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iPhone Gems: The Complete Guide to All 33 Twitter Apps

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LaTwit from mac65.com

LaTwit ($3) is a more recent addition to the App Store, and provides a client for both reading, browsing and posting to Twitter. LaTwit has a relatively unique interface design, breaking down your Twitter information into the general Public feed, the feed for those you are following, your own tweets, and any public replies directed to you. Unread item counts appear over each category. LaTwit does not currently support any means of searching Twitter directly.

LaTwit also provides the ability to rearrange the button bar at the bottom, similar to Tweetsville and the built-in iPod application; to do this simply tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of the “More” screen.


LaTwit supports multiple Twitter accounts, as well as Twit Army and Identi.ca accounts. Rather than making you switch between accounts, LaTwit aggregates information from all of your configured accounts into each of your respective timelines. You can control which accounts are displayed in each timeline from the individual account settings.


Tapping on a user’s avatar in any of the timelines will display detailed information about that user, including options for following or unfollowing the user, hiding them from your timelines within LaTwit, marking individual tweets as favorites or following reply threads between tweets.


When posting new tweets, you can choose which account you would like to post the tweet from, add a link to your present location, or insert a photo from the iPhone camera or your saved photo library.


LaTwit also includes a few more advanced settings, including the ability to adjust your font size, adjust the background transparency of the UI and several other options. Notably, LaTwit provides you with the option to choose which URL shortening service you would like to use when posting URLs.


LaTwit also supports both portrait and landscape mode throughout the user interface, including support for a landscape keyboard when posting new tweets. Several other more advanced features are also available in the application’s settings, such as pulling in data from an XMPP server such as Jabber or Google Talk. LaTwit’s unique user interface with support for landscape mode certainly has some appeal, and its ability to aggregate multiple Twitter accounts is definitely an advantage for those users who need this functionality. However, the lack of any ability for searching Twitter combined with its $3 price tag leaves it a bit behind some of the other apps we’ve looked at. iLounge Rating: B.

SimplyTweet from MotionObj

As the name suggests, SimplyTweet ($4) is a very simple Twitter client without a lot of additional bells and whistles. The application itself is divided into only three screens: your main friends timeline, your public replies, and a search screen. Tweets are shown in each timeline using an iChat-style user interface.

Tapping on a tweet opens it in a conversation thread view where you can follow the entire conversation if it is part of a conversation; otherwise the tweet is simply shown by itself.


Tapping the blue arrow beside each tweet will give you the option to reply to that tweet or open any links contained in that tweet.


Tapping on a user’s avatar opens up a screen with more information on that user, showing their recent tweets and showing you a button that you can use to either follow or stop following the user.


Posting a new tweet presents a simple text entry dialog box. A character count is provided, as well as a trashcan button to clear your text and start over; no advanced features such as attaching photos or location information is provided here.


The search feature in SimplyTweet is similarly straightforward. A search dialog box is presented, you enter some text, and the results are displayed in a similar timeline view. No advanced search features such as location-based searching or listing top trends is supported. SimplyTweet is also missing any support for viewing your received direct messages.

SimplyTweet is a minimalist Twitter client, and its clean and simple interface may appeal to a certain type of user. However, in our opinion its $4 asking price is far too high in comparison to similar applications such as Tweetie that deliver considerably more and still provide a very clean and user-friendly design. iLounge Rating: C-.

NatsuLion from Takuma Mori

NatsuLion (Free) provides both Twitter browsing and basic posting features, although it lacks any kind of Twitter search support. As with other Twitter clients we’ve looked at, NatsuLion presents multiple pages for your different information, in this case divided into your main Friends timeline, your public replies and direct messages, your sent messages, and an additional view for tracking unread tweets.

NatsuLion integrates both public replies and direct messages that you have received into a single Replies timeline, color-coding them by type.


Tapping on an individual tweet will display that tweet in detail with options to reply to the tweet or mark it as a favorite. Links within the tweet to either Twitter user names or URLs are displayed as a list beneath the tweet. Tapping on a URL will open it in NatsuLion’s built-in browser, while tapping on a Twitter user name will open a search for that user. NatsuLion also provides the ability to search on multiple user names which appear within a Tweet, including the originator of the tweet.


Only basic posting capabilities are provided in NatsuLion, with a character count, but no advanced posting features such as the ability to update your location or post photo links.


NatsuLion also provides additional settings for further customization, including the ability to open links directly in Safari instead of NatsuLion’s own browser, enable auto-refresh of your Twitter feeds, and a unique “shake-to-fullscreen” feature where you can switch to a full-screen view simply by shaking your device.


NatsuLion is a reasonably good basic Twitter client, particularly considering its free price tag, but it offers nothing particularly interesting beyond its unique UI design. iLounge Rating: B.


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