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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.


4-3-12: Syncing Lossless tracks to iPod as AAC files

4-1-11: Displaying unique artwork for compilation albums

3-25-11: Transferring iPod music to iPad 2

2-25-11: Backing up iTunes Playlists

2-25-11: Finding MP3 tracks in iTunes

2-6-11: Removing playlists from iPod

1-14-11: Cover Flow on 30GB iPod

11-19-10: Cleaning up old folders after moving iTunes library

11-19-10: Storing iTunes videos on a different hard drive

11-12-10: Music videos play audio only

11-12-10: Advanced Smart Playlists

11-12-10: Transferring iTunes to another user account

10-29-10: Playing iTunes at a party

10-29-10: Moving an iTunes Library to Windows 7

10-22-10: Restoring iTunes from backup

10-22-10: iTunes Store appears differently on another computer

10-15-10: Reorganizing content into a new iTunes library

10-1-10: Automatically tagging imported movies

10-1-10: Moving iTunes completely to an external hard drive

10-1-10: Transferring data to new iPad

9-24-10: Moving Apps and Artwork folders to external hard drive

9-24-10: Using multiple iPods on one PC

9-24-10: On-The-Go Playlists with iOS 4

9-24-10: Syncing Genius Mixes to iPhone 4

9-10-10: Moving iTunes Library to a new Windows 7 PC

8-27-10: Recovering content from iPod touch

8-20-10: Transferring non-purchasd content to a new computer

8-20-10: Managing multiple iTunes Libraries with different preferences

8-13-10: Not all songs transfer to iPod

8-13-10: Sharing Apps between family iPods

8-13-10: Unknown playlists in iTunes

7-30-10: Transferring playlists from iPod touch to iPhone

7-9-10: Selecting music to sync to iPhone

7-2-10: Compilations and Artist listing on iPod classic

6-11-10: Adding music from iPod nano to iPhone

6-11-10: Converting tracks in iTunes and iPod

6-11-10: 3G iPod and iM600 speakers

6-11-10: Syncing selected music to iPad

6-4-10: Adding music to multiple iTunes libraries

6-4-10: Adding purchased music to iPod from another computer

6-4-10: Problems playing back CDs burned in iTunes

5-14-10: Storing iPhone apps in a different folder

4-30-10: Updated ID3 tags in iTunes

4-30-10: Opening iTunes library from external hard drive

4-23-10: Repairing corrupted iPod filesystem

4-23-10: Converting lossless tracks for iPod

4-16-10: Adding lyrics in iTunes for Mac

4-16-10: Restoring playlists on a new computer

4-16-10: Adding playlists to iPhone

4-9-10: Gifting an iPod touch

4-9-10: Conserving space on iPod

4-9-10: Setting up an iPad as a gift

3-19-10: Syncing Recently Added playlist

3-12-10: Syncing iPod with new iTunes library

3-12-10: Sharing iTunes content on multiple iPhones

3-12-10: Shuffle playlists on iPod classic

3-12-10: Excluding selected playlists from sync

3-5-10: iPod shuffle shows no content

3-5-10: Removing columns in iTunes

2-26-10: Downloading third-party music

2-19-10: Checkmarks in iTunes

2-19-10: Identifying songs not in playlists

2-12-10: iPhone background audio recording

2-5-10: iTunes Media Folder path and network drives

1-22-10: Recovering iTunes onto an external hard drive

1-22-10: Moving iTunes to an external hard drive

1-22-10: Cleaning up after iTunes Consolidation

1-22-10: Burning CDs from an external hard drive

12-18-09: iPod touch audio quality

12-18-09: Adding a second family iPod to iTunes

12-18-09: Track numbers appear in track names

12-11-09: Resuming playlists on iPod touch

12-4-09: Syncing a replacement iPod

11-27-09: Identifying purchased tracks in iTunes

11-27-09: Advanced Smart Playlists in iTunes 9

11-27-09: Restoring iTunes from external hard drive

11-20-09: Transferring purchases from a remote iTunes library

11-13-09: Exclamation marks next to tracks in iTunes

11-13-09: Syncing music and videos in playlists

10-30-09: Reconciling two different iTunes libraries

10-30-09: Authorization problems with iPod touch

10-23-09: Purchased songs fail to download from iTunes Store

10-23-09: Using a laptop with an iTunes library on an external hard drive

10-16-09: Disabling iPhone Backups

10-16-09: Moving iTunes to a new computer

10-9-09: Excluding tracks from Genius Mixes

10-9-09: Refreshing random Smart Playlists

9-18-09: Rebuilding an iTunes library

9-18-09: Customizing iTunes sorting

9-18-09: Recovering unlisted media content from iPod

9-18-09: Repeat and continuous video playback on iPod touch

9-18-09: Removing artwork from iPod in iTunes 9

9-11-09: Sharing home libraries in iTunes 9

9-11-09: Waking to a playlist on iPod touch

8-28-09: iPod holds less than advertised number of songs

8-28-09: Transferring media between iTunes Store accounts

8-21-09: Managing On-The-Go playlists

8-21-09: Sharing an iTunes library between multiple users on the same computer

8-14-09: Automatically adding media files to multiple iTunes libraries from a network share

8-7-09: Reorganizing recovered tracks in iTunes

8-7-09: Clean up album artwork in iTunes

7-31-09: iPod and on-TV menus

7-31-09: Sharing an iTunes library between a Mac and a PC

7-31-09: Using an iPod and a Zune

7-24-09: iPhone and car integration

7-24-09: Displaying recent plays on web site

7-24-09: Sound quality on different iPod models

7-17-09: Recovering Content from Mac iPod on Windows

7-17-09: Track sorting on iPod classic

7-10-09: Tagging tracks imported from CD

6-12-09: Playing multiple albums

5-29-09: Sorting tracks in iTunes

5-29-09: Syncing purchased tracks back to iTunes

5-22-09: Importing music into iTunes

5-22-09: Using multiple iTunes libraries

5-15-09: Optimizing album artwork

5-15-09: Music count vs Playlist count

5-15-09: Syncing playlists manually

5-8-09: iPod shows no content

5-8-09: Problems transferring purchased items back to iTunes

4-24-09: Playing iTunes purchases on a non-networked computer

4-17-09: Using only part of a song

4-17-09: Using iPod with non-iTunes content

4-17-09: Converting tracks to higher bit-rates

3-27-09: Splitting iTunes library across two iPods

3-20-09: Using two iPods on a single computer

3-13-09: iPod lyrics display

3-13-09: Storing music only on your iPod

3-13-09: Managing content manually on iPod shuffle

3-6-09: Group compilations on iPhone

3-6-09: iPhone playback on other computers

3-6-09: Transferring your iTunes library

3-6-09: Transferring iTunes tracks to SD cards

2-27-09: How iTunes organizes music videos

2-27-09: Using an iTunes library database from an external hard drive

2-20-09: Tracking purchases in iTunes

2-13-09: Upgrading to iTunes Plus with a manually managed iPod

2-6-09: Skipping a playlist when shuffling

2-6-09: Adjusting playback speed of music tracks

2-6-09: Checking and unchecking multiple items in iTunes

1-16-09: Using Artist and Sort Artist fields

1-16-09: Creating Smart Playlists based on other playlists

12-19-08: Managing and syncing iPod touch On-The-Go playlists

12-19-08: Converting PC-formatted iPod to Mac

12-12-08: Locating Music Videos

12-12-08: Classifying videos in iTunes 8

12-5-08: Transferring iPod touch from PC to Mac

12-5-08: Managing iPod content manually

11-21-08: Reordering playlists manually

11-21-08: iPod-compatible online music sources

11-14-08: Including Year field on iPod

10-31-08: Adding tracks to multiple albums

10-24-08: Unknown albums after importing music

10-24-08: Importing folders with M3U files

10-17-08: Backup up your iPod

10-17-08: Adding iTunes Shared Music to iPod

10-3-08: Displaying lyrics on iPod touch

10-3-08: Shuffle modes

10-3-08: Transferring tracks to iPod in manual mode

10-3-08: Calculating playlist sizes

9-26-08: Managing multiple iPods on one computer

9-26-08: Managing iTunes media files on an external hard drive

9-26-08: Synchronizing iPod to a new iTunes library

9-19-08: Recovering Mac-formatted iPod on Windows

9-19-08: Removing Genre column in iTunes 8

9-12-08: Automatically retrieving CD information and album artwork

9-12-08: Copying ratings and play counts from iPod to computer

9-5-08: New playlists not appearing on iPod

9-5-08: Editing tag information

8-29-08: Consolidating multiple iTunes libraries

8-22-08: Playing tracks back at a consistent volume level

8-22-08: Excluding podcasts from Smart Playlists

8-22-08: Playing back all songs on iPod

8-15-08: Transferring play counts back to iTunes

8-15-08: iTunes not recognizing new CDs

8-8-08: Resuming interrupted iTunes WiFI Store downloads

8-8-08: Playing iPod touch on secondary computer

7-25-08: Playing AAC files in Windows Media Player

7-25-08: Problems transferring purchased content to iPod

7-25-08: Free Music for iPod

7-4-08: Managing multiple audio formats in iTunes

7-4-08: Reimporting CDs into iTunes

7-4-08: iPod shows only Other content

6-27-08: Editing CD tracks before import

6-27-08: Creating Smart Playlists for Purchased items

6-27-08: Getting Album Artwork automatically

6-20-08: Shuffling On-The-Go Playlists

6-20-08: Continuously playing one track

6-13-08: iTunes shows incorrect CD track information

6-13-08: Artists not appearing on iPod

6-6-08: Problems transferring music from iPod to Mac

5-30-08: Importing existing MP3 and WMA files into iTunes

5-30-08: Burning iTunes purchases to an MP3 CD

5-30-08: Music Video playlists on Apple TV

5-30-08: Playing iPhone via computer

5-23-08: Syncing duplicate tracks to iPod

5-23-08: Finding and backing up purchased music

5-23-08: Storing a large iTunes library in multiple folders

5-16-08: Transferring content to a new iPod

5-16-08: Removing photos and album artwork from iTunes

5-9-08: Importing multiple tracks into iTunes

5-2-08: Correcting tags on CD import

5-2-08: Reordering and shuffling playlists

5-2-08: Burning CDs with longer gaps

4-25-08: Resetting authorizations

4-25-08: Finding Duplicates in iTunes

4-25-08: Setting files to open in iTunes automatically

4-25-08: Grouping multi-disc albums

4-17-08: Zeppelin speakers and USB port

4-17-08: Ripping CDs to external hard drive

4-10-08: Maintaining Playback Position on iPod

4-10-08: Importing CDs on multiple computers

4-10-08: Transferring LPs to iTunes

4-3-08: Purchasing from iTunes while travelling

4-3-08: Burning different CD types

4-3-08: Importing CDs on MacBook Air

4-3-08: Renaming imported CD tracks

3-28-08: iPod capacity and bit-rates

3-28-08: Moving iTunes purchases to another computer

3-14-08: Cleaning up after a library move

3-14-08: Syncing new playlists to iPod nano

3-14-08: Authorization of multiple iTunes Store accounts

3-7-08: Sharing iTunes with multiple users on one PC

3-7-08: iTunes library and Time Capsule

3-7-08: Transferring MP3 files to new iTunes library

2-29-08: iTunes CD burning restrictions

2-22-08: Problems playing purchased TV shows on iPod

2-22-08: Recreating default playlists

2-15-08: Shuffling music

2-7-08: Organizing music transferred from the iPod

1-31-08: Syncing iPod using checked songs

12-21-07: iPod suddenly shows no content

12-21-07: Artists appearing more than once on iPod

12-14-07: Transfer music from an old iPod

12-14-07: Convert MP3 to Lossless

12-7-07: Re-syncing iPod after hard drive replacement

12-7-07: Locating iTunes Plus tracks

11-29-07: Renaming “untitled” tracks in iTunes

11-29-07: Transferring iTunes via external hard drive

11-29-07: Sharing iTunes library on a single computer

11-22-07: Preventing iPod sync when connecting with iTunes

11-22-07: Replacing files in iTunes library

11-22-07: Removing album artwork

11-16-07: Transferring iTunes from PC to Mac

11-9-07: Burning CDs with track names

11-9-07: Multiple iTunes libraries on one computer

11-2-07: TV Docks for new iPod models

11-2-07: Sync selected content with iPhone

11-2-07: Calculate song file sizes

10-26-07: iTunes Plus DRM-free music

10-11-07: Sorting artists by last name

10-5-07: Managing video content manually

10-5-07: Removing multiple artwork images

9-27-07: Transferring music from iPod 5G to classic

9-27-07: Storing multiple bitrates in iTunes

8-30-07: Manually sorting playlists

8-30-07: Fitting content onto audio CDs

8-23-07: Burning Purchased Tracks

8-23-07: Importing CDs for gapless playback

8-16-07: No artwork in Cover Flow

8-16-07: Storing iTunes content on two hard drives

8-9-07: Transferring a Windows iPod to a MacBook

8-9-07: New iPod with songs already on it

8-2-07: Problems editing track info in iTunes

8-2-07: Transferring iTunes music to the Blackberry

7-26-07: Printing track lists from iTunes

7-26-07: Song volume adjustments in iTunes

7-19-07: Keeping content only on the iPod

7-19-07: Transferring between two iTunes libraries

7-19-07: Importing MP3 CDs

7-12-07: Sorting in iTunes 7.3

7-5-07: External hard drives and iTunes

7-5-07: Problems getting CD info from CDDB

7-5-07: Managing your iPod content with Smart Playlists

6-28-07: Transferring iTunes library to a new Mac

6-21-07: Incorrect track info when importing CDs

6-14-07: Problems syncing re-ripped MP3s in iTunes 7.2

6-14-07: Selecting items for synchronization

6-14-07: Grouping albums with multiple artists

6-7-07: Using two iPods with the same library

6-7-07: Converting to AAC to Apple Lossless

5-31-07: Adding music from a second library

5-31-07: iTunes Plus DRM-free music

5-31-07: Viewing iPod menus on a TV screen

5-31-07: Restoring the iPod

5-24-07: Syncing selected items to iPod

5-24-07: Storing artwork on an external hard drive

5-17-07: Normalizing volume between tracks

5-17-07: iTunes truncating long filenames

5-17-07: Sorting tracks properly within albums

5-11-07: Automatically adding music to iTunes

5-11-07: Bluetooth speaker accessories

5-11-07: Organizing tracks on the iPod

5-11-07: Finding iPod-compatible music online

5-3-07: Organizing your Music Videos

4-27-07: Sharing iPods on the same computer

4-27-07: Transferring purchased content between iTunes accounts

4-27-07: Sorting tracks when importing CDs

4-19-07: Assigning artwork to multiple tracks

4-19-07: Transferring iTunes purchases

4-19-07: Transcoding lossy formats

4-19-07: Locating missing music files

4-12-07: Deleting songs manually from an iPod

4-5-07: Finding music by composer tags

4-5-07: Sorting tracks on the iPod Shuffle

3-29-07: Burning MP3 CDs with AAC files

3-29-07: Converting AAC to MP3

3-22-07: Properly Tagging Albums

3-16-07: Moving iTunes content to another hard drive

3-16-07: Recovering Playlists from iPod

3-16-07: Calculating iPod Storage

3-10-07: Artist column on far left of library?

3-10-07: Checkboxes and synchronizing music to small iPods

3-10-07: Smart playlists and rating preference

2-1-07: Music Video organization in iTunes

2-1-07: Windows Vista iTunes issues

2-1-07: Sorting albums by year

1-17-07: Playing podcasts sequentially

1-17-07: Now Playing screen on TV

1-17-07: Locating playlists a song belongs to

1-17-07: Car Stereos with USB ports

12-14-06: Making a recent top 25 playlist

12-14-06: Multiple genres per song

12-9-06: Gifting specific items from the iTunes Store

12-1-06: Converting music en masse

11-23-06: Finding size and playtime of a group of tracks

11-16-06: Extracting audio from videos

11-3-06: All tracks begin where they were last stopped

11-3-06: Greatest Hits album won’t show on iPod

11-3-06: Converting tracks to mono in iTunes

10-26-06: Tagging tracks just added to the library

10-20-06: Disc capacity & song quality tradeoff

10-20-06: Ordering albums by year on iPod

10-20-06: Restoring a deleted playlist in iTunes

10-12-06: Finding songs not in any playlist

10-12-06: Party Shuffle not advancing tracks

10-5-06: Playing interactive booklets

10-5-06: Shuffle anywhere on iPod

10-5-06: Only one song plays at a time in iTunes

9-28-06: Suppressing ‘Explicit’ tags in iTunes Library

9-28-06: Album Artist on iPod

9-28-06: Just for You in iTunes 7

9-21-06: Multiple iTunes libraries

9-21-06: Isolating Music Videos from songs in iTunes

9-21-06: Splitting “hidden” tracks from other songs

9-13-06: Album artwork retrieval problems

9-7-06: Cleaning out one’s iTunes Library safely

8-30-06: Playing only one song in iTunes

8-30-06: Unchecked songs in smart playlist

8-25-06: Quickly erasing duplicate songs

8-25-06: Excluding videos from playlists

8-25-06: Album art missing from iPod

8-25-06: Using albums in smart playlists

8-17-06: Transferring iTunes Music Store tracks

8-17-06: Creating random batches of songs with smart playlists

8-17-06: eAAC and eAAC+ codecs

8-17-06: Tags disappearing on play

8-9-06: iPod shuffling problems

8-9-06: Size of Smart Playlists

8-2-06: Multiple album artwork files per track on iPod

8-2-06: Ordering albums properly

8-2-06: Airport Express not working under “Multiple Speakers”

7-27-06: No options in for iPod slideshow music

7-27-06: Songs in multiple playlists

7-27-06: Exclamation marks near playlists

7-20-06: Speaker icon next to currently-playing song

7-20-06: Finding songs not in any playlist

7-20-06: iPod mini shuffling by album

7-13-06: Trouble with iPod’s volume meter

7-13-06: Smart playlists and sort order

7-6-06: Lossless vs. Lossy audio files

6-28-06: Restoring missing menu items on iPod

6-28-06: Creating a list of albums in iTunes

6-21-06: Tracks missing when browsing via “Artist”

6-21-06: Locating tracks in playlists

6-15-06: Recording direct to iPod from cassette

6-7-06: Browsing albums by Genre

5-31-06: Identifying unknown track information

5-31-06: Burning an MP3 CD from WAV files

5-31-06: Party Shuffle on iPod

5-25-06: Dealing with two-disc albums

5-18-06: Removing extra Album Art images from songs

5-18-06: Resolving discrepancies between iPod and iTunes smart playlists

5-18-06: Organizing Compilations on iPod

5-11-06: Burning multiple playlists at once

5-11-06: Viewing iPod photos on an Xbox 360

5-11-06: Creating a simple kid-friendly iPod interface

5-11-06: Including multiple genres in one smart playlist

5-4-06: Creating a “Most Played this Month” playlist

5-4-06: Editing iTunes-created playlists on the iPod

4-20-06: Extracting files from iTunes

4-20-06: Shuffling podcasts

4-20-06: Battery life and high-bitrate formats

4-20-06: Preventing repeated songs while shuffling

4-13-06: Dealing with the 5 iTunes account per iPod limit

4-6-06: iPod prematurely advances track

4-6-06: Unexpected track transfers on sync

4-6-06: Selling an iPod: with or without music

4-6-06: Converting MIDI files for iPod

3-23-06: Browsing Composer-tagged classical music on the iPod

3-16-06: iTunes Videos on other devices

3-16-06: Half-star ratings in iTunes

3-16-06: Playing a CD while importing

3-9-06: Determining iTunes library statistics

3-2-06: Removing intro/outro material from songs

3-2-06: Printing jewel case inserts from iTunes playlists

3-2-06: Organizing Compilations in iTunes & iPod

3-2-06: Determining what playlists a song belongs to

2-23-06: Album artwork not modifiable

2-23-06: Playlists playing in reverse order on iPod

2-23-06: Automatically sync only certain playlists without losing music

2-16-06: Deleting songs from within a playlist

2-9-06: Entering accented characters in iTunes tags

2-2-06: Reordering songs in a playlist

2-2-06: Using the Educational Discount at Apple

1-25-06: Using different MP3 encoders in iTunes

1-25-06: Moving tracks from iTunes “Compilations” folder to appropriate “artist” folders

1-25-06: Adding album art to multiple tracks

1-19-06: Ratings problems in Smart Playlists

1-19-06: Video converts without audio

1-19-06: Auto-removing duplicates

1-12-06: 5G iPod loading hangs indefinitely

1-4-06: Automatic AAC conversion for non-shuffle iPods

1-4-06: Inserting silence into a playlist

12-14-05: Preventing unchecked songs on iPod

12-14-05: Reducing MP3 file size

12-14-05: Saving On-the-Go playlists

12-14-05: Importing album artwork

12-8-05: Manually syncing small iPods with playcounts and ratings

12-8-05: Importing to WAV

12-1-05: iPod’s free space indicator misbehaving

12-1-05: Maintaining sort order on large playlists

11-24-05: Time-sensitive ‘Most Played’ smart playlist

11-24-05: De-rating songs en masse

11-16-05: Fixing odd album art behavior

11-16-05: Omitting specific playlists from iPod

11-10-05: 5G iPod music navigation bug?

11-10-05: Sound Check while burning audio CDs

11-10-05: Identifying tracks lacking album art

11-10-05: When does a “play count” count?

11-2-05: iPod nano Voice Recording Functionality

10-26-05: Recreating a Lost “Purchased Music” playlist

10-19-05: Equalizing audio volumes in a large library

10-12-05: iPod commercial songs

10-12-05: Purchased music on a second-hand iPod

10-12-05: iTunes 5 shuffling only by album

10-12-05: USB and Firewire capabilities

10-6-05: Automating album art and lyrics fetching on Windows

10-6-05: iPod turns on unexpectedly

9-28-05: Renaming playlists

9-28-05: Conserving space by removing album art

9-21-05: Corrupted album art on the iPod

9-15-05: Managing classical music

9-15-05: Identifying “explicit” songs from the iTunes Music Store

9-15-05: Deleting iPod tracks while away from iTunes

9-15-05: Remembering the “Shuffle Songs” position

9-9-05: Resetting incorrect playcounts

9-9-05: Custom vs. standard iTunes file structure management

9-9-05: Shuffling without Podcasts or long tracks

8-31-05: Removing unused fields from iTunes & iPod

8-25-05: Understanding Burning and Importing Speeds

8-25-05: Deleting On-the-Go Playlists

8-18-05: Moving playlists between iTunes accounts

8-18-05: Songs won’t add to iTunes

8-11-05: Editing Tags

8-6-05: Songs Cut Out on iPod

8-6-05: Export from iTunes to CompactFlash Card

8-6-05: Copying Music from iPod to Computer

8-6-05: iTunes Music Store songs to Phone

7-28-05: Managing over 60GB of music & photos

7-28-05: Eliminating gaps between songs

7-28-05: Merge two computers’ music on one iPod

7-21-05: Only 140 songs fit on 4GB mini

7-21-05: Play only iTunes checked songs on iPod

7-14-05: Auto sync after deleting songs

7-14-05: Copy iTMS downloads to other computers

7-7-05: New iPod and Airport Express

7-7-05: Song hunting in iTunes

7-7-05: Shuffle by genre

7-7-05: AirPort Express volume and iPod compatibility

7-2-05: iTunes library from network hard disk drive

6-23-05: PHP format music files

6-23-05: Variable bit rate (VBR) encoding

6-23-05: Ripping and splitting DVD-A audio tracks

6-23-05: Too many Greatest Hits

6-16-05: Unwanted Compilations album folder

6-16-05: Song in playlist, not library

6-9-05: Preserving play counts and ratings when switching drives

6-9-05: Preserving playlists and music on upgrade from 20GB to 60GB iPod

5-27-05: Changing bitrates

5-27-05: Copy-protected CDs

5-19-05: Problems joining iTunes tracks

5-5-05: Shuffling more than just songs

5-5-05: iTunes CD error message

4-28-05: Alphabetizing Artists’ Names

4-28-05: Sony’s SonicStage and the iPod

4-28-05: Moving Music Without Telling iTunes

4-21-05: Authorizing your computer to use iTunes Music Store

4-21-05: How to name tracks from imported CDs when not connected to the internet

4-21-05: Scaling Album Art to the iPod photo’s screen

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