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First Looks: Carbon Fiber, Vibes, Kimonos, iKitty, TuneCommand and Much More

Welcome to this week’s edition of First Looks - a collection of previews showing brand new iPod accessories that we’re currently in the process of testing. For additional peeks at new iPod accessories, check out our Holiday Buyers’ Guide and The Free iPod Book, already available online. Here’s what’s new this week:

New Accessories for Fifth-Generation iPod (with video):

Power Support Silicone Jacket for 5G iPod - Click Here for Details

This update to the company’s classic silicone rubber cases for earlier iPods includes protective film for both the screen and full Click Wheel. It uses a new, more protective Dock Connector port opening, and comes in separate sizes for 30GB and 60GB iPods. Clear and black versions are available.

Power Support/Miyavix Kimono Case for iPod 5G - Click Here for Details

This 5G iPod update of Miyavix’s famed Kimono cases features the same kimono fabric and leather mix as its predecessors, but now uses new kimono patterns and a soft insert to size the cases for 30GB and 60GB iPod thicknesses.


ProClip Padded Holder with Tilt Swivel and Cable Attachment (for iPod 3G/4G/5G) - Click Here for Details

The latest version of ProClip’s Padded Holder for in-car mounting of your iPod includes a mounting bracket for “cable attachment,” allowing you to keep the car charger and/or audio-out cable of your choice mounted inside the Holder at all times. Two versions of the new Cable Attachment Holder are available, one for 2005 and earlier versions of Belkin’s popular Auto Kit (“Belkin Cable”), and one for standard iPod Dock Connector cables.


Small Dog Electronics HipPod iPod Case with Built-in Speaker - Click Here for Details

This black case holds any iPod on its left side in a mesh pocket, and includes a built-in speaker that’s connected via the headphone port. The case zips closed, and is powered by two replaceable batteries.


Speck Products See-Thru for iPod 5G - Click Here for Details

This three-pack of see-through hard shell cases for the fifth-generation iPod gives you the choice between pure clear protection or two colorized shells. One coats the iPod in gray, the other in red, allowing you to watch iPod videos through rose-colored glasses. All three units snap closed firmly on the iPods’ bodies.


Speck Products SkinTight Cases for 5G iPod - Click Here for Details

We’ve mentioned these SkinTight cases for 5G iPod before, but these new 60GB-specific versions deserve a special mention. Rather than just release a one-size-fits-all case, Speck’s second size is tailored to fit thicker iPods, and does so properly. The bottom flap continues to provide a smart compromise of part-time protection.


Sumo Cases PlayThru Horizontal for iPod 5G - Click Here for Details

The final revision of Sumo Cases’ leather and velvet PlayThru Horizontal cases for fifth-generation iPods provides better internal padding and play-through hole alignment than the earlier version we saw.


XtremeMac Iconz Sport for Fifth-Generation iPod - Click Here for Details

The full-sized versions of XtremeMac’s Iconz Sport series of cases have arrived, with familiar NBA and MLB licensed team logos on the front, and a frosted clear surface on the back.


New Accessories for iPod nano:

Better Energy Systems Tread for iPod nano and Solio - Click Here for Details

They’re finally here! After an extended delay, Better Energy’s recycled rubber Tread cases are now available, with 4G iPod models (previously covered on iLounge) supplemented by iPod nano-specific versions and one for the Solio solar charger. The Treads for iPod nano come in two flavors - a flip-open version (shown) and a play-through version - each with slots to store your earbuds when not in use. Multiple colors are available, and each case is a little different from the others.


BTI FM Transmitter for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

This new sled-like FM transmitter for the iPod nano features a rear-mounted LCD screen, station tuning and track selection buttons. We were informed prior to publication that this is a non-final sample and will be available in the next 30-60 days.


BTI i-Zleeve for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

This collection of iPod nano accessories provides two silicone rubber cases and a holster with a two-position belt clip. When the holster is attached to the belt clip in one position, the clip attaches to your belt, but when it’s flipped around, the clip serves as a stand to prop your nano up. While not especially useful for the nano, the stand can be attached to BTI’s iPod Battery ii and used with the fifth-generation iPod to enjoy extended video playback.


BTI uLink for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

uLink enables many top-mounting accessories designed for 3G, 4G, and mini iPods to be used on iPod nano models as well. Accessories mount backwards on the bottom of iPod nano, which is odd. We were informed prior to publication that this is a non-final sample and will be available in the next 30-60 days. A fifth-generation iPod version called vLink is also planned for release.


C6 Manufacturing Carbon Fiber Nano Case - Click Here for Details

This carbon fiber body kit for the iPod nano adds front and rear plates to the nano, connecting them with four sets of screws mounted at nano’s corners. A wrench is included to assemble and disassemble the kit.


EB Cases Leather Case for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

This leather case is similar to Vaja’s iVod for iPod nano, with an open top, partially open bottom, and holes for the nano’s screen and Click Wheel.


Power Support/Miyavix Kimono Case for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

Like the fifth-generation version of Kimono, this leather and kimono fabric case for the iPod nano has been updated with new fabric options and a body design made to fit the newer, smaller iPods.


Speck Products iKitty for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

After last year’s release of the unimpressive iKitty for iPod 4G and mini, Speck went back to the drawing board to create a more cat-like design for the iPod nano with a better posable tail. Two colors (white and black) are available.


XtremeMac Iconz Sport NBA for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

Previously covered in their standard Iconz incarnation, XtremeMac’s new NBA series of Iconz Sport cases makes several popular teams and players available as iPod nano protectors. The front has the team or player graphic, while the rear is frosted clear.


XtremeMac MicroFlex for iPod nano - Click Here for Details

This sharp-looking gooseneck car mount for the iPod nano provides line-out, charging, and cradling, as well as the ability to connect to XtremeMac’s AirPlay2 for FM transmission. The company also has a bundled version of MicroFlex that includes a matching black Cassette Adapter.


New Accessories for iPod shuffle:

Griffin Technology iClear for iPod shuffle - Click Here for Details

This clear case for the iPod shuffle includes three colored lanyards for neck wear, each detachable with a metal screw system.


iSkin Vibes for iPod shuffle and mini - Click Here for Details

iSkin’s take on the increasingly conspicuous Griffin Chameleon/iJacket case body design features eye-catching professional artwork by Tokidoki, and is available in both iPod shuffle and iPod mini versions. The shuffle case accommodates Apple’s included lanyard, while the mini version comes with its own, and uses iSkin’s detachable/rotating RevoClip.


New Accessories for Dock Connecting iPods:

BTI TuneStir ii (2) FM Transmitter/Radio Receiver/Remote for iPod - Click Here for Details

The second edition of BTI’s TuneStir three-in-one device offers FM radio tuning, FM transmission, and remote functionality in a simplified, Dock Connecting enclosure. We were informed prior to publication that this is a non-final sample and will be available in the next 30-60 days.


Lumi Safety Flasher and Flashlight for iPod - Click Here for Details

This unique bottom-mounting “safety flasher” attachment works with all Dock Connecting iPods, and puts on a bright light show when attached. A button on its front toggles between a bright white flashlight and different flashing patterns of red and/or white lights.


Power Support/Diatec Mobile Cruiser AC Adapter for iPod - Click Here for Details

This travel AC adapter connects to any Dock Connecting iPod to provide battery recharging on the go. A small profile and flip-closed set of wall blades are its major distinguishing features.


Small Dog Electronics CarTune FM Transmitter and Charger for iPod - Click Here for Details

This FM transmitter and auto charger connects to Dock Connector-equipped iPods, providing LCD-tuned music broadcasting to your car stereo, and iPod power.


Sonnet iPod USB Power Adapter with Dock Cable - Click Here for Details

This small iPod USB power adapter includes a detachable USB-to-iPod Dock Connector cable and retails for a low ($20) price.


New Accessories for discontinued iPods:

Belkin TuneCommand for iPod 3G/4G/mini - Click Here for Details

Long awaited, this RF remote control from Belkin promises a broadcasting distance of over 100 feet when used with a 3G, 4G or mini iPod. Belkin includes a belt clip, lanyard, and car mount in the package, and designed the remote and receiver to connect together for convenient storage when not in use. A docking version for 5G iPods and nanos was shown at CES in Las Vegas and Macworld Expo in San Francisco last week.


New Accessories for iTunes:

Logitech Cordless Desktop S530 Laser Mouse + Keyboard Set - Click Here for Details

This wireless USB keyboard and mouse set for Macintosh owners includes buttons specific to Apple’s iLife applications iTunes and iPhoto. Dedicated iTunes buttons, including one for the application, track forward/backward buttons, play/pause, and volume up, down and mute buttons, are on the keyboard’s right side, along with an application button for iPhoto. The included laser mouse has volume up and down buttons, plus a mute button, and a unique tilting scroll wheel.


Again, for more upcoming accessories, check out our earlier First Looks articles, our Holiday Buyers’ Guide and Free iPod Book, available now!

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i’d by the new york yankees one.)

Posted by ipoder555 in East Amherst, NY, USA on January 17, 2006 at 10:18 PM (CST)


Unlike Griffin’s flashlight deal, this ‘Lumi Safety Flasher’ is actually practical for night/early morning joggers.  I hope it comes in black.  A red/amber filter would be nice too.

Posted by Gordy. in East Amherst, NY, USA on January 20, 2006 at 11:00 AM (CST)


It does come in black and the two LEDs on either side are red.

Posted by Bob Levens in East Amherst, NY, USA on January 20, 2006 at 8:42 PM (CST)


I’m hoping they’ll add a Detroit Pistons case as I would snatch that up in a second!!!

Posted by McBoozo in East Amherst, NY, USA on January 23, 2006 at 3:06 PM (CST)

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