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First Looks: iDuo, FlexPed, myTune FM, Portectorz, TruePower 4G & More

Welcome to this week’s First Looks - a collection of previews showing brand new iPod accessories that we’re currently in the process of testing. If you’re looking for earlier previews, visit our Articles page, where you’ll see First Looks dating back to the 2002 introduction of the 20GB iPod, or take a look at our more recent Sneak Peeks articles from Apple Expo Paris, and in The Free iPod Book. Here’s what’s new for this week:

All Dock Connector iPods

Atech Flash iDuo Card Reader & Dock - Click Here for Details

It’s a good idea: iDuo combines an iPod dock with a flash memory card reader, eliminating the need to clutter your desk with two items. But it requires two separate USB ports, one for iPod and one for the flash reader. Additional ports for S-Video out and line audio out make this the equivalent of an Apple iPod Dock.


Atech Flash KB-Reader & Dock - Click Here for Details

This black USB 2.0 keyboard features a large port on top for one of two attachments, an iPod dock or a flash card reader. The iPod dock is listed as a “bonus” feature.



RadTech Portectorz for iPod, mini and nano - Click Here for Details

If you need to keep a Dock Connector-equipped iPod’s bottom port protected, your options are limited now that Apple doesn’t include plastic guards in its boxes. Portectorz for iPod are an extension of Radtech’s more substantial line of silicone protectors for computer ports, and use silicone rubber to protect the iPod’s bottom port.


Fourth-Generation (Click Wheel) iPods and iPod minis

Tekkeon myTune FM for iPod and mini - Click Here for Details

As one of the largest FM transmitters for the iPod, myTune FM is meant to be mounted on a car’s air vent and connected to its power charger with an included adapter. It broadcasts on a handful of stations, selectable by a button on the bottom.


Thought Out FlexPed Flexible Device Pedestal for iPod and mini - Click Here for Details

Sold with and without SiK’s imp iPod audio output and charging accessory, FlexPed is a car mounting extension of Thought Out’s Ped line of table mounts, and uses the same adjustable holder from Ped 2. As a consequence, you can resize the holder to fit any iPod or iPod mini, with or without a case on.



Fourth-Generation (Click Wheel) iPods

DLO Relaxed Leather Cases for iPod 4G - Click Here for Details

These cases, once called Distressed Leather Cases, are intentionally weathered prior to purchase for a look that DLO describes as “rockstar” and “relaxed.” Different versions are available, some with belt clips, some with detachable wrist straps, and varying in color and use of metal.



FastMac TruePower Battery Upgrade Kit for iPod 4G - Click Here for Details

This 4G iPod version of the TruePower battery promises to extend the per charge run time of a Click Wheel iPod beyond Apple’s original 12-hour stated time, as well as to maintain no less than 70% of its original performance level for two full years. A warranty provides a guarantee of long run time.


iPod mini

A-1 Quality Products iArmor for iPod mini - Click Here for Details

All that’s missing is a padlock. iArmor for the iPod mini is a hard metal rectangular box that will keep your mini’s body (other than its screen and Wheel) impervious to damage. The highly unattractive black version shown here is not the only color - a polished aluminum one is also available.



iPod shuffle

Power Support Crystal Jacket for iPod shuffle - Click Here for Details

Power Support has been selling Crystal Jackets for every iPod, and now the shuffle gets the treatment with a two-piece slide-open case made from mostly clear (etched) plastic.



Radtech Clear Clip for iPod shuffle - Click Here for Details

We weren’t fans of the original version of this clip, when it was sold as ShuffleClip by a company of the same name, but RadTech has retooled and improved it a bit.


All iPods

Power Support Cord Gatherer - Click Here for Details

We didn’t initially get the design of Cord Gatherer, but once we looked at the English-language instructions on Power Support’s American web site, it made sense: You can bundle up your headphone cords inside of the small and lightweight Gatherer, then use two plastic pieces to adjust how much of the cord you want to expose. Our photos are sharpened to show how the cord fits inside.



We’ll have plenty more to say on these new iPod accessories in the days to come - and there are some other surprises in store, too. For other great accessories, again, check out the Free iPod Book, available now! Earlier features on Nyko’s Movie Player and iLounge Loves Japan are stil available online, as well.

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I don’t know what the long blue accesseries for the TruePower battery are but they look for all the world like the attachments for an enema bag.  Just how do you plug in the battery anyway?

Posted by TulsaGent in East Amherst, NY, USA on October 4, 2005 at 11:43 AM (CDT)


TulsaGent: Perhaps you want it to be enemabag attachments, but in fact, dismanteling the iPod is a necessity to plug in a battery. What can it be then?
You are not exactly a Pentium™

Posted by ponduz in East Amherst, NY, USA on October 4, 2005 at 11:48 AM (CDT)


Sorry to upset you Ponduz.  I was just making a little joke.  Lighten up.

Posted by TulsaGent in East Amherst, NY, USA on October 7, 2005 at 11:24 AM (CDT)



Posted by culture in East Amherst, NY, USA on October 7, 2005 at 3:28 PM (CDT)


Well, not exactly being a Pentium could be a compliment. Do you remember the Pentiums that had a math bug.


Posted by Ex2bot in East Amherst, NY, USA on January 15, 2009 at 6:54 PM (CST)

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