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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.

iPod nano

5-8-13: Can’t eject iPod nano without closing Firefox

4-3-13: Cancelling a sync in iTunes 11

3-5-13: Autofilling a Device from iTunes

11-20-12: iPod models that include EarPods

11-16-12: Deleting orphaned Podcast episodes from an iPod

10-15-12: Moving an iTunes account to a new e-mail address

10-1-12: Wireless speakers and the iPhone 5 and new iPod nano

8-23-12: Removing songs from a manually managed iPod

5-14-12: Replacement iPod nano not appearing in iTunes 9

11-25-11: Syncing MP3s to an iPod nano

10-7-11: iPod nano and Nike+ Kit

4-8-11: Purchases not syncing to iPod nano

2-6-11: iPod charging cables

1-14-11: iPod shuffle dock adapters

10-29-10: Recovering content from an iPod nano

9-17-10: Copying audiobooks to iPod

9-10-10: Disk Use on iPod nano 6G

7-30-10: Transferring video from iPod nano 5G

7-2-10: Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad

6-11-10: Adding music from iPod nano to iPhone

6-4-10: Large amount of Other content on iPod

5-14-10: Transferring videos from iPod nano

4-30-10: Restoring iPod and content

4-30-10: Syncing iPod to a new computer

4-16-10: Adding playlists to iPhone

4-9-10: Conserving space on iPod

3-19-10: Syncing Recently Added playlist

3-12-10: Excluding selected playlists from sync

3-5-10: External microphones for 5G nano

2-19-10: Black Dock adapters

12-18-09: Accessing iPod Diagnostics Mode

12-18-09: Adding a second family iPod to iTunes

12-11-09: Syncing newer iPods with older versions of iTunes

12-4-09: Syncing iPod with no Internet access

12-4-09: Transferring photos from iPod nano to computer

11-27-09: iPod nano 5G speaker compatibility

11-20-09: Transferring an iPod to a new user

11-13-09: Syncing music and videos in playlists

11-13-09: iPod shows no content

10-23-09: Disabling Shake to Shuffle on iPod nano

10-16-09: Memorex iFlip and iPhone compatibility

9-25-09: Restoring iTunes to an external hard drive

9-11-09: Drag-and-drop content to iPod

8-21-09: Managing On-The-Go playlists

8-21-09: Disabling Shake-to-Shuffle on iPod nano

8-14-09: iPod nano and disk mode

8-7-09: Using multiple iPods and iPhones on one computer

7-24-09: Sound quality on different iPod models

5-29-09: Screen damage on 4G iPod nano

5-22-09: New iPods and charging accessories

5-22-09: Apple iPod Hi-Fi and iHome and iPod touch compatibility

5-22-09: Syncing iTunes content between computers

5-15-09: Music count vs Playlist count

2-20-09: Erasing a used iPod and starting fresh

2-13-09: Upgrading to iTunes Plus with a manually managed iPod

2-13-09: Fixing album artwork problems

2-6-09: Buying iPods abroad

2-6-09: iPod nano voice memo format

1-16-09: Converting Mac-formatted iPod to Windows

12-19-08: Converting PC-formatted iPod to Mac

12-5-08: Managing iPod content manually

11-21-08: iPod-compatible online music sources

11-21-08: iPod keeps resetting

11-14-08: Cover Flow on 4G iPod nano

10-31-08: iPod synchronization to a new computer

10-24-08: AV cables with 2008 iPods

10-24-08: Newly added tracks don’t show up on iPod

10-17-08: Backup up your iPod

10-17-08: Adding iTunes Shared Music to iPod

10-17-08: iPods and viruses

10-3-08: Shuffle modes

9-19-08: Recovering Mac-formatted iPod on Windows

9-19-08: Recovering photos from iPod

9-5-08: Transferring music on iPod touch from multiple computers

8-29-08: iTunes Plus and Apple Backup

8-22-08: Playing tracks back at a consistent volume level

8-22-08: Playing back all songs on iPod

8-15-08: Syncing movies to iPod nano

8-15-08: Playing iPod while charging

8-8-08: Syncing photos to iPod

8-8-08: Consolidating iLounge news

7-25-08: Problems transferring purchased content to iPod

7-25-08: Buying iPods for International use

7-4-08: iPod shows only Other content

7-4-08: Recovering a corrupt iPod

6-27-08: Keeping place in multi-track audiobooks

6-20-08: Shuffling On-The-Go Playlists

6-20-08: Third-party iPod management tools

6-20-08: Removing played podcasts from iPod

6-20-08: Transferring large files on iPod

6-13-08: Upgrading to a new iPod

6-13-08: Podcast support on older iPod models

6-6-08: Selling old iPod models

6-6-08: Downloading YouTube videos onto iPod

5-30-08: Music videos on 2G iPod nano

5-23-08: Restoring 4G iPod and AC power

5-16-08: Transferring content to a new iPod

5-9-08: Importing multiple tracks into iTunes

5-9-08: Using Apple FM Radio remote on older iPod models

5-9-08: Scan and Fix dialog using iPod on Windows Vista

5-2-08: Transferring digital camera movies to iPod

4-25-08: 1G iPod nano and voice recording

4-10-08: Maintaining Playback Position on iPod

4-3-08: iM7 and iPod nano

4-3-08: Purchasing from iTunes while travelling

4-3-08: Renaming imported CD tracks

3-28-08: iPod capacity and bit-rates

3-21-08: Using the Voice Memo function

3-14-08: Syncing new playlists to iPod nano

2-29-08: Contact Display on iPhone

2-22-08: Problems playing purchased TV shows on iPod

2-15-08: Shuffling music

2-7-08: Renaming your iPod

1-10-08: iPod windows driver installation errors

1-10-08: iPhone charger compatibility

1-10-08: Reformatting iPod for Mac

1-3-08: Importing Audiobooks

1-3-08: 2007 iPod models and speakers

12-27-07: Your First iPod

12-27-07: Troubleshooting iPod Problems

12-21-07: iPod suddenly shows no content

12-21-07: Other space on iPod

12-14-07: Transfer music from an old iPod

12-14-07: Bluetooth headphones for iPod nano

12-14-07: Convert MP3 to Lossless

12-7-07: Cover Flow on iPod

12-7-07: Mac-formatted iPods

11-29-07: Renaming “untitled” tracks in iTunes

11-22-07: Limiting volume on iPod

11-9-07: iPod/iPhone remote control

11-2-07: Calculate song file sizes

10-26-07: Play Slideshow on iPod nano

10-18-07: Manually Managing Videos

10-11-07: Windows ME support

10-11-07: Managing a class set of iPods

10-11-07: Resetting iPod language

10-11-07: New firmware and older iPods

10-5-07: US/UK iPod compatibility

10-5-07: Renaming iPod

9-27-07: iPod nano voice recording Functionality

9-7-07: TV output and the new iPods

9-7-07: 6th generation iPod user interface upgrade for 5th generation iPods

9-7-07: Voice memo on the new iPod

9-7-07: Folders for playlists support and the new iPods

8-30-07: TV shows do not appear on iPod

8-30-07: Playing single tracks

8-30-07: Car line-out solutions

8-30-07: Deleting iPod content

8-16-07: Sleeping with an iPod

8-16-07: Bookmarking audiobooks

8-16-07: Selling an iPod

8-9-07: New iPod with songs already on it

7-19-07: Using two iPods on one computer

7-12-07: Sorting in iTunes 7.3

7-5-07: iPod says “Do Not Disconnect” after extended time

7-5-07: Problems getting CD info from CDDB

7-5-07: Managing your iPod content with Smart Playlists

7-5-07: Using iPod as a removable hard drive

6-28-07: Renaming your iPod

6-21-07: Songs not appearing under Artist name

6-21-07: Deleting On-The-Go playlists

6-21-07: Transferring photos from iPod to computer

6-14-07: Using an iPod on Mac and Windows

6-14-07: Selecting items for synchronization

6-14-07: iTunes not showing full iPod capacity

5-31-07: Adding music from a second library

5-31-07: Restoring the iPod

5-31-07: Storing notes on the iPod

5-24-07: Identifying iPod models

5-24-07: Syncing selected items to iPod

5-24-07: Setting up a new iPod with an existing library

5-24-07: iTunes fails to transfer all tracks to the iPod

5-17-07: Pausing and remember playback position on the iPod

5-17-07: Problems Syncing Selected Playlists

5-11-07: Organizing tracks on the iPod

5-3-07: Problems restoring your iPod

5-3-07: Unlocking your iPod’s volume limit

4-27-07: External batteries

4-27-07: Problems turning off iPod

4-19-07: Playing single tracks

4-12-07: Moving an iTunes library to a new computer

4-12-07: Deleting songs manually from an iPod

4-12-07: Compatibility with overseas accessories

4-12-07: Resetting Screen Lock

4-5-07: Transferring podcasts from a secondary computer

3-29-07: Sorting photos on iPod

3-22-07: Storage size of iPod Games

3-22-07: Properly Tagging Albums

3-16-07: Recovering Playlists from iPod

3-16-07: Importing Calendar and Contacts from Outlook

3-16-07: Calculating iPod Storage

3-10-07: Checkboxes and synchronizing music to small iPods

2-22-07: Restoring an iPod’s missing free space

2-1-07: Removing songs from Shuffle play

1-17-07: Playing podcasts sequentially

1-17-07: Car Stereos with USB ports

12-29-06: Identifying iPod generations

12-29-06: Nike+iPod Sport Kit compatibility

12-9-06: Properly listening to iPod music in loud places

12-9-06: Linking to photos from the iPod’s Notes feature

12-1-06: Programs stored on iPod

11-23-06: Continuously playing videos on iPod

11-23-06: iPod deals

11-23-06: Getting replacement iPod manuals

11-10-06: Preserving On-The-Go playlists between syncs

11-3-06: iPod wakes up and plays tunes on its own

10-26-06: Leaving an iPod in the car

10-20-06: Using an iPod while charging via USB

10-20-06: iPod sleep behavior explained

10-12-06: Displaying singles in iPod’s Artists menu

10-5-06: Resetting iPod’s language

9-7-06: iPod crashes and loses library

9-7-06: iPod not storing advertised song capacity

8-30-06: Filling iPods completely

8-25-06: Replacing iPod’s front panel

8-17-06: Third party headphones on iPod

8-9-06: iPod not automatically disconnecting

8-9-06: Changing an iPod’s file system format

8-2-06: Tuning radio remote in 0.1 increments

7-20-06: Removing contacts and calendars from iPod

7-20-06: Sound lost in one headphone channel

7-13-06: Maximizing battery life

7-13-06: Slideshows from an iPod nano

7-6-06: Viewing large text files on iPod

6-28-06: Unlocking an iPod

6-28-06: Increasing the iPod’s volume

5-31-06: Best iPod for running?

5-18-06: Using the iPod’s Notes features

3-9-06: Setting a specific song as an alarm

2-16-06: Fixing Nano Dock Connector audio problems

2-9-06: Updating iPod Software with a slow connection

2-2-06: Controlling the backlight with the Menu button

1-12-06: Docks with On-Screen Navigation?

12-29-05: Replacement iPod manuals

12-29-05: Charging new iPods via Firewire

12-21-05: Missing storage capacity

12-21-05: Wireless headphones for iPod 5G and nano

12-14-05: Two iTunes Music Libraries on one computer

12-8-05: Manually syncing small iPods with playcounts and ratings

11-2-05: iPod nano Voice Recording Functionality

9-21-05: iPod nano dock adaptor confusion

9-21-05: Listening to iPod music through a PC

8-11-05: iPod mini Contrast Problems

8-6-05: Charging Problems

8-6-05: Creating Contacts

7-7-05: Empty iPod has less than 60GB of formatted space

7-2-05: Jumbled 3G screen

7-2-05: Slow iPod startup

6-23-05: Locating stop button on iPod

6-3-05: Accurate song count in iTunes

6-3-05: My iPod froze after jogging

5-27-05: iPod font size too small

5-27-05: iPod battery depletion

5-19-05: Disk repairs and iPods

5-19-05: UK and other International Apple warranty service

4-8-05: Resetting the frozen iPod

3-29-05: iPod fully reboots after 24 hours

3-6-05: Using iPod in a steam room

3-6-05: The iPod name

2-14-05: How to turn off your iPod

1-27-05: Getting the most out of your iPod battery

1-19-05: Turning off your iPod to save battery life

12-30-04: Per-Track EQ Settings for the iPod in iTunes

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