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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.


10-30-13: Cannot use AirDrop with iOS and OS X

9-3-13: Accessing FaceTime call history on a Mac

3-15-13: App Store accounts and iCloud document sharing

2-8-13: Disabled iMessages on iPhone still appearing on Mac

10-9-12: Using Find My iPhone from a PC or Mac

9-26-12: Streaming movie audio from a PC to AirPlay speakers

8-14-12: Switching Apple IDs on FaceTime for Mac

8-8-12: Preventing iTunes from automatically opening audio files

7-27-12: Setting Custom Repeat Intervals in the Reminders app

7-18-12: Playing Back Movies with AC3 Audio in iTunes

7-3-12: Migrating iTunes library between Windows and Mac OS X

6-28-12: Automatically Refreshing Photos in iTunes for Apple TV

5-2-12: Poor iTunes performance and migrating to a new computer

4-5-12: Sharing iTunes & iCloud Accounts in a Family

3-25-11: Using an iPad on Windows

1-14-11: Transferring iPod classic from Mac to PC

10-29-10: Playing iTunes at a party

10-29-10: Viewing content on iPod from iTunes

10-22-10: iTunes Store appears differently on another computer

10-22-10: Placing FaceTime calls with one e-mail address

10-15-10: Using iPod shuffle with older operating systems

10-8-10: Setting up Apple TV on a different computer

8-20-10: Converting an iPod touch from Windows to Mac

6-4-10: Adding music to multiple iTunes libraries

6-4-10: Large amount of Other content on iPod

5-14-10: Transferring videos from iPod nano

4-30-10: Transferring Keynote files to iPad

4-23-10: iPads and iTunes Store authorization limits

4-16-10: Adding lyrics in iTunes for Mac

4-9-10: Syncing one iPad to multiple libraries

3-19-10: iPad and Remote Desktop control apps

3-5-10: Running iTunes app on external hard drive

2-19-10: Reformatting iPod for Mac

2-12-10: Transferring saved photos from iPod touch

1-22-10: Recovering iTunes onto an external hard drive

1-22-10: Cleaning up after iTunes Consolidation

1-22-10: Burning CDs from an external hard drive

12-11-09: Resetting iTunes authorizations

11-6-09: iPhone backups

10-23-09: Using a laptop with an iTunes library on an external hard drive

10-9-09: Playlist folders on iPod touch

10-9-09: Moving iTunes library out of My Documents

10-9-09: Adjusting ratings in a remote iTunes library

8-28-09: Consolidating Multiple iTunes Libraries

7-31-09: Sharing an iTunes library between a Mac and a PC

6-12-09: Syncing iPhone Notes

5-29-09: Recovering Mac-formatted iPod on Windows

5-22-09: Syncing iTunes content between computers

5-8-09: iPod shows no content

5-8-09: Transferring iTunes library to a new computer

3-20-09: Playing iPod through secondary computer

3-6-09: Transferring your iTunes library

2-27-09: Converting Palm address book for iPod touch

2-27-09: Preventing iPhoto from opening when connecting an iPod touch

1-23-09: Pairing iPhone Remote app

1-16-09: Converting Mac-formatted iPod to Windows

1-2-09: Running iTunes from an external hard drive

12-19-08: Converting PC-formatted iPod to Mac

12-5-08: Transferring iPod touch from PC to Mac

12-5-08: Creating custom slideshows for Apple TV

10-31-08: Transferring contacts from iPod touch to a second computer

10-24-08: Moving iTunes libraries between computers

10-17-08: Using an iPod on Mac and Windows

9-26-08: Managing iTunes media files on an external hard drive

9-19-08: Recovering Mac-formatted iPod on Windows

9-12-08: Automatically retrieving CD information and album artwork

9-12-08: Copying ratings and play counts from iPod to computer

9-5-08: Transferring music on iPod touch from multiple computers

9-5-08: Resetting iTunes Store authorization counts

8-29-08: Deleting photos from iPod

6-20-08: Moving iTunes from PC to Mac

6-13-08: iTunes shows incorrect CD track information

6-6-08: Problems transferring music from iPod to Mac

6-6-08: Fit iTunes Window to Screen

5-30-08: Playing iPhone via computer

5-23-08: Finding photos on iPod

5-23-08: Finding and backing up purchased music

4-25-08: Resetting authorizations

4-17-08: Converting TV shows to iPod

4-17-08: Zeppelin speakers and USB port

4-10-08: New iPod models on older Macs

4-10-08: Importing CDs on multiple computers

4-10-08: Transferring LPs to iTunes

4-3-08: Importing CDs on MacBook Air

3-28-08: Moving iTunes purchases to another computer

3-14-08: Authorization of multiple iTunes Store accounts

3-7-08: iTunes library and Time Capsule

3-7-08: Transferring MP3 files to new iTunes library

2-22-08: Upgrading your iPhone

2-15-08: Setting up an AirTunes network

2-15-08: Firewire support on modern iPods

2-7-08: iTunes and iLife

1-10-08: Reformatting iPod for Mac

12-27-07: New iPods and older computers

12-7-07: Mac-formatted iPods

11-29-07: Transferring iTunes via external hard drive

11-16-07: Using newer iPods with older OS X versions

11-16-07: Transferring iTunes from PC to Mac

8-23-07: Tethering iPhone

8-16-07: Storing iTunes content on two hard drives

8-9-07: Transferring a Windows iPod to a MacBook

8-9-07: Authorized Computers

8-2-07: Syncing the iPhone to more than one computer

8-2-07: Transferring content from iPhone to computer

7-26-07: Transfer from a Mac-formatted iPod in Windows Vista

7-19-07: Transferring between two iTunes libraries

7-5-07: Using iPod as a removable hard drive

6-28-07: Transferring iTunes library to a new Mac

6-14-07: Using an iPod on Mac and Windows

6-7-07: Exporting from iMovie to iPod and Apple TV formats

5-3-07: Duplicate copies of your iTunes library files

4-27-07: FireWire/USB connections

4-5-07: Preventing Apple Remote from controlling Universal Dock

3-29-07: Syncing music and contacts from two different computers

8-9-06: Changing an iPod’s file system format

6-7-06: Transferring iTunes Library to a new Mac

5-31-06: Converting WMV video clips to iPod

3-9-06: Removing photos from iPod

2-16-06: Using iTunes with a Creative MuVo

1-19-06: Ratings problems in Smart Playlists

12-8-05: Importing to WAV

11-2-05: Thumbnail Images not Showing up in 5G Contacts

10-12-05: USB and Firewire capabilities

9-21-05: Automating lyrics retrieval on a Mac

7-28-05: Shuffle on both PC and Mac

7-14-05: Sharing OS 9 iTunes library with OS X

6-9-05: Using iPod for old Mac-to-new Mac file transfers

6-9-05: Switching iPod from Windows to Mac

5-5-05: Problems Copying Data to iPod shuffle

4-14-05: iPods, USB 1 and 2 compatibility, what do I need?

4-14-05: Setting up a digital media hub hard drive for Mac and PC

4-8-05: Using 2G iPods with USB-only computers

3-11-05: “Last Played Date”? on shuffle

1-27-05: Using iPod mini with USB 1.1

12-22-04: Transferring iTunes Library from Old PC to New

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