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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.


1-22-14: Splitting purchased content between two iPads

12-6-13: Syncing multiple iCloud data with a family Mac

11-18-13: Problems logging in to iTunes Store

10-16-13: Syncing music from iTunes when using iTunes Match

9-24-13: iTunes Radio: Requirements for ad-free listening

8-20-13: Streaming to multiple AirPlay speakers from Apple TV

8-13-13: Season Passes and iTunes in the Cloud Restrictions

8-8-13: Using apps from multiple accounts on a single iOS device

8-1-13: Requirements for establishing an iTunes Store account in another country

7-30-13: iTunes library disappears after enabling iCloud

7-25-13: iPhone prompting for old Apple ID

7-19-13: Restoring an iPod touch on a shared computer

7-3-13: Restoring an iCloud backup to an older iPhone

7-2-13: Backing up a damaged iPhone

6-26-13: iTunes Store on iPhone set to wrong country

6-24-13: iTunes Match and track metadata

6-21-13: Retain existing tracks when enabling iTunes Match

6-20-13: Listening to iTunes Match tracks on an airplane

6-6-13: Filtering content by iTunes Store account

5-16-13: Remove old iCloud backup after restoring to a new iPhone

5-15-13: Setting up a ringtone in iTunes

5-10-13: Can’t restore iPod touch without passcode

5-9-13: Retaining older versions of Apps during an iOS Restore

5-8-13: Can’t eject iPod nano without closing Firefox

5-7-13: Can’t change iTunes Apple ID to iCloud e-mail address

5-3-13: Organizing video collections on an iPad

5-2-13: Burning music to CD using iTunes on another computer

5-1-13: Movie and TV Show Playlists in iTunes 11

4-29-13: Transitioning purchased apps to a new iTunes account

4-25-13: Backing up iPhones for other family members

4-24-13: Restoring missing apps after an incomplete iCloud restore

4-22-13: Removed iPhone still syncing with iTunes in the Cloud

4-19-13: Remote Home Shared Library in Play Only Mode

4-18-13: Transferring Apps to a new iPhone

4-17-13: Removing a duplicate iPhone from iTunes

4-8-13: Removing unwanted iOS devices from iTunes

4-3-13: Cancelling a sync in iTunes 11

4-2-13: Limiting content displayed on multiple Apple TVs

3-28-13: Accessing the Equalizer on iOS devices

3-26-13: iTunes in the Cloud limitations on iOS devices

3-19-13: Switching an iTunes Store account to a different country

3-18-13: Watching Rented Movies on Multiple Devices

3-12-13: Optimal Size for Album Artwork

3-5-13: Autofilling a Device from iTunes

3-1-13: Recreating a lost iTunes library from existing media content

2-27-13: Slow sync speeds when converting to 128kbps

2-26-13: Organizing Photos on the Apple TV

2-25-13: Hiding Purchased iBooks

2-20-13: Accessing Composers View in iTunes 11.0.2

2-19-13: Separating family iTunes and iCloud accounts

2-15-13: More than five family devices sharing a single iTunes account

2-7-13: Sharing iBooks between iOS devices

2-6-13: Accessing a large iTunes music library from an iPad

2-1-13: Transferring PDF digital booklets between iTunes libraries

1-23-13: Preventing Season Pass content from downloading automatically

1-22-13: Problems with transferring apps to a new iPhone

1-21-13: Moving to a new country and retaining purchases

1-15-13: Joining existing audio tracks for sequential playback

1-14-13: Transferring Purchases before updating an iPod touch

12-21-12: Setting up multiple iTunes libraries on a single PC

12-20-12: Show Duplicates only available for Music

12-7-12: Join CD Tracks option not appearing in iTunes 11

12-6-12: Converting Media in iTunes 11

12-5-12: Gapless Playback in iTunes 11

12-4-12: Display totals at the bottom of the screen in iTunes 11

12-3-12: Joining CD Tracks in iTunes 11

11-21-12: Deleting apps used on multiple devices

11-19-12: Updating an iPad for a friend with no computer

11-16-12: Deleting orphaned Podcast episodes from an iPod

11-15-12: Maintain separate contact lists on two iOS devices

11-13-12: Switching to a new iTunes account with existing content

11-6-12: Problems Syncing and Downloading Podcasts on iOS

11-1-12: Automatic sync vs manual management by content type

10-31-12: Preventing iTunes from reorganizing Audiobooks on a NAS device

10-26-12: Subscribing to iTunes Match with an iPhone music library

10-22-12: Songs not appearing on iPod when browsing by Genre

10-16-12: Recovering an iTunes library onto a new PC

10-15-12: Moving an iTunes account to a new e-mail address

10-4-12: Syncing and finding TV Shows on iPhone

10-3-12: Restoring Apps from iTunes vs iCloud

10-2-12: Restoring Apps and App folder layouts

9-28-12: Can’t remove iTunes Match tracks in iOS 6

9-26-12: Streaming movie audio from a PC to AirPlay speakers

9-24-12: Syncing iOS Apps with a different computer

9-18-12: Removing an iOS device from an iTunes account

9-17-12: Transferring data to a new iPhone 5 without iCloud

9-11-12: Transferring iTunes music between countries

9-10-12: Sharing an iTunes Library on a NAS device

9-7-12: Managing an iTunes library on an iPad and External Hard Drive

9-6-12: Backing Up Phone Numbers to iCloud

8-28-12: Storing iTunes Library outside of My Documents folder

8-27-12: Storing the iTunes Media folder on an SD Card

8-24-12: Deleting Podcasts from the Podcasts App

8-23-12: Removing songs from a manually managed iPod

8-20-12: Apple IDs and restoring purchased content to iTunes

8-17-12: Changing iTunes Store accounts when moving to another country

8-13-12: Import Audiobooks from CD into iTunes

8-10-12: Multiple Apple IDs and iOS devices in a Family

8-9-12: Smart Playlist and iCloud Status field

8-8-12: Preventing iTunes from automatically opening audio files

8-2-12: iTunes Genius not creating Playlists

7-26-12: Syncing with iTunes without updating Last Played Info

7-19-12: Purchasing an iTunes Gift Card for use in another country

7-18-12: Playing Back Movies with AC3 Audio in iTunes

7-13-12: Songs downloaded on iPad keep transferring back to iTunes

7-12-12: Identifying iOS Device Backups

7-9-12: Finding Lost and Miscategorized Items in iTunes

7-3-12: Migrating iTunes library between Windows and Mac OS X

6-29-12: Merge separate App and Media libraries

6-28-12: Automatically Refreshing Photos in iTunes for Apple TV

6-22-12: Streaming Videos to an iPad using Home Sharing

6-21-12: Using iTunes with a MacBook and External Hard Drive

6-20-12: iPod touch holds fewer songs than expected

6-19-12: Sorting Photo Folders on Apple TV

6-18-12: Organizing Media Files in iTunes

6-13-12: Refreshing Photo Albums on Apple TV

6-12-12: Moving an iTunes library with iTunes Match enabled

6-5-12: Using Apple TV for Home Videos

5-31-12: Removing greyed out music tracks from iPod touch

5-30-12: Cannot sync ‘Now Playing’ queue between iPod and iTunes

5-28-12: Avoiding automatic sync on iOS devices

5-25-12: Removing music from iTunes after copying to iPod

5-24-12: iTunes TV show size totals don’t match actual disk storage

5-23-12: Consolidating Multiple iTunes Libraries

5-22-12: Converting Purchased Videos to 1080p HD

5-18-12: Creating an iTunes Match library from an external hard drive

5-17-12: Benefits of keeping apps in iTunes when using iCloud

5-16-12: Recovering iTunes from an External Hard Drive

5-15-12: Normalizing volume levels for Voice Memos

5-14-12: Replacement iPod nano not appearing in iTunes 9

5-11-12: Audiobooks and iTunes Match

5-10-12: Consolidating apps to a single iTunes Store account

5-9-12: Tracking down phantom Podcasts in iTunes

5-8-12: Resetting Forgotten Passcode on iPod touch

5-7-12: Travelling with iTunes Match

5-3-12: Backing up apps from an iPod touch

5-2-12: Poor iTunes performance and migrating to a new computer

5-1-12: Transfer preloaded music from an iPod touch to iTunes

4-30-12: Purchasing HD videos without SD versions

4-27-12: Converting DRM Purchases: iTunes in the Cloud vs iTunes Match

4-26-12: Using iTunes Match to convert protected tracks from other iTunes accounts

4-25-12: iTunes Match only partially matching some albums

4-24-12: Sharing iTunes Match among family members

4-23-12: Using iTunes Match with your own song tags

4-20-12: Sharing an iTunes Library around the house

4-18-12: Re-enabling the Sync Apps option in iTunes

4-16-12: Managing Devices in your iTunes Store Account

4-13-12: Handling Albums with Featured Artists

4-12-12: Streaming from iTunes Match on primary iTunes computer

4-3-12: Syncing Lossless tracks to iPod as AAC files

4-2-12: Setting up two iTunes accounts on one Mac Pro

2-3-12: Transferring Apps to a new iTunes library

2-3-12: Getting Track Names after CD Import

11-25-11: Smart Playlists and iTunes Match

11-25-11: Migrating Playlists to a new Computer

10-21-11: Using iTunes Gift Cards internationally

9-30-11: Opening iTunes library from external hard drive

9-30-11: Playing Playlists in iTunes

9-30-11: Moving Playlists to iPod

9-30-11: Problems with iTunes opening automatically when connecting an iPhone

9-23-11: Transferring Purchases to iTunes

9-23-11: Previous iTunes Libraries Folder

9-2-11: Transferring iTunes library from Mac to Windows

9-2-11: Backing up in iTunes 10.4

8-26-11: Updating playlists when consolidating iTunes files

8-26-11: Buying and listening to music on multiple devices

8-5-11: Mac app for converting DVDs to iTunes

8-5-11: Clearing Sort Fields in iTunes

8-5-11: Importing MP3 audiobooks into iTunes

8-5-11: Creating iTunes library on external hard drive

7-29-11: Track information not appearing when importing into iTunes

7-8-11: Track Info greyed out in iTunes

7-8-11: Downloading Album Artwork

7-1-11: Sharing multiple iTunes libraries on one computer

7-1-11: Burning MP3 CDs

7-1-11: Identify tracks not in any playlists

6-17-11: Transferring iTunes library database

5-20-11: Problems joining CD tracks

5-20-11: Problems moving an iTunes library

5-20-11: Streaming AirPlay from a line-in source

4-8-11: Organizing Music Videos in iTunes

4-8-11: Setting up an iTunes Store account for a child

4-1-11: Recovering non-purchased content from iPod

4-1-11: Recovering lost iTunes Store purchases

4-1-11: Displaying unique artwork for compilation albums

2-25-11: Redeeming iTunes Gifts on iOS

2-25-11: Backing up iTunes Playlists

2-25-11: Finding MP3 tracks in iTunes

2-6-11: Locating Apps folder

1-28-11: iPod touch shuffles songs

1-14-11: Transferring iTunes library between two external hard drives

1-14-11: Connecting iPhone to a new iTunes library

11-19-10: Gifting Apps

11-19-10: Cleaning up old folders after moving iTunes library

11-19-10: Backing up Apps

11-19-10: Storing iTunes videos on a different hard drive

11-12-10: Music videos play audio only

11-12-10: Advanced Smart Playlists

11-12-10: Transferring iTunes to another user account

11-12-10: Restoring a locked iPod touch

10-29-10: Recovering content from an iPod nano

10-29-10: Playing iTunes at a party

10-29-10: Viewing content on iPod from iTunes

10-22-10: Restoring iTunes from backup

10-22-10: Transferring apps from iPad to iPod touch

10-22-10: iTunes Store appears differently on another computer

10-22-10: Placing FaceTime calls with one e-mail address

10-15-10: Moving iPad+iPhone to a new computer

10-15-10: Reorganizing content into a new iTunes library

10-15-10: Using iPod shuffle with older operating systems

10-8-10: Setting up Apple TV on a different computer

10-8-10: Using Apple TV with different iTunes accounts

10-8-10: Merging iTunes Store accounts

10-8-10: Importing music as audiobooks

10-1-10: Automatically tagging imported movies

10-1-10: Moving iTunes completely to an external hard drive

10-1-10: Transferring data to new iPad

9-24-10: Moving Apps and Artwork folders to external hard drive

9-24-10: Using multiple iPods on one PC

9-24-10: Syncing Genius Mixes to iPhone 4

9-10-10: Moving iTunes Library to a new Windows 7 PC

9-10-10: Using an iPhone and iPod touch on the same iTunes library

9-10-10: Upgrading to a new iPod touch

8-27-10: Movie Rental options don’t appear in iTunes

8-27-10: iTunes prompts to remove apps from iPod

8-27-10: Setting up iPod without installation CD

8-27-10: Recovering content from iPod touch

8-20-10: Accessing Internet Radio from iOS Remote app

8-20-10: Converting an iPod touch from Windows to Mac

8-20-10: Transferring non-purchasd content to a new computer

8-20-10: Managing multiple iTunes Libraries with different preferences

8-13-10: Not all songs transfer to iPod

8-13-10: Restoring iPod touch onto iPhone

8-13-10: Corrupt iPod Photo Cache

8-13-10: Sharing Apps between family iPods

8-13-10: Unknown playlists in iTunes

7-30-10: Problems connecting to iTunes Store

7-30-10: Transferring playlists from iPod touch to iPhone

7-23-10: Deleting Apps from iTunes

7-23-10: Upgrading to a new iPhone

7-23-10: Cleaning up content on iPod marked Other

7-9-10: Transferring iBookstore purchases between devices

7-9-10: Transferring files manually onto iPod touch

7-9-10: Selecting music to sync to iPhone

7-2-10: Downloading podcasts outside of iTunes

7-2-10: Accessing iTunes U on iPad

7-2-10: Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad

7-2-10: Compilations and Artist listing on iPod classic

6-11-10: Adding music from iPod nano to iPhone

6-11-10: iPod touch prompts for old iTunes password

6-11-10: Converting tracks in iTunes and iPod

6-11-10: Syncing selected music to iPad

6-4-10: Adding music to multiple iTunes libraries

6-4-10: Extra authorized computers in iTunes

6-4-10: Adding purchased music to iPod from another computer

6-4-10: Problems playing back CDs burned in iTunes

5-14-10: Transferring videos from iPod nano

5-14-10: Storing iPhone apps in a different folder

4-30-10: Problems downloading free updates from iTunes Store

4-30-10: Updated ID3 tags in iTunes

4-30-10: Opening iTunes library from external hard drive

4-30-10: Syncing iPod to a new computer

4-23-10: Streaming iTunes Radio in the car

4-23-10: Converting lossless tracks for iPod

4-23-10: iPads and iTunes Store authorization limits

4-16-10: Adding lyrics in iTunes for Mac

4-16-10: iPod touch shows iTunes logo

4-16-10: Upgrading iPod touch to 3.0

4-16-10: Adding playlists to iPhone

4-9-10: Gifting an iPod touch

4-9-10: Setting up an iPad as a gift

4-9-10: Syncing and backup up iPhone Notes

3-19-10: Restoring iPhone from Backup

3-19-10: Syncing Recently Added playlist

3-19-10: Older iPods and firmware updates

3-19-10: Sharing Apps on multiple iPhones

3-12-10: Syncing iPod with new iTunes library

3-12-10: iPad and iTunes sync options

3-12-10: Sharing iTunes content on multiple iPhones

3-12-10: Shuffle playlists on iPod classic

3-12-10: Excluding selected playlists from sync

3-12-10: Creating iPhone ringtones

3-5-10: iPod shuffle shows no content

3-5-10: Running iTunes app on external hard drive

3-5-10: Switching Apple ID in iTunes

3-5-10: iPod Dock and Remote control solutions

3-5-10: Removing columns in iTunes

2-26-10: Downloading third-party music

2-19-10: Reformatting iPod for Mac

2-19-10: Checkmarks in iTunes

2-19-10: Identifying songs not in playlists

2-19-10: Transferring purchased apps from iPod touch

2-12-10: Using iPod with purchased content in different countries

2-12-10: Deauthorizing iTunes

2-5-10: iTunes Media Folder path and network drives

2-5-10: Recovering iPod serial number from iTunes

1-22-10: Recovering iTunes onto an external hard drive

1-22-10: Recovering iPhone apps

1-22-10: Moving iTunes to an external hard drive

1-22-10: Cleaning up after iTunes Consolidation

1-22-10: Burning CDs from an external hard drive

12-18-09: Audiobook Burn Limits

12-18-09: Adding a second family iPod to iTunes

12-18-09: Track numbers appear in track names

12-18-09: Syncing playlists to iPod

12-11-09: Resetting iTunes authorizations

12-11-09: Resuming playlists on iPod touch

12-11-09: Syncing newer iPods with older versions of iTunes

12-4-09: Syncing iPod with no Internet access

12-4-09: Transferring photos from iPod nano to computer

12-4-09: Removing synced photos from iPhone

12-4-09: Syncing a replacement iPod

12-4-09: Saving iTunes before an OS reinstall

11-27-09: Identifying purchased tracks in iTunes

11-27-09: iTunes Store country restrictions

11-27-09: Advanced Smart Playlists in iTunes 9

11-27-09: Restoring iTunes from external hard drive

11-20-09: Sharing iTunes libraries between two user accounts

11-20-09: Transferring an iPod to a new user

11-20-09: Transferring purchases from a remote iTunes library

11-13-09: Exclamation marks next to tracks in iTunes

11-13-09: Playing podcasts on 3G iPod shuffle

11-13-09: Syncing music and videos in playlists

11-13-09: Syncing different contact info with two iPhones on the same computer

11-13-09: iPod shows no content

11-6-09: Transferring play counts to a new iTunes library

11-6-09: iPhone backups

11-6-09: Storing iPod software updates

10-30-09: Reconciling two different iTunes libraries

10-30-09: Changing Grid View background in iTunes

10-30-09: iTunes library and Music Folder are different sizes

10-30-09: Authorization problems with iPod touch

10-30-09: Syncing multiple devices to one iTunes library

10-23-09: Purchased songs fail to download from iTunes Store

10-23-09: Using a laptop with an iTunes library on an external hard drive

10-16-09: Problems syncing photos to iPod touch

10-16-09: Disabling iPhone Backups

10-16-09: Moving iTunes to a new computer

10-16-09: Transferring contacts from Blackberry to an iPhone

10-9-09: Playlist folders on iPod touch

10-9-09: Moving iTunes library out of My Documents

10-9-09: Excluding tracks from Genius Mixes

10-9-09: Adjusting ratings in a remote iTunes library

10-9-09: Refreshing random Smart Playlists

9-25-09: Problems transferring movies from iTunes to IPhone

9-25-09: iTunes 9 and Shopping Cart

9-25-09: iPod touch shuffle mode

9-25-09: Restoring iTunes to an external hard drive

9-18-09: Rebuilding an iTunes library

9-18-09: Customizing iTunes sorting

9-18-09: Recovering unlisted media content from iPod

9-18-09: Removing artwork from iPod in iTunes 9

9-11-09: Genius Mixes and iPod classic

9-11-09: Sharing home libraries in iTunes 9

9-11-09: Using an iPod without iTunes

9-11-09: Drag-and-drop content to iPod

8-28-09: Transferring media between iTunes Store accounts

8-28-09: Consolidating Multiple iTunes Libraries

8-28-09: Transferring photos from an iPod touch to a computer

8-21-09: Connect iPod without automatic sync

8-21-09: Managing On-The-Go playlists

8-21-09: Recover Contact/Calendar info from iPod touch

8-21-09: Sharing an iTunes library between multiple users on the same computer

8-14-09: Downgrading to iTunes 7

8-14-09: Syncing iPod touch apps and data with a new iTunes library

8-14-09: Displaying release dates on iPod

8-14-09: Automatically adding media files to multiple iTunes libraries from a network share

8-7-09: Reorganizing recovered tracks in iTunes

8-7-09: Syncing media content and calendar/contact info from different computers

8-7-09: Clean up album artwork in iTunes

8-7-09: Using multiple iPods and iPhones on one computer

7-31-09: Backing up Notes from IPod touch

7-31-09: Sharing an iTunes library between a Mac and a PC

7-31-09: Using an iPod and a Zune

7-24-09: Renaming iPhone

7-24-09: Displaying recent plays on web site

7-17-09: Transferring saved application data to new iPhone

7-17-09: Restoring old iPod touch

7-17-09: Recreating Recently Added playlist

7-17-09: Recovering Content from Mac iPod on Windows

7-17-09: Track sorting on iPod classic

7-10-09: Tagging tracks imported from CD

7-10-09: Adding chapter markers to audiobooks

7-10-09: Passwords on iPod touch

6-12-09: Syncing Apps on new iPod touch

6-12-09: Syncing new iPhone

5-29-09: Sorting tracks in iTunes

5-29-09: Syncing purchased tracks back to iTunes

5-29-09: Managing a class set of iPods

5-22-09: Importing music into iTunes

5-22-09: Syncing iTunes content between computers

5-22-09: Using multiple iTunes libraries

5-22-09: Re-transferring apps from a new iTunes library

5-15-09: Multiple iTunes Store accounts on the same computer

5-15-09: Optimizing album artwork

5-15-09: Starting out with an external hard drive

5-15-09: Recovering lost iPod serial number

5-15-09: Syncing playlists manually

5-8-09: Keeping played podcast episodes on iPod

5-8-09: Using a new iPod with an existing iTunes library

5-8-09: Problems transferring purchased items back to iTunes

5-8-09: Transferring iTunes library to a new computer

4-24-09: Playing iTunes purchases on a non-networked computer

4-24-09: Sharing an iTunes library between separate user accounts

4-17-09: Using only part of a song

4-17-09: Using iPod with non-iTunes content

4-17-09: Converting tracks to higher bit-rates

4-17-09: Expired rentals don’t delete on iPod

4-17-09: Using iTunes with an external hard drive

3-27-09: Transferring iTunes library from XP to Vista

3-27-09: Recovering iPod onto a computer with an existing iTunes library

3-27-09: Purchased TV Shows stuck in downloads folder

3-27-09: Tagging tracks as Audiobooks in iTunes 8

3-27-09: Splitting iTunes library across two iPods

3-20-09: Playing iPod through secondary computer

3-20-09: Displaying TV Show seasons separately in iTunes

3-20-09: Using two iPods on a single computer

3-13-09: Problems transferring rented content

3-13-09: Storing music only on your iPod

3-13-09: Managing content manually on iPod shuffle

3-6-09: iPhone playback on other computers

3-6-09: Transferring your iTunes library

3-6-09: Transferring iTunes tracks to SD cards

2-27-09: How iTunes organizes music videos

2-27-09: Problems transferring iTunes content to external hard drives

2-27-09: Using an iTunes library database from an external hard drive

2-20-09: Connecting an old iPod to a new iTunes library

2-20-09: Downloading iTunes 8 on another computer

2-20-09: Tracking purchases in iTunes

2-20-09: Recovering photos from an iPod

2-13-09: Reinstalling games on the iPhone

2-13-09: Upgrading to iTunes Plus with a manually managed iPod

2-13-09: Display iTunes Applications category

2-13-09: Fixing album artwork problems

2-6-09: Not all TV Shows syncing to iPod

2-6-09: Checking and unchecking multiple items in iTunes

1-23-09: Recovering iPhone apps

1-23-09: Pairing iPhone Remote app

1-16-09: Transferring or syncing an iTunes library between two computers

1-16-09: Using Artist and Sort Artist fields

1-16-09: Creating Smart Playlists based on other playlists

1-2-09: Syncing videos to iPod touch

1-2-09: Other content on iPod shuffle

1-2-09: Running iTunes from an external hard drive

12-19-08: Backing up iTunes to a hard drive

12-19-08: Managing and syncing iPod touch On-The-Go playlists

12-19-08: Keeping podcast episodes

12-12-08: Locating Music Videos

12-12-08: Sharing apps between iTunes libraries on the same computer

12-12-08: Sharing music between iPods

12-12-08: Classifying videos in iTunes 8

12-12-08: Recreating Purchased folder

12-5-08: Optimal album artwork size

12-5-08: Upgrading to a new iPod touch

12-5-08: Authorizing iPod Games on new computer

12-5-08: Transferring iPod touch from PC to Mac

11-21-08: Reordering playlists manually

11-21-08: iPod-compatible online music sources

11-21-08: iPod keeps resetting

11-14-08: Including Year field on iPod

11-14-08: Setting up iPod touch without Internet access

10-31-08: iPod synchronization to a new computer

10-31-08: Adding tracks to multiple albums

10-24-08: Upgrading windows computer and external hard drive iTunes library

10-24-08: Unknown albums after importing music

10-24-08: Newly added tracks don’t show up on iPod

10-24-08: Moving iTunes libraries between computers

10-24-08: Importing folders with M3U files

10-17-08: Backup up your iPod

10-17-08: Adding iTunes Shared Music to iPod

10-17-08: Using an iPod on Mac and Windows

10-17-08: Managing photos on an iPod manually

10-3-08: Displaying lyrics on iPod touch

10-3-08: Using iPhone without phone service

10-3-08: Transferring tracks to iPod in manual mode

10-3-08: Calculating playlist sizes

9-26-08: iTunes HD TV episodes showing up twice

9-26-08: Managing multiple iPods on one computer

9-26-08: Managing iTunes media files on an external hard drive

9-26-08: Synchronizing iPod to a new iTunes library

9-19-08: Removing Genre column in iTunes 8

9-19-08: Syncing TV Shows by playlist

9-12-08: Automatically retrieving CD information and album artwork

9-12-08: Copying ratings and play counts from iPod to computer

9-12-08: iPod disk mode and deleted items

9-5-08: New playlists not appearing on iPod

9-5-08: Transferring music on iPod touch from multiple computers

9-5-08: Editing tag information

9-5-08: Resetting iTunes Store authorization counts

8-29-08: Consolidating multiple iTunes libraries

8-29-08: iTunes Plus and Apple Backup

8-29-08: Deleting photos from iPod

8-29-08: Restoring iPod touch from backup

8-22-08: Playing tracks back at a consistent volume level

8-22-08: Cleaning up applications in iTunes

8-15-08: Syncing movies to iPod nano

8-15-08: Transferring play counts back to iTunes

8-15-08: iTunes not recognizing new CDs

8-8-08: Syncing photos to iPod

8-8-08: Resuming interrupted iTunes WiFI Store downloads

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