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iPhone Gems: The Complete Guide to All 33 Twitter Apps

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QuickTweet from Airglow Studios

QuickTweet (free) is another very simple Twitter client which is used merely to send out tweets. It has a unique feature from other posting-only Twitter apps in that you can configure multiple accounts and choose which one you wish to post from.

Other than this feature and a simple character counter, however, it provides little else of interest. There is no support for posting location information or linking photos. iLounge Rating: C.

JustUpdate from Patrick Quinn-Graham

As the name implies, JustUpdate (free) is yet another posting-only Twitter client. This one provides the ability to post replies or direct messages automatically, and includes a feature for picking the target for a reply or direct message from your list of friends on Twitter.

No ability for posting location information or photos is provided by this client either. iLounge Rating: C.

Oak from 10to1

Another posting-only Twitter app, Oak ($1) simply provides a posting window and character counter. Further, while apps like QuickTweet and JustUpdate prompt you to enter your Twitter credentials when you first run them, Oak directs you back to your iPhone or iPod touch Settings application to do this, making it even more cumbersome to set up.

Beyond a slightly nicer color scheme, Oak is absolutely nothing special, and provides no features beyond a character counter. This app is expensive for what it offers, even at $1. iLounge Rating: C-.

Statuso from Up To Speed Limited

Statuso ($1) is another posting-only app, but allows you to simultaneously post not only to Twitter but also to Facebook, friendfeed and Yammer.

Text is entered in a single-line field, and a character counter is provided to keep your posts within Twitter’s 140-character limit. You can choose which services you want to specifically update before posting, and Statuso also nicely allows you to prepend additional text to the front of your status update on Facebook. The app provides no functionality beyond this, but users wanting to update their status selectively on multiple services may find it useful. iLounge Rating: C.

Gyazickr from Naoki Hiroshima

Gyazickr is an app specifically designed for posting photos to Twitter, rather than just general tweets. Opening Gyazickr presents a simple user interface where you can enter some text and select a photo to post. Photos can be taken with the iPhone’s camera, or selected from the existing photo library. You can also select the most recent photo from your saved photo roll simply by tapping on the photo area.


Photos are posted to either Gyazickr’s own service or via Flickr or Tumblr, based on your settings within the application. Options are also available for compressing and cropping the image before it is posted.


Gyazickr is an interesting single-purpose Twitter posting client, however its limited and focused features will likely appeal to only a few users who are specifically looking for this functionality, particularly considering that many of the other more full-featured Twitter clients also provide this type of photo posting capability. iLounge Rating: C+.

Vlingo from Vlingo Corporation

Vlingo (Free) is mentioned here for the sake of completeness and for its unique ability to update your Twitter status with your voice. Vlingo is a general purpose voice-activated search application, but as part of its feature set includes the ability to update your Twitter and Facebook status simply by speaking to it. Your speech is converted to text and then posted as a tweet.

In testing, Vlingo worked quite well when in a reasonably quiet environment. Unfortunately, in the noisier environments where you might really use it, such as in a car, it was often a bit less clear. Vlingo provides the opportunity to view and edit your status prior to posting it to Twitter, but the idea of playing with the keyboard somewhat defeats the purpose of using your voice to set your status in the first place.


Since Vlingo is considerably more than merely a Twitter client, it’s difficult to assign it a rating in the context of the rest of the apps listed above. Certainly the notion of using your voice to set your Twitter status is interesting and may be very useful to some, but this is about all this application does in terms of its Twitter integration.


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