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Syncing newer iPods with older versions of iTunes

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I am hoping to buy my wife a fifth-generation iPod nano but need to sync it with an older version of iTunes (iTunes I was wondering if this is going to be possible? I cannot upgrade my iTunes to the latest version as there is an issue with Quicktime - I always get an error message when upgrading iTunes that says there is already a newer version of Quicktime on my computer so I cannot upgrade (this is not the case). So, can I use a new iPod on older software? If not, do you have any suggestions on how I can deal with my Quicktime issue?

- Matt


Unfortunately you will not be able to sync any current model iPods with versions of iTunes older than iTunes 9. As a rule, Apple only introduces support for new iPod models in the versions of iTunes that are released when those iPod models come out, and this even applies to firmware updates for the iPhone and iPod touch—iTunes 9 is also required for iPhone OS 3.1.

In terms of dealing with your Quicktime issue, your best option is to completely uninstall both iTunes and Quicktime from your computer via the “Add/Remove Programs” option in Windows and then reboot your computer and reinstall iTunes 9. You will not lose any of your iTunes content or settings by uninstalling iTunes as this only removes the application and not its data. If you want to be extra cautious, however, you can simply backup the “iTunes” folder from under your “My Music” folder before uninstalling iTunes. With both iTunes and Quicktime completely removed this should eliminate any errors from the iTunes installer about conflicts with existing versions of Quicktime.


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Just a little note, it seems you forgot to close your HTML linking tag to the Belkin headphone control.  After that, the entire article is one big hyperlink.

Posted by Josh C. in Toronto on December 11, 2009 at 4:22 PM (CST)


I have stored all my music files on an external hard drive.  I have pointed iTunes to that disk drive.  I have ~14000 songs (files) that I have ripped from my CD using my roxio program.  The drive I was using is to small so I have copied all the files to a new larger external hard drive.  How do I get iTunes to look at the new external larger hard drive?  I don’t want to mess with my library since it took me many hours to delete all the duplicate files so my music would fit on my iTouch 3G 64 gig.  Can anyone help me - Please!  Also can I apply volume leveling to my whole library?

Posted by Marcus in Toronto on December 12, 2009 at 12:48 AM (CST)


I just purchased the newest generation iPod which has less storage than could fit my library.  After I manually choose which artists, albums, etc to sync with the iPod, can I simply sync all playlists and still have them work even if many of the tracks on the various playlists were not transferred to the iPod?  If not, do I have to go to the trouble of making all new playlists from those songs I chose to sync?

Posted by Josh in Toronto on December 14, 2009 at 1:20 AM (CST)


Hi, I’m looking for a recommendation on using my ipod touch 2G as a portable recording device.  I’m pretty sure about the Blue “Mikey” Mic, and one of several pieces of software.  My question is, what if any remote controls will work?  I’d like to be able to hit record and stop from a distance of up to 15 or 20 feet away.  Is this possible?  Thanks very much,

Posted by Scott Persson in Toronto on December 14, 2009 at 10:07 PM (CST)


I have some audio books stored on cd, in mp3 format. I can get these into my itunes library by dropping them into the library pane, but not using itunes software to import them.When I put the cd into my computer, the itunes software does not open up the “import cd” option - thought it does that ok with audio cds. Any advice?

Posted by Richard Cloke in Toronto on February 6, 2010 at 11:55 AM (CST)

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