13: Making International iMessage and FaceTime connections

3-7-13: Reset and erase an old iPhone for resale

3-6-13: Reliability of the Find My iPhone Feature

3-4-13: Personal Hotspot availability on the iPad

2-22-13: Automatically backing up photos via cellular data

2-19-13: Separating family iTunes and iCloud accounts

2-15-13: More than five family devices sharing a single iTunes account

2-12-13: Resetting a forgotten passcode

2-6-13: Accessing a large iTunes music library from an iPad

2-5-13: iPad Camera Connectors - USB vs SD card

2-4-13: Separating iCloud apps between different family devices

12-19-12: Resetting a forgotten iPad passcode

12-17-12: Setting custom alert intervals for iOS Calendar items

12-10-12: Setting up a new iPad: Restore or Set up as a new device

11-29-12: Image Quality Considerations with Shared Photo Streams

11-28-12: iCloud Photo Stream and Image Quality

11-27-12: Managing multiple iCloud accounts for Contacts

11-26-12: FaceTime and iMessage not accepting Apple ID password

11-21-12: Deleting apps used on multiple devices

11-19-12: Updating an iPad for a friend with no computer

11-15-12: Maintain separate contact lists on two iOS devices

11-14-12: Moving from a shared iCloud to individual accounts

11-13-12: Switching to a new iTunes account with existing content

11-12-12: iPad doesn’t make sound when connecting sync cable

11-6-12: Problems Syncing and Downloading Podcasts on iOS

11-2-12: Syncing music playback between two iPhones

10-26-12: Subscribing to iTunes Match with an iPhone music library

10-25-12: Can’t disable Location Services in Safari on iPhone

10-19-12: Scheduling irregularly recurring events

10-18-12: Facebook Contact and Calendar Integration in iOS 6

10-17-12: Deleting unwanted apps from iCloud

10-11-12: Manually downloading iTunes Match content on iPad

10-10-12: iTunes Match and streaming in iOS 6

10-3-12: Restoring Apps from iTunes vs iCloud

10-2-12: Restoring Apps and App folder layouts

9-27-12: Black Safari Toolbars on iPad

9-13-12: Using Newsstand subscriptions on multiple devices

8-21-12: Problems activating FaceTime on iPad

7-13-12: Songs downloaded on iPad keep transferring back to iTunes

7-11-12: Problems activating Personal Hotspot on iPad

7-10-12: Cannot Turn Off Passcode Lock on iPhone or iPad

6-27-12: Restarting or Rebooting an iOS Device

6-26-12: iPad displays “Not Charging”

6-25-12: Accessing the Internet from an iPad using an iPhone

6-22-12: Streaming Videos to an iPad using Home Sharing

6-14-12: Syncing Third-Party Camera Videos to an iPad

6-6-12: About iPad Product Codes

5-4-12: Smart Cover folio cases for iPad 2

4-19-12: iPad Heat Dissipation and Cases

4-18-12: Re-enabling the Sync Apps option in iTunes

4-16-12: Managing Devices in your iTunes Store Account

4-11-12: iPad cases for Apple Keyboard, removable keyboards

4-6-12: Best Practices for iPad Battery Charging

4-4-12: Using your iPad charger with other devices

2-3-12: Video Playlists on the iPad

8-26-11: Migrating from iPod touch to iPad

7-29-11: Changing Apple IDs on an iPad

6-17-11: Importing videos into iMovie for iPad

4-15-11: Javascript on the iPad

4-1-11: Syncing existing apps to new iPad 2

3-25-11: Using a U.S. iPad 2 in other countries

3-25-11: Transferring iPod music to iPad 2

3-25-11: Using an iPad on Windows

2-25-11: iPad Camera Connector on iOS 4.2

2-25-11: iPad Video Formats and Battery Life

1-28-11: iPad and Bluetooth headsets

10-22-10: Transferring apps from iPad to iPod touch

10-15-10: Moving iPad+iPhone to a new computer

10-1-10: Recurring billing on iPad 3G

10-1-10: Transferring data to new iPad

8-27-10: Using iPad 3G GPS without a data plan

7-30-10: Problems connecting to iTunes Store

7-30-10: Tracking Changes in Word Docs on iPad

7-9-10: Transferring iBookstore purchases between devices

7-9-10: Transferring apps from iPhone to iPad

7-2-10: Accessing iTunes U on iPad

7-2-10: Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad

7-2-10: iPhone 4 Retina Display apps on iPad

6-11-10: Syncing selected music to iPad

6-4-10: iPad 3G and International use

5-14-10: Bluetooth A2DP support on iPad

4-30-10: Transferring Keynote files to iPad

4-23-10: Syncing existing apps to a new iPad

4-23-10: iPads and iTunes Store authorization limits

4-9-10: Copying text from iBooks

4-9-10: Setting up an iPad as a gift

4-9-10: Syncing one iPad to multiple libraries

4-9-10: Using iPad without Wi-Fi access

3-19-10: iPad and Remote Desktop control apps

3-12-10: iPad and iTunes sync options

2-26-10: Sharing files between apps

2-26-10: Connecting to projectors

2-26-10: Downloading third-party music

2-26-10: Using external storage

2-26-10: iPad font support

2-26-10: iBooks and dictionary support

1-29-10: Updating Apps for iPad

1-29-10: AT&T Wi-Fi access

1-29-10: iPad and iPhone tethering support

1-29-10: Annotation support in iBooks

8-8-08: Consolidating iLounge news

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