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Can Apple Keep Stalling a 6G iPod? Our Views, and Yours

To placate the masses of people hungry for a “video iPod,” Apple released the fifth-generation iPod in October 2005, then modestly refreshed it in September of 2006. Though its battery life for video playback has improved, users have never been fully satisfied with the squint-inducing size of its screen - a factor that led Apple to announce a larger, “widescreen iPod” feature for its upcoming iPhone. But as a consequence of iPhone’s introduction, many believe that Apple will wait until after the iPhone’s June launch to announce a standalone iPod with a similar screen.

Since everyone’s expecting that a sixth-generation, widescreen iPod will eventually be released, we asked our editors three questions: what do you think will happen? What should happen? And is Apple becoming too slow with updates its customers want and expect?

Below, you’ll find our answers to these questions, and more. Please add your thoughts to the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Bob Levens, Contributing Editor, United Kingdom: “I am finding myself feeling rather lukewarm about the prospects of the next iPod. Why? Hopefully Apple will release the 6G iPod ASAP with a touchscreen and slick interface as used on the iPhone. If we have to wait until the iPhone has debuted, then that’s going to be a long gap, for those of us living outside of the US, for a new iPod-related product. What will they launch to keep us quiet until then?

As long as the 6G has a decent battery life - maybe even break the mold and have a removable battery - a large sized display, with perhaps an option to increase the size of the text displayed for those who wear reading glasses, then anything else is probably going to be unused by me. The iPod, for me, is a portable music device, and if it will hold my library I am happy.”

Jeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief, United States: “When the fifth-generation iPod was introduced, there was a collective ‘oh, okay’ rather than a ‘wow’ from the crowd, and I don’t think anyone expected that we’d all be stuck with a 2.5-inch screen as our best iPod video option for this long. The continued absence of a replacement has, in my view, comforted and encouraged those who would suggest that Apple’s more concerned about marketing than brilliant technology - the sort of perception that can harm a company’s goodwill and possibly stunt its growth. I’d partially blame the iPhone for this: my gut feeling is that Apple is so concerned with the impact of new iPod launches on eventual iPhone sales that it’s going to risk continued domination of one market just to have a shot at a 1% share of another market. History will decide whether that was a wise or foolish choice; I really hope that Apple will put the horse in front of the cart again and focus its attention on releasing better iPods, sooner.

To be clear, I want a widescreen 6G iPod much more than I want an iPhone. As excited as I am about the iPhone’s design, 8GB of storage capacity and a shared phone/media battery mean that it won’t be a replacement for my full-sized iPod. Every single person I know who hasn’t yet bought an iPod has been holding out for the much-fabled ‘widescreen video iPod,’ and most of them are not going to buy into the iPhone because it’s not priced right for their budgets, or the features aren’t what they needed. They’re not going to change their minds just because the iPhone’s out and the 6G’s not: they’re going to wait until the right device emerges at the right price, and purchase it. If Microsoft or Sony offers something close to what people are expecting, at the right price, they just might jump on that instead.”

Larry AngellL.C. Angell, Senior Editor, United States: “I’ve never seen a company stretch out a product’s life cycle like Apple has done with the fifth-generation iPod. Even though sales haven’t exactly slowed to a crawl, it has definitely been Apple’s most unexciting iPod for a while now. That said, the 5G iPod becoming long in the tooth was caused by the extended development of the iPhone—Apple didn’t want to steal any of the iPhone’s thunder by introducing a widescreen iPod beforehand. And Apple still doesn’t want to. I wouldn’t expect a widescreen video iPod until right before Christmas this year. Apple is going to give the iPhone the spotlight as long as it possibly can before the mob of angry iCustomers come knocking at the door of Apple HQ demanding a phone-less widescreen iPod.”

Dennis Lloyd, Publisher, United States: “Although I am very content with my 5G, I wouldn’t mind a larger screen for in-flight movies. It will happen and I think it will come some time after the iPhone (June) is unleashed on the public. It’s a long overdue update. We’ve heard the rumors for a very long time - a 5G case with full screen and touch screen controls a la iPhone. It will reinvigorate the iPod economy; accessory makers will have an entirely new device to develop for. Many wanted the 6G yesterday, but I think the wait will be worth it. Hold on to your hats, because it’s going to be an exciting ride this year.”

Jesse Hollington, Contributing Editor, Canada: “I think it’s important to remember that the net-savvy, tech-savvy crowd is generally not representative of the whole iPod user base. I suspect the silent majority of iPod owners are very happy with the current 5G and many may have only the vaguest idea that something else is on the horizon. While Apple has taken a long time between updates here, with the ‘Enhanced 5G’ being an obvious mid-cycle release intended to buy some extra time, the 5G iPod still seems to be selling quite well, particularly to the crowd that is looking primarily for a music player. Commentary in our own Discussion Forums indicates that there’s actually a large number of people who are almost dreading what the 6G iPod may become after seeing the iPhone. People who want a device that is primarily a music player are still very much attracted to the Click Wheel design of the current iPod, and are frequently only looking for a higher-capacity device, not one with extra bells and whistles. I personally suspect that the device that ultimately debuts as the next-generation iPod will be sufficiently revolutionary to justify the length of time since the last update.”

Christina Easton, Contributing Editor, United States: “Apple’s next move will undoubtably be to introduce a widescreen iPod. I think that it would be in Apple’s best interest to offer something comparable to or better than the iPhone for the iPod line, because the iPod line needs to have some kind of feature that positively distinguishes it from the iPhones. I love the current fifth-generation iPod; I keep wanting bigger and better versions, having started with a mini and then moved up to the fifth-generation, 60GB model, I’m ready for the next iPod right now. I would love to have something with better battery life and a less scratchable screen.

Apple really should have announced the widescreen iPod before the iPhone. Everyone has been waiting for a better-screened iPod for a long time, and it won’t just bring in new customers. People who have been holding out on replacing old iPods will be buying this one for sure. The only people who will be upset are the people who are buying 5G iPods right now, because they’re effectively spending money on old technology.”

You’ve heard our thoughts - what do you think? Your comments and thoughts are appreciated below.

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I want to upgrade so badly… I’ve got a 4GB nano, with about 5GB of music and 2GB of video on my computer. I don’t want a 5G iPod, because it will soon be bested by the 6G, and the iPhone doesnt appeal to me for a number of reasons (high price, no need for the phone part, currently using T-Mobile, 8GB not enough). I can not wait for Apple to unveil the 6G, hopefully with an iPhone-esque control scheme, and a decent amount of flash memory. Now that I’m used to my flash based Nano, I’m not sure that I could go to an     HDD. I’ve used my friends 5G iPods and the sluggish scrolling and loading bothers me to no end. But honestly, I don’t think an early 6G launch would sap that much from iPhone sales, as a lot of people can’t go out and buy one now due to their contracts with other service providers. APPLE! Please release the 6G soon.

Posted by tazfan5040 on March 7, 2007 at 6:45 PM (CST)


I have an original 4G iPod Photo (60GB) which I bought as soon as it was announced in 2004. The thing is a behemoth, but it’s held up rather well considering the amount of use it’s been through. One thing I REALLY need though is gapless playback. I listen to a ton of non-stop mix albums, so I’ve been contemplating a newer iPod ever since the 5G’s were announced. The only thing that’s been stopping me is the promise of a “video” iPod, which has been rumored for the last year-and-a-half. So…how much longer should I wait?!

Posted by ele©tro on March 7, 2007 at 7:09 PM (CST)


To amend my previous comment, I’m just not that interested in the iPhone. What I want is that kind of interface for the new iPod, but with at LEAST 80GB of memory, and preferrably 100GB or more. I want a media device first, not a communications device.

Posted by ele©tro on March 7, 2007 at 7:23 PM (CST)


Three key wishes for the 6G: iPhone design and interface, 80+GB HDD, and Bluetooth to connect to cars/headphones/speakers.  If THAT 6G video were released tomorrow I would buy it.  I don’t think I will buy an iPhone.  I need a real keyboard to type fast and Blackberry ($75 with 2 year contract) has that.  Some of those now have music, although none of the keyboard enabled PDA/phones combos synch with iTunes.  My work will supply the Blackberry and/or cell phone so why buy the iPhone?

Hopefully Apple will surprise everyone and release THAT 6G sooner than June.  I have $600 in Apple Store Gift Cards that I want to spend on THAT 6G, some speakers, and maybe a new Nano.

I have a 5G 60GB and I love it.  I watch video almost daily and listen to music every day.  I watch movies and multiple episodes of TV shows I download from iTunes.  I also have a 1GB Nano and Nike+.  Yes, I know I am obsessed.

Apple, please don’t try to force me to buy a phone I don’t need.  It won’t work on me, and it won’t work on a lot of other people.

Posted by Chrystopher on March 7, 2007 at 7:57 PM (CST)


Despite my desperation to own a widescreen video iPod, I’ve bonded remarkably well with my 80Gb 5.5G. It’s a lovely experience, but I want a bigger, 16:9 screen. I’m really into video. I watch music videos at work and TV shows on the way home.

For the music-centric crowd—those who are not interested in video—I would hope that Apple retains the current basic form factor. I think the iPod Video should become an additional iPod class, not a replacement for the iPod. Of course I love the iPhone but I’m not a phone person, so would rather a dedicated iPod Video with massive storage (80Gb+).

I think the masses really don’t have a clue about video. This is especially true in a country such as mine, Australia, where there is little video content available from the local ITS and most people would never attempt to rip their own video. I still see many 5G users with no album art despite the auto-download feature of iTunes 7 and only a few watching video. From among my friends I have to harangue them to get them to update their iTunes and even to simply drag music that I’ve carefully prepared for them into iTunes. I think the general public are like this. So in this environment the music-optimised 5G could continue to do well indefinitely.

However, tech-heads like us will detonate if advancements are not made.

Posted by Japester on March 7, 2007 at 9:17 PM (CST)


I upgraded from the 60 GB 5th gen Video iPod to the 80 GB 5.5 gen less than a month ago.  On the one hand, I’d love a 6g wide screen video iPod, but for now I’m perfectly content with my 80 GB. 

Point is, you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to stay in sync with Apple product updates.  No matter what iPod you own, it’s still the best mp3 player on the market today and will be for a VERY long time.  Relax and continu to enjoy your current iPod(s).  I’m sure that Apple will release a wide screen iPod soon. But as they’ve done in the past, they’re going to release an update on their own time.

Posted by jcs in USA on March 7, 2007 at 9:52 PM (CST)


My 80 gig video is simply “dummy” storage. It doesnt make people go “wow”, it sure doesnt do that for me at least. If a new ipod comes out that actually does more than a simple music player I will probably get it.

Yes we are all craving a widescreen ipod but do we really need it? Yes apple could sell iphones without the phone part but would you pay the premium for it? I think that if apple is to update their ipod they need to come out with something a little more revolutionary than a touchscreen. What am I asking for? I dont know yet but I have faith apple will deliver.

Posted by post_break on March 7, 2007 at 10:27 PM (CST)


I’m one of the few who has zero interest in a widescreen video iPod. Even that will have a picture that is too small for these 47 year-old eyes. I love my 80 GB iPod and hope for something with even more capacity. I travel a lot in my job and have 200+ GB of music (about 800 CDs purchased over the last 20+ years. I need capacity, not video. If I want to watch movies I’ll do it on my 7” portable DVD player—this is the smallest acceptable screen for me.

Posted by sallenmd on March 7, 2007 at 11:21 PM (CST)


After consideration, I would say the 6 gig iPod is not needed. Apple is clearly headed in the home entertainment biz, and the iPod has reached critical mass, which may have lead Steve-o to make the, “we don’t need DRM” proclamation.

Posted by Don Trammell on March 8, 2007 at 12:12 AM (CST)


“To be clear, I want a widescreen 6G iPod much more than I want an iPhone.”

Jeremy’s hit the nail on the head, again. However, Apple seems more interested in iPhones and smaller iPods than it does in its HDD products. I fear we’ll be waiting some time.

Posted by drevo_uk in UK on March 8, 2007 at 2:58 AM (CST)


alot of opinions have been shared here. and i think that the group of people here who have shared their opinions are a pretty good representation of the rest of the world.  maybe apple should start looking at

Posted by zackwok on March 8, 2007 at 3:34 AM (CST)


I think along similar lines - I have never been excited about watching videos/movies on a 2•5 inch screen. Also, with the need to wear reading glasses, the size of the text means I usually have to grab a pair when I’m navigating the menu. The latest addition of the large letter when scrolling playlists quickly has helped.

Surely I am not alone in thinking that some option to increase the font size would help a large group of iPod users - those who wear glasses for reading only?

Posted by Bob Levens in UK on March 8, 2007 at 5:39 AM (CST)


I believe that as Apple lets the 5G IPOD model age without update they risk defection of user’s to other brands. The 5G just feels old now. I own a 5G, but if it goes bad, I am going to look at the new models from Creative, Samsung, and others.

Sure I want a 6G, but I am not willing to go 5 months without a music/video source just to have the way to late 6G ipod

Posted by Jav Atar on March 8, 2007 at 6:06 AM (CST)


I think Apple is making a mistake with the iPhone strategy. The market for Cingular is so much more limited than that of the the iPod that the iPod should be first and foremost. For example, here in Central Wisconsin, I can not get Cingular. I can also tell you that I would NEVER switch cell carriers based on the availability of a device that barely holds as much as a Nano and requires a two year cell contract. Come on Apple, realize what your core base is and go after it. If you want to develop a phone, fine. But don’t let your main line falter. Many of us are waiting for new innovations in music and video players. Hell, I’d settle for a simple firmware update to my 4G that would allow gapless playback….for now!

Posted by JWj on March 8, 2007 at 8:25 AM (CST)


I just hope that the widescreen iPod has a true widescreen! The screen on the iPhone has an aspect ratio of 1.5:1, which barely counts as widescreen at all. The widescreen iPod should either have a 16:9 (1.78:1) screen, or preferably a 2:1 screen, which is between the common 1.85:1 and 2.4:1 theatrical aspect ratios. 1.85:1 and 16:9 content will playback with small black pillar bars down the sides, whille 2.4:1 content will have very thin letterboxing bars top and bottom. A 2:1 screen would minimise image cropping for people who prefer watching content pan and scan.

Posted by ShowsOn in South Australia, AUSTRALIA on March 8, 2007 at 8:26 AM (CST)


ShowsOn makes an excellent point. When the iPhone was announced I sat back, content with the obvious vision of what the 6G would be based on. When I heard that it wasn’t true 16:9, I got worried. It also answered a nagging question: if “Pirates of the Caribbean” were a widescreen movie, then why did Steve have to double-tap the screen to see it in “widescreen”?

I imagine that the speaker in the top and the button at the bottom rob the iPhone of some faceplate real estate. I’ll be quite disappointed if they don’t make it 16:9 for the iPod, although I have to say that most 16:9 TV content looks surprisingly natural (and easier to see) when I turn off the widescreen mode on my 5.5G. Still, a video iPod implies a proper widescreen aspect ratio.

Posted by Japester on March 8, 2007 at 8:59 AM (CST)


I’d love to buy a 6G iPod that has everything the iPhone has except the phone. The idea of wireless internet would be icing on the cake for me.

But I fear Apple might want to keep enough separation between the two that it doesn’t include as much in the iPod. I too have lots of Apple gift cards that are waiting for the new iPod. I have a 3G that is still going strong, so music alone won’t make me buy a new one. The wide screen for movies and photos, plus wireless connectivity will be the main reason I upgrade.

Posted by howdesign on March 8, 2007 at 9:05 AM (CST)


I have the 5.5G 80GB iPod and don’t have a single video/movie/TV episode loaded on it, nor do I intend to use it for that purpose.  I want a music-centric player only.  I have no intention of buying the iPhone as I don’t intend to switch cell carriers just to have the opportunity to pay $600 plus monthly fees for a phone (I’m not the type of person who feels compelled to have my cell phone surgically implanted to my left ear.  Give me the basics on a phone and text messaging and I’m good with that).  I would love to see a 100+GB iPod at some point in the near future.  Having said all of this, I don’t know if I’m in the “mainstream” of where everyone else stands on the iPod/vPod/iPhone issue or if I’m somewhere on the fringe.  My personal hope is that Apple will keep a music-centric player and introduce the vPod as a seperate product line, but based on past product introductions, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Only time will tell.

Posted by Proud Liberal on March 8, 2007 at 10:00 AM (CST)


I would like to see something aimed at the music addicts amongst us ... 100GB minimum capacity (I have almost 90GB, and as a collector, it continues to grow), customizable EQ settings, crossfade features like you can set in iTunes playback, the iTunes album cover interface, etc.  Rather than add new applications to the iPod, let’s add to what’s already there and make our music even more fun.

The widescreen, video capabilities should be like they are now, simply icing on the cake.  The iPod is to me a music device, and should stay that way.

Posted by Polish_iPod on March 8, 2007 at 10:08 AM (CST)


If you look at basic trends in hard drive growth and compare that to hard drive growth in iPods I think it’s completely reasonable to expect a big increase in hard drive capacity in the 6G iPod.  In fact, basic extrapolation suggests hard drive technology could support a 1 terabyte iPod within 3 years!  Obviously there are other considerations that affect this but it’s tantalizing to think about. 

The analysis behind this is here:

Posted by Scott E on March 8, 2007 at 10:09 AM (CST)


I agree with most of you.

Take the iPhone, leave the iPhone part out (and maybe the battery consumming wi-fi), put a 100Gb memory (I don’t care if its flash based or a hard drive, the cheaper the better) in it and I will be on the row for one.

I curently have a 6 Gb iPod Mini and I love it, although I definetily need more space. I have been waiting for a new update on the bigger line of iPods to get one.

I know lot of people who think as I do.

Posted by velascomike on March 8, 2007 at 10:51 AM (CST)


I own/owned a 4G, 5G, 1G Nano and 2G Nano.  I take care of my iPods, but have had nothing but trouble with the HDD models.  I am on my 5th 5G and that was after 6 4Gs.  The flash based iPods have been trouble free for me.  That said, I understand the use of the flash memory in the iPhone, but the limited space on a device that is supposed to store videos makes no sense.  That, in my opinion, makes the iPhone less than desirable.  Cingular/AT&T I feel is a drawback as well.  In the Chicago area, most people I know with the service have nothing but trouble.  I cannot stand talking to someone on a Cingluar connection because it is just plain bad.

As for a 6G iPod, widescreen would be nice, but high capacity (80GB+), flash based is just as important.  Apple, in their own ads, shows an iPod being used as a dance accessory.  I do not think anyone would dare try that with a HDD based iPod if they wanted it to survive another day.  I think the 6G will be a big hit, but if Apple wants to maintain state of the art status, the 6G needs to have something more.  It has to have an “I did not see that coming” feature similar to the widescreen on the iPhone.

Posted by PearlMikeJam on March 8, 2007 at 11:19 AM (CST)


I don’t have any interest in an iPhone either.  the longer the introduction goes on the less enthusiasm I sense for it in the people around me.  At the introduction, several friends and co-workers vowed they were going to be first in line in June.  Now after having time to think about it most of them are lukewarm at best. 

I want a 6G device with 80Gigs+, an eye-popping screen and 12+ hrs of battery life with at least 6 hrs for video playback.  I want it to be Apple TV conjoined and to be able to act as a DVR.  Also, I want kick a—sound, because music is still the most important aspect of the iPod.  I will listen music at least 10-100x more time than video.  I also want it to act as a real photo repository for my digicam.  I have a 4G photo iPod and it sucks for this purpose, because the battery dies after transferring 100 or so pictures.

Ideally, Apple would have done the 6G announcement first and iPhone closer to its availability.  I believe they didn’t because they want 6G to be flash-based and high capacity.  Watching the flash market tells me the flash prices are dropping like a rock and by this summer high cap flash will be a commercial reality.  I believe that’s why we are getting a late intro on 6G.  I look for something similar to the iPhone form factor with a UI that favors audio/video playback to differentiate it from iPhone.  Price $249-499 for caps of 32-128 G.

Posted by audioguyBOB on March 8, 2007 at 2:24 PM (CST)


“They’re not going to change their minds just because the iPhone’s out and the 6G’s not: they’re going to wait until the right device emerges at the right price, and purchase it. If Microsoft or Sony offers something close to what people are expecting, at the right price, they just might jump on that instead.”-Jeremy

Apple really should have announced the widescreen iPod before the iPhone - Christina

Nail on the Head

Apple essentially came out and said “Look at all the cool things we can put into an iPod - now please contiue to buy our old outdated 5.5G.”

I have the 20GB 4g - its now very tempermental.  I need a new iPod NOW - but why would I buy one when I know what’s possible.

I truly hope people are mistaken about a new iPod not coming out until after the iPhone.  That would be nearly 2 years without significant upgrades.  How can apple claim to be cutting edge but offer nothing new for 2 years.

I am waiting on purchasing a new iPod and new MacBook.  If Apple waits longer than June, or offers something less than what they have shown is possible with the iPhone, I’m done.  I will then turn to Microsoft or Sony for both my music player and laptop.  Why deal with a company who is not willing to advance or listen to the desires of it customers?

Posted by pMad on March 8, 2007 at 2:25 PM (CST)


Cheeezzzzzeeee!!!!!! What whiners.  Yea, I would like a $100 iPod nGeneration, same as a nano in size, 250 gig memory, 24 hour battery life, 5 channel surround sound and a holographic viewscreen (oh yea, in HD please) !!!!!!  LOL :-)

And speaking of being that lucky, what are your winning LOTTO numbers today????? :-)

Back in the real world, a music player is for playing music.  If you add a big screen, its no longer a nice size and costs more too.  Rather than wishing for an iPod “everything” model, how about a modular iPod that allows everyone to be happy. ????? 

How about these options?
A cheaper 8 gig nano.

An iPod 5gen with a thin screen that snaps on to the back of the iPod for video watching but disconnects for space saving???  That way you get the best of both worlds. 

Actually, I believe there are two products that fit this bill already on the market.  One is a large screen that the iPod plugs into and sits on the back of the iPod.  The other is a set of thin glasses that plug into the iPod for a tv sized screen that appears to sit in front of you but you can look over the glasses (thin size) for walking around or talking.

So, what are you guys waiting for??

Oh yea, I need a plug-in fold out solar cell battery charger so I can recharge my iPod anywhere in the world at any time. :-)


Posted by eldernorm on March 8, 2007 at 3:34 PM (CST)


First of all, Apple is great because every decision they make is carefully thought out with the end user in mind.  Having said that, i think that Apple has been waiting for some key technological developments before they release their 6G ipod.

In December 06, Toshiba announced the creation of the first 100GB 1.8: You gotta believe that Apple has already started buying these up with the intention of smacking them into a 6G ipod with a sleek iphone form factor.  It will look like a PSP, but without the game buttons.

But Jobs knows that in order for iphone to succeed, there can’t be any hint of a similar device stealing its thunder.  It doesnt matter if there are people waiting for 6G that are uninterested in the iphone.  As far as Jeremy’s observations, he is right on.  Apple is possibly making a mistake by not upgrading to 6G.  But its a chance Apple is willing to take.  1% of the cell phone market is a ridiculous amount of money. 

Real ipod fans will wait because they are not seriously looking at the clunky Archos or the itunes-incompatible Zune.  But watch out.  If Sony releases a PSP with a 100GB hard drive that plays nice with itunes, I for one will be on board with that.  I just want the best video experience possible.  I prefer to get it from Apple, so the 6G widescreen (with 16x9) better be out soon.

Posted by BGill on March 8, 2007 at 3:54 PM (CST)


Here is one option.

and here is the other.

Posted by eldernorm on March 8, 2007 at 4:18 PM (CST)


Put me in with the audio-only crowd.  The current 5G display and interface are fine for my purposes. I have no interest in watching videos on a handheld device and not much more interest in a $400-$500 mobile phone. More capacity, better fidelity—that’s all I want.

Maybe it’s time to bifurcate (or trifurcate) the iPod line:

audio only, audio-video, iPhone.

Posted by orgel in Falls Church, VA on March 8, 2007 at 4:36 PM (CST)


“Maybe it’s time to bifurcate (or trifurcate) the iPod line:

audio only, audio-video, iPhone.”
Posted by orgel

I agree totally with orgel. I’m an audio only kind guy and my ideal ipod would be an aluminum cased (ala the Nano) device with some real capacity, 30G, 80/100G. Flash based would be nice but dose not seem feasible at the moment. I like carrying my hole library around with me, so the smaller Nanos are a deal breaker.

I think a AV ipod would definitely find a market, and the iphone has a market, but I think it gets smaller every day. Even my luddite friends say that the current ipods seem to be stale but say that an AV ipod or the iphone is way too much and have started looking at others for innovation.

Posted by Toolman on March 9, 2007 at 2:34 AM (CST)


I still have a 3G iPod that is on its last legs… and I bought it right before the debut of the 4G iPod Photo, so I am definitely waiting until the 6G comes out before I upgrade. My poor 3G is relegated to use in the car where it can run on life support (i.e. the car charger), and as a stop gap I bought a 2G Shuffle. I have no plans to buy the iPhone for several reasons: a) I don’t want to switch to Cingular or AT&T or whatever it is, and b) even though I’m using a Shuffle currently, there’s no way I want my main iPod to have such ridiculously small HD space. I’ve filled my 15GB on my 3G, and am ready to step up to 80 or 100 or whatever will be in the 6G. The wait is excruciating!

Posted by ChuckG72 on March 9, 2007 at 9:03 AM (CST)


My 4G died not long before the iphone introduction. Now I must endure the hardship of a lowly shuffle as the wait for the beautiful new 6G stretches on.

Even with this $100 apple store gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, I will not settle for the 5G!

Posted by angelia on March 9, 2007 at 3:08 PM (CST)


I was one of those people that dreaded the 6G after seeing the iphone. I’ve had 11 ipods in my lifetime, and save for battery life, and scratchability, I’m perfectly happy with my 80GB video. I think that the wide/touch screen would be a fun feature, but I would never give up the click wheel. I would rather convert my library back from lossless to mp3 and buy a nano than have to pull my ipod out of my pocket every time I do something. I see that “finger fling” feature that the iphone has getting really annoying, really fast.  I think that the added height would be a problem too, sometimes making quick maneuvers a two-handed job. Pretty much like everyone else said, give me a 150GB HDD 5G ipod, with better battery life and an aluminum enclosure, and I would be a happy camper.

Posted by thewho61 on March 9, 2007 at 3:21 PM (CST)



Little OT, but I saw your screen name & thought I’d share w/you that I saw The Who last night at the Verizon Center in DC.  All I can say is WOW!  Absolutely amazing show!

Posted by Proud Liberal on March 9, 2007 at 3:29 PM (CST)


A lot of people seem to be looking forward to a touchscreen interface.  For me, an interface without tactile feedback is a step backwards.  Imagine having to see, rather than simply feel, the device in order to adjust volume, skip to next track, etc.  Also, a lot of the iPhone-style interface looks like it would take 2 hands.  Imagine “pinching” or “flinging” with only one hand.

Posted by gestep on March 10, 2007 at 1:50 PM (CST)


In the past, I’ve watched intently for the next big thing in the iPod line. I’ve bought 5 so far - everything from the shuffle to the 5.5 80 gig. This time, I’m sitting out.

I’ll always use my iPod first and foremost as a music device. I watch videos occasionally, mostly while waiting for or on a plane. A bigger screen or touch controls beyond the click wheel just don’t interest me.

Assuming there are hundreds of thousands of “me”, Apple needs to move to a full featured video device to capture new customers.

I suspect the delay is cultural as much as it is technical. By staying focused on music, Apple has hit home runs with almost every device. Going to general entertainment and telephony is a sea change for them. I hope they get it right.

Posted by Aceon6 in New England, USA on March 10, 2007 at 4:34 PM (CST)


pMad wrote: “I will then turn to Microsoft or Sony for both my music player and laptop.”

Obviously you can’t please anyone, but many folks would prefer a lowly 4G or 3G to the Zune, regardless of the lack of video playback. I know I would. So Apple can keep its 5G going for as long as they want as far as I’m concerned.

I can understand someone ‘turning to’ Sony, but Microsoft? People are trying to get *away* from MS, not closer. Oh, well, to each his own.

I agree with Orgel, too: a separate line of widescreen iPods is a better option than completely phasing out the 5G.

Posted by Pikemann_Urge on March 11, 2007 at 7:00 AM (CDT)


I have a 20 gig iPod, bought the first day they came out. It’s been a reliable music/Podcast source and external disk drive all this time.

I haven’t felt the need to get a 5G iPod, as video can’t be watched while walking, and shouldn’t be watched while I work on other things. Video would only be interesting if video iPods could be filled with the contents of theater length DVDs that could be played on TVs or monitors at high resolution (that’s what’s wrong with Apple TV).

I’m pretty careful with my iPod, as the shock from dropping is not good to a hard disk.

What I’d really like in a new iPod is a much bigger (or longer lasting) battery, and 20 to 30 gigs of solid state storage (like the Nanos but much more capacity) for music and data. I would have the capacity of my old iPod, but with much more shock resistance.

Posted by FloydC on March 11, 2007 at 4:37 PM (CDT)


Why is everyone so down on Apple lately? I still love my iPod (5G) and I’m excited about the 6G. To me, the iPod has gotten better with every genteration. Keep it up Apple. You’re in no danger of losing me as a customer.

Posted by urbanslaughter on March 12, 2007 at 11:16 AM (CDT)


I agree with urbanslaughter, I think apple is doing an awesome job! They’re constantly coming out with new products to attract new customers and to keep current customers happy and interested. I too have a fifth generation and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Posted by biscotti on March 20, 2007 at 12:00 AM (CDT)


I have an older 4GB iPod mini. I am ready for an upgrade, but hesitate to buy a new one if the 6G are coming out soon. I wish Apple would announce a date.

Posted by Jbollinger on August 13, 2007 at 5:44 PM (CDT)

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