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One-second gaps and compilation CDs

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Q: When I import dance CDs into iTunes, and then to my iPod, it replays them with a one-second gap between songs. How can I get these dance tracks to play without gaps?

- Gavin

A: Unfortunately, the iPod inserts gaps between tracks at all times. The only way to get around this is to import an entire CD as a single track. You won’t be able to play individual songs from the CD, but you will be able to play it in order with no gaps.

To do this, insert a CD into your computer. When the CD’s tracks display in iTunes, select them all (Command+A on Mac, Control+A on Windows), then select Advanced > Join Tracks. This joins all the tracks into a single track. When you click the Import button, iTunes imports the entire CD as one track.

You can also join just a few tracks on a CD, or join groups of several tracks. Select the ones you want to join (they must be consecutive), and select Join Tracks. When you import the CD, you’ll have several tracks, each containing a few songs.

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i have U2 ipod, and it scratches really easy. i heard on this site that Brasso would fix the scratches, but on mine, it doesn’t do anything at all. i was wondering if i was doing it wrong or if something else would fix it.

Posted by littleguy097 on February 17, 2005 at 5:55 PM (CST)


I am new to ipod and not very computer literate so please be patient. I have several audiobooks i want to load on my ipod. They load as tracks,e.g all track one together then all track two etc., rather than sequentially. How do I load from ITunes (i have a Mac) to Ipod in the correct order. Thanks.

Posted by jtc on February 17, 2005 at 6:37 PM (CST)


if i have a playlist and i want to resort the tracklist, how do i do that (i.e. i want track 10 to move to track 15 etc) I tried to click n drag but that does not work. can anyone help? thanks

Posted by ratch333 on February 17, 2005 at 10:01 PM (CST)


I recently had my i-pod stolen.  I was wondering if anyone knew of anything I can do.  I am almost sick that someone would do that. 

Posted by brocky on February 17, 2005 at 10:04 PM (CST)


how do you erase all the music tracks in your itunes “most recently added” section? Mine seems to be full and it does not identify that I have added new files.

Posted by ratch333 on February 17, 2005 at 10:04 PM (CST)



When you import the audiobooks, make sure to tag each CD with a separate album name.  With separate CDs denoted this way, the track numbers will keep each track in order.  Without album names, they’re all considered one album… which is why they’re playing sequentially by track number only.  See info on importing here.

ratch333 (1)

Deactivate “shuffle” for that particular playlist, using the button in the bottom left corner of iTunes.

If you’re talking about a smart playlist, you can enable manual sorting by clicking the title bar that is above the numbers to the left of the song titles.  This effectively removes any existing sort order (Artist, Album, Playcount, etc), and allows click-and-drag reordering.


If you’re sure it’s been stolen, there’s not much you can do… it’s fairly safe to assume he’s not giving it back.  However, you could try alerting Apple that your iPod (supply a serial number) is now stolen, should the thief call for support. 

Alternatively, if you purchased with a credit card, you may qualify for some sort of automatic insurance… Call and ask.

ratch333 (2)

Your “Most Recently Added” smart playlist is doing what it’s supposed to.  “Most Recently Added” will show the 50 (or so?) songs added most recently—- even if that was 6 months ago.

What you really want to do is change “Most Recently Added” to something more definite—- Try “Songs Added in the Last 2 Weeks” or so.  To do this, edit the existing “Most Recently Played” smart playlist (by right clicking on it and selecting “Edit Playlist…”).

Then, add the following line to the conditions list:

No further modifications are necessary.

Posted by Jerrod H. on February 18, 2005 at 8:13 AM (CST)


I have a 3G iPod and I live in India,what is very irritating to me is that Apple has not included our time zone!So I can’t use calendar and appointments etc.!I told Apple in the suggestions page but nothing!I don’t know if it is there in 4G or Photos but its not in 3G!

+5 30 GMT,is it there or am I mistaken,becuase anyway I did not see any place from India in settings.

Any Fix?

Posted by TheCritic on February 18, 2005 at 9:25 AM (CST)


Sorry about that sent the Q to the e-mail.

Posted by TheCritic on February 18, 2005 at 9:26 AM (CST)


Does the battery continue to drain while using “pause” on the iPod Shuffle?

Posted by judiekaren2 on February 18, 2005 at 10:23 AM (CST)


I have an old-style fruit iMac which will not recognise my iPod. I’ve loaded all of the software up and downloaded a new iTunes version. It will work as a USB disk, but i can’t add or view music. Any ideas?

Posted by Samuelnick on February 18, 2005 at 11:11 AM (CST)


I have a new iPod but the CD will not work on my PC since I don’t have SP4 Windows 2000.  I was told that I can use a friends PC and place my CD and plug my iPod into his computer and download his music. Another friend told me that If I do this, all of his music will be erased.  I called iPod Customer Services and they cannot tell me.  Does someone know if I can do this or not?  Thank you

Posted by Lee-NewIPOD on February 18, 2005 at 7:26 PM (CST)


OK- So all of a sudden, my computer and itunes doesnt recognize my ipod. I uploaded the newest hardware onto my ipod, and then- they both recognized it. However, the next time i plug in my ipod- the same problem occurs. My ipod is 4 months old. Any suggestions?

Posted by chili-p on February 19, 2005 at 10:29 AM (CST)


My brother has a Dell DJ and I have an iPod. I have more GB’s of music taken up than him, yet he has more songs than me. How is this possible?

Posted by chimchim2035 on February 19, 2005 at 1:03 PM (CST)


i just downloaded itunes, but when i tried to install it on my system it said i needed windows 2000 or xp.  I currently have me edition.  Is there an older or different version of itnes that would work with my system?

Posted by bond10aa13 on February 19, 2005 at 3:14 PM (CST)


I lost my c.d from when i first purchased my iPod mini. Is there any way I can get the software onto my computer without the c.d?

Posted by luvlyleisha on February 20, 2005 at 2:55 PM (CST)


i’m looking into getting a laptop for school next year.  i would like to put itunes and my ipod stuff on that, but in the past, i’ve had some problems with putting music onto my ipod from two different computers.  if someone has an answer for that, i would really appreciate it.  thanks.

Posted by nelz on February 20, 2005 at 3:24 PM (CST)


HELP!  Love my ipod, but lately (actually, it started right after I downloaded an “updated” version of itunes) when itunes tries to update my pod, it completely locks up.  Frustrating beyond belief…..any ideas??  Thanks!!

Posted by WKNK on February 21, 2005 at 9:04 AM (CST)


Any way to record the speech output from text edit and play it on the iPod?

Posted by GiPhoto on February 23, 2005 at 5:38 AM (CST)



Posted by ecbizzo on February 23, 2005 at 11:58 PM (CST)



Posted by ecbizzo on February 23, 2005 at 11:58 PM (CST)

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