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Do you need expert assistance with iPod or iTunes questions? Can't find the answer in our Discussion Forums, or the Archives below? Then Ask iLounge. Each week, a member of the iLounge editorial team answers five or six questions from our readers. Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask iLounge Submit Form. We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length.


5-27-13: Transferring recorded videos from iPhone to PC

7-25-12: Transferring Videos from iPhone 4S to Computer

7-20-12: Video Conversion for playing from iPod classic to TV

7-18-12: Playing Back Movies with AC3 Audio in iTunes

6-14-12: Syncing Third-Party Camera Videos to an iPad

6-5-12: Using Apple TV for Home Videos

5-24-12: iTunes TV show size totals don’t match actual disk storage

5-22-12: Converting Purchased Videos to 1080p HD

3-25-11: Transferring iPod music to iPad 2

2-25-11: iPad Video Formats and Battery Life

11-19-10: Storing iTunes videos on a different hard drive

11-12-10: Music videos play audio only

10-22-10: Using iPod touch with an AV output cable

10-1-10: Automatically tagging imported movies

8-27-10: Movie Rental options don’t appear in iTunes

8-27-10: iTunes prompts to remove apps from iPod

7-30-10: Transferring video from iPod nano 5G

7-9-10: Transferring files manually onto iPod touch

7-2-10: Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad

5-14-10: Transferring videos from iPod nano

5-14-10: Storing iPhone apps in a different folder

2-26-10: Connecting to projectors

2-12-10: Playing WMV e-mail attachments on iPhone

2-12-10: Displaying photos via TV out

11-27-09: iTunes Store country restrictions

11-13-09: Syncing music and videos in playlists

10-23-09: Transferring YouTube videos to iPod

10-23-09: Using a laptop with an iTunes library on an external hard drive

9-25-09: Problems transferring movies from iTunes to IPhone

9-18-09: Repeat and continuous video playback on iPod touch

8-28-09: Transferring media between iTunes Store accounts

8-14-09: Playing iPod through TV USB port

7-31-09: iPod and on-TV menus

7-24-09: iPod classic TV output

7-3-09: iPhone battery life

4-17-09: Expired rentals don’t delete on iPod

3-27-09: Purchased TV Shows stuck in downloads folder

3-20-09: Displaying TV Show seasons separately in iTunes

3-13-09: Problems transferring rented content

3-13-09: Playing video out to TV from iPhone

2-27-09: How iTunes organizes music videos

2-20-09: Video docks for 5G iPod

2-6-09: Not all TV Shows syncing to iPod

12-19-08: iPod and TV USB inputs

12-12-08: Classifying videos in iTunes 8

10-17-08: iPod video out

9-19-08: Syncing TV Shows by playlist

8-15-08: Syncing movies to iPod nano

7-4-08: Optimum iPod video output cables

6-6-08: Downloading YouTube videos onto iPod

5-30-08: Music videos on 2G iPod nano

5-30-08: Music Video playlists on Apple TV

5-30-08: Playing iPhone via computer

5-16-08: iPod displays audio but no video

4-17-08: Converting TV shows to iPod

4-10-08: Movie Rentals and 5G iPod

3-28-08: iPod videos play only audio

3-21-08: Basic DVD conversion

3-21-08: 5G iPod and subtitles

3-21-08: iPod classic TV output quality

2-29-08: iTunes movie rental expiry on iPods

2-22-08: Output settings when playing movies from iPod to TV

2-22-08: Problems playing purchased TV shows on iPod

1-31-08: Keeping videos only on iPod

1-18-08: Fifth-generation iPods and movie rental support

1-18-08: Renting HD Movies from iTunes

1-18-08: Transferring rented movies to and from the iPod

1-10-08: TV output quality

1-10-08: Connecting iPod to portable DVD player

1-3-08: Videos with no sound

1-3-08: Video resolution vs bit-rate

1-3-08: Transferring videos to iPod

1-3-08: 2007 iPod models and speakers

12-27-07: Converting DVDs for iPod

12-14-07: Listening to videos and battery life

11-29-07: Photo resolution on the iPhone

11-29-07: Obtaining video content for the iPod touch

11-16-07: iPod classic video output (revisited)

11-16-07: Organizing Music Videos in iTunes

11-9-07: iPhone TV output from Safari

11-2-07: TV Docks for new iPod models

10-26-07: Activate TV out on new iPods

10-26-07: Add descriptions to TV shows

10-18-07: Manually Managing Videos

10-5-07: Flash support on iPhone

10-5-07: Tagging TV Shows

10-5-07: iTunes WiFi Store

10-5-07: Managing video content manually

10-5-07: Videos with no sound

9-7-07: TV output and the new iPods

9-7-07: iTunes 7.4 and “Closed Captioning”

8-30-07: TV shows do not appear on iPod

8-23-07: Set Video Kind within files

8-2-07: Continuous video playback on the iPod

8-2-07: Video playback from the iPhone

7-26-07: Transfer from a Mac-formatted iPod in Windows Vista

7-26-07: iTunes Other category and TV show syncing

7-12-07: Tagging multiple video tracks

7-12-07: Selecting TV Shows for sync

6-7-07: Exporting from iMovie to iPod and Apple TV formats

6-7-07: Copying from DVR to the iPod

5-31-07: Viewing iPod menus on a TV screen

5-31-07: Synchronizing Watched TV Shows

5-11-07: Video conversion: iPod vs Apple TV format

5-3-07: Tagging content for your Apple TV

4-19-07: iPod widescreen mode

4-12-07: Converting DVDs to iPod

3-29-07: iTunes video storage and formats

3-29-07: iPod photo transfer performance and accessories

3-22-07: Syncing TV Shows to iPod

3-10-07: RSS feeds for new iTunes content

2-22-07: Using third-party A/V cables

2-1-07: Music Video organization in iTunes

1-17-07: Now Playing screen on TV

12-29-06: Accessing and playing video with DLO HomeDock Deluxe

12-1-06: Adding chapter markers to videos

11-23-06: Continuously playing videos on iPod

11-16-06: Extracting audio from videos

10-26-06: Loading TiVo/DVR TV Shows on iPod

9-21-06: Multiple iTunes libraries

9-21-06: Isolating Music Videos from songs in iTunes

9-21-06: Movie trailers in the iTunes Store

8-9-06: Backing up iTMS video purchases

7-27-06: No options in for iPod slideshow music

7-13-06: Slideshows from an iPod nano

6-28-06: Converting video to iPod

6-7-06: Using generic AV cables for iPod TV display

5-31-06: Converting WMV video clips to iPod

5-11-06: Viewing iPod photos on an Xbox 360

5-4-06: Videos not displaying on iPod

4-28-06: Creating iPod videos

4-20-06: Extracting files from iTunes

4-20-06: Transferring Music Store downloads

4-13-06: On-TV iPod menu navigation revisited

3-23-06: Queueing TV episode conversion in HandBrake

3-23-06: Setting the poster frame for a video file

3-16-06: Preventing unchecked videos from syncing

2-23-06: Creating video playlists

2-9-06: Tagging detailed TV Show data

1-19-06: Video converts without audio

1-4-06: iPod videos playing without video track

11-24-05: Creating a better Videos hierarchy in the iPod’s menus

11-16-05: Giving PowerPoint presentations with an iPod

10-26-05: Setting the Thumbnail Image for an iTunes Video

10-26-05: Displaying the iPod’s interface using TV-Out

10-19-05: Tagging Music Store videos

10-19-05: Burning DVDs of Music Store video clips

10-19-05: iTunes and iPod video format compatibility

9-15-05: Deleting iPod tracks while away from iTunes

8-31-05: Problems playing videos in iTunes’ Album Art Box

7-21-05: Watch videos on color iPods?

4-14-05: Setting up a digital media hub hard drive for Mac and PC

12-22-04: Audio File Formats Compatible with the iPod

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