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How do I disassociate my phone number from iMessage?

Q:  How do I disassociate my phone number from iMessage? I recently broke my hand-me-down iPhone 4S mid-contract and I’ve had to revert back to using an old cell phone. Now when friends with iPhones (…

How do I stop Siri from randomly waking up?

Q: Help! My new iPhone 6 is driving me nuts! I plug my iPhone in near my bed, and for some reason Siri keeps waking up randomly and asking me what I want. It only seems to do this when I’m in bed, whi…

How do I cancel a print job on iOS?

Q: Okay, I did an ‘oops’ with my iPhone when I was trying to print a single page of a big PDF using AirPrint, and I ended up sending the whole stupid thing to the printer. It’s 385 pages in all, and n…

How do I make my camera LED flash when my iPhone rings?

Q: I was at a coffee shop the other day and saw the coolest thing that I didn’t think you could do with an iPhone. This guy had his iPhone down on the table, and somebody called and the camera light s…

How do I re-sync contacts to my vehicle after switching to a new iPhone?

Q: Apple swapped out my previous iPhone 5s to a new iPhone 5s and now I cannot sync my contacts from my iPhone to my vehicle (Mercedes-Benz 2014 E-Class). The contacts are still there in my new iPhone…

How do I move away from a shared Apple ID for iMessage?

Q: My sister and I have been sharing the same Apple ID, and she has been receiving my iMessages. I think I’ve properly changed my Apple ID for iMessages in my iPhone, but is that sufficient or do I ha…

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