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iPhone Gems: The Complete Guide to All 33 Twitter Apps

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iTweets from Kei Noguchi

iTweets ($1) is an extremely basic, no-frills Twitter client that does little more than display your current Twitter timeline and allow you to post your own Tweets. Entries in your Twitter timeline are displayed in iChat-style speech bubbles, with replies and direct messages color-coded to distinguish them from normal tweets.

Tweets containing links have a small arrow to the right. Tapping on these tweets will open in iTweets’ built-in browser, which provides no functionality other than page-viewing—an option to open links in Safari is conspicuously absent here.

Double-tapping on a tweet will automatically post a reply to that tweet, or you can post a new tweet by tapping on the text field at the bottom of the screen. The tweet entry field is a single-line text field with no other features or even a character count to track how much text you have entered—you can easily go well over Twitter’s 140-character limit without any kind of warning from iTweets, and any extra characters are simply unceremoniously discarded by Twitter when you actually post the tweet.


iTweets provides a basic, application-based settings screen which allows you to change your Twitter account information and enable or disable sound or vibration notifications of new tweets. You can also enable a feature to refresh your tweets by shaking the iPhone. iTweets also has a settings page within the iPhone or iPod touch Settings app that allows you to adjust several more advanced settings, such as auto-fetch font size and the colors used by different categories of tweets.


iTweets is an extremely basic Twitter application with nothing special to recommend it. While its simple and clean interface may appeal to some, there are slightly more sophisticated free options available, so it’s hard to imagine spending even $1 for this app. iLounge Rating: C-.

Tweeter from Takuma Mori

Tweeter is an app that exists solely for the purpose of making posts to Twitter. It provides no ability to view any information from Twitter; it simply opens with a text entry dialog box for you to enter text to post as a tweet.

Other than a character count, Tweeter provides no other posting features such as updating your location or posting photos. A config screen is available to change your Twitter account, switch to a dark color theme or enter a footer to be appended to the bottom of each tweet, but that’s about it. Even for free, this app seems like a waste. iLounge Rating: C-.

Twitfire from Eric Allam

Twitfire is also designed solely for posting to Twitter, but offers a few additional features over Tweeter, including the ability to post photo links from either your camera or your saved photos, update your location or post a map link, look up your Twitter friends to reference them or post a reply to them, and even search for an insert links from within the app itself.

The ability to search for and post links from within the app is a somewhat unique feature. An integrated browser is presented with a search dialog box for you to search Google for the page you’re looking for, and once you are viewing the appropriate page, you can tap the plus button at the bottom-right corner to add the link. Links are pasted in at the current cursor position, shortened with the “is.gd” URL shortening service to save character space.


In our view, it makes more sense to be able to post a link that you are already looking at in Mobile Safari than to have to search it out again, rendering this feature interesting but not exactly convenient. Combined with the fact that this client does considerably less than more full-featured free Twitter clients, this app falls into the same general category as Tweeter, although it at least provides more than just basic posting features. iLounge Rating: C.

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