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Synchronizing a folder of files between computers using iPod

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Q: Is there a way to sync a folder of files with my iPod and - potentially - multiple computers? I use my iPod as a backup HDD and it’s a pain to manually re-copy my backup folder everytime I add/change a file.

- Jay

A: For our own personal use over the past few years, we’ve spent considerable time searching for the best software option to do just this: use software on two computers to maintain an incrementally-updated mirror of a folder based on file modification dates, and to use the iPod as intermediate storage between them.

There are quite a few eligible options for both Mac & PC, but our favorites are clear: on the PC, our favorite is “Backer” from Cordes Development, and on the Mac, it’s “Synk” from Decimus Software. These software packages are very similar to each other, each with incredibly powerful synchronization and backup features. We’ve found them to be very reliable after extended use on each platform, and they’re both easy to use, even when doing complicated synchronizations. Go check them out!

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Is it possible to use one ipod with multiple itunes as whenever i hav attempted to plug my ipod into any other itunes a message comes up asking wehter i want to register to this library and erase all previous songs from my ipod. Is there a way to do this? If so what is it?

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Please help.  I have over 8600 songs that were on an external HD that crashed.  I didn’t fret because I had all of the music on my iPod.  I liberated it to a new 80gb WD HD, which is formatted in FAT 32, I used “pod util” to get the music off of the iPod, I had trouble setting up the libraries so I just copied the music from the HD directory to iTunes by dragging and dropping the “music” into the library.  All of the music was transferred and I thought all was well.  I lost all of my playlists, but wht is more troubling is that I have over 2000 songs that are only 18 seconds or less in duration!!!  I do not know how to fix this.  The HD still has the original songs, but I cannot import the full length songs into iTunes.  There has to be something that I am missing?  Please help.  From time to time I get an error message saying that the file cannot be imported into iTunes because it is corrupt or damaged.  I have the actual CD’s from the 1100+ originals, but I do not want to spend another year re-ripping them.  Please tell me how to fix this.  I am using Windows XP home on a Dell inspiron 600m.  Let me know soon please, as I am staring to get a little freaked.


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my computer crashed and now I installed itunes on my laptop I authorized the new location
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problem is I have thousands of songs I have on my ipod from my private CD collection I don’t want to erase them. It took me days to install them
is there a way around that?

Posted by barbaraT in TX on January 12, 2007 at 3:14 PM (CST)

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