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Is there a point to having both iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Photo Stream enabled?

Shirley, don’t give up on your Mac just yet. :-) I think where iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream excel is on the “front end”. It’s really nice being able to capture a photo on the iPhone while on vacation, and have it immediately backed up and available for editing / sharing on your laptop or iPad.
One caveat, Photo Stream may be the better backup tool, because if I accidentally delete a photo from my iPhone, the backup is still available in Photo Stream. In contrast, Photo Library appears to be a true mirror that deletes all copies if I manually delete from one device.
I’ve never found iPhoto or Photos useful for managing a large library. I use Adobe Bridge to manage decades of photos, which is nice because Bridge simply accesses folders as I’ve chosen to arrange them in the Finder on the hard drive. So my workflow is to capture, cull and cleanup new photos with the Apple tools, then move the files I want to keep from Photos into my own folders as soon as possible. I can selectively copy photos back into Apple Photos if I want to share them with others.

Posted by Skyprogress on February 28, 2016 at 4:28 PM (CST)

Phone number inactive in iMessage

I recevive text messages instead of imessages from my iPhone coz the cellphone number is greyed out. y cant I receive normal I messages?

Posted by portia on February 22, 2016 at 1:16 AM (CST)

The Complete Guide to Apple TV Channels

LOTS of religious channels on Roku

Posted by Chris H on February 19, 2016 at 1:47 PM (CST)

Deleting and reinstalling an iOS app

i have the same issue the thing is my sister downloaded this app called dote shopping on my ipad so she could purchase something and she tried to log out so i could log in and make my own account and it does work i even tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again but every time it still has her info

Posted by diana on February 15, 2016 at 9:34 PM (CST)

Is there a point to having both iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Photo Stream enabled?

This whole thing is hideously confusing.  I want to simply put my photos and videos on an external drive, and manage them myself, ( would prefer to upload directly to FLICKR if I could edit the photos there and organize them… What I don’t want is to have to end up with a monthly charge for storage and the neccessity to hurry up and download them all again or start paying monthly charges. My pictures are important to me,  but I have no clue what I’m doing and I don’t see how I can take charge of what happens with them. I would be satisfied to go the path of least resistance and let my system handle them in the best way… but I don’t know how what that would be or how to find them again…  So far, I have to say, I’m not really loving my MAC…

Posted by Shirley Sloan on February 5, 2016 at 9:14 PM (CST)

The Complete Guide to Apple TV Channels

Just want to know if there are any gospel channels?

Posted by Preston Henry on January 26, 2016 at 10:23 PM (CST)

Restoring Text Messages from an iCloud Backup

I did a back up but wont restore texts on icloud someone please help!!!!

Posted by mimi on January 23, 2016 at 5:50 PM (CST)

Inside the betas: What's new in iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 (Updated)

Something of note—my MacBook Pro crashed at work today.  Rare occurrence, not a huge deal—no idea why, it was in login state when I returned to my desk and displayed a message after login that ‘something’ had happened and did I want to open previous windows.  I clicked ‘no’ and then realized I had some important info in that Evernote menubar temp note gizmo… it was still there… thank god ;-)

Posted by benjitek on January 18, 2016 at 9:01 PM (CST)

Inside the betas: What's new in iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 (Updated)

True, and that’s the thing with Evernote is that it can be used in so many different ways. For me it was primarily as a document management system — scanning in paperwork and whatnot, with notes and web clipping as secondary features.
Pocket is in some ways more suited to web clipping if you’re willing to pay for a subscription, but even Safari Reading List’s offline support is decent if it’s just a matter of saving stuff for further reading.

Posted by Jesse Hollington on January 14, 2016 at 3:34 PM (CST)

Inside the betas: What's new in iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 (Updated)

Depends on your needs I guess.  I’m a pretty light note user in general.  OCR is more of a nicety, don’t do much document scanning myself, though it’s nice for business cards.  Apple’s Notes are still just a little to ‘light’ to be as quick and useful as Evernote.  Maybe a few versions from now, that’ll change…

Posted by benjitek on January 14, 2016 at 3:31 PM (CST)

Inside the betas: What's new in iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 (Updated)

Yup. The funny thing is that I was a pretty hardcore Evernote fan for a good number of years — didn’t ever think I’d switch away, but when I really started evaluating how much of Evernote’s functionality that I needed, and how much of it was just starting to feel like a “digital junk drawer” for me, I re-evaluated my options, and discovered that much of what I was storing in Evernote could easily just go within a more open file system, and that I should move toward OCRing documents as PDF files, where they can be searched through just about any method, rather than relying on Evernote’s more proprietary image-based searching.

Posted by Jesse Hollington on January 14, 2016 at 3:26 PM (CST)

Inside the betas: What's new in iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 (Updated)

Great to have choices.  I use web clipping a lot, previously tried the save-as-pdf way, found it added unnecessary non-intuitive extra steps.  Any note searching I need to do, I do within Evernote.  Scanned text is converted to searchable text which is a nice perk, and, I use tags.  If I’m searching for a note, it’s deliberate—personally have no need to do so at the OS level.  Don’t use Spotlight much, usually just on my iPhone to find an app buried in a folder somewhere…
I just turn off any Evernote features I don’t use and they disappear from the UI.

Posted by benjitek on January 14, 2016 at 3:19 PM (CST)

Inside the betas: What's new in iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 (Updated)

I’ve actually done the switch myself, as I found Evernote was getting too busy and cumbersome for me — I definitely like Notes’ cleaner UI on both the OS X and iOS side, and the ability to password-protect notes is now just icing on the cake (my Mac and iPhone are already secured, so I’m not overly concerned about the security of what’s in Notes, and to be honest I rarely used Evernote’s encryption features either).
An added bonus in Notes is that the global iOS Spotlight search will actually do full-text search not only within Notes themselves but even within PDF attachments. Evernote has tied into the iOS Spotlight with iOS 9, but it’s search is a bit more limited in that regard.
Web clipping is something that I did like about Evernote in concept, but for most purposes clipping a link suits my needs, and if I need anything more serious than that — e.g. for longer-term offline archival purposes — I’ll save the web page as a PDF, since iOS 9 now allows for that as well.
I agree with you on the menu bar quick entry form — that’s probably the one thing I miss the most from Evernote, and I’ve been hoping that if Apple doesn’t provide a way, perhaps at least some third-party tool will come along and fill the void. I’d even settle for a dashboard widget, or integration with the OS X dashboard Sticky Notes would be a cool idea too — that feature has kind of been left behind in recent OS X versions.

Posted by Jesse Hollington on January 14, 2016 at 2:39 PM (CST)

Inside the betas: What's new in iOS 9.3 and tvOS 9.2 (Updated)

The security functionality of Notes is >almost< enough to get me to switch from Evernote, though there are still a couple things that still prevent me from converting:
Web page clipping: Evernote clips the entire page, after which I can mark it up, highlight passages—like an actual page in a notebook.  The iOS Notes app inserts a snippet of the clipped page and tapping it opens the site.  No markup… No highlight…
OSX MenuBar quick notes—a feature I use frequently is being able to click the Evernote menubar icon and create a quick note, or type something temporarily, like a phone number, on the fly and may not wind up being saved, very useful.

Posted by benjitek on January 14, 2016 at 1:23 PM (CST)

Quickly And Wisely Reducing Your iCloud Footprint

Why is that?

Posted by Ron Warner on January 9, 2016 at 8:11 AM (CST)

Accessing an older iCloud backup

i backuped my whatsapp data on icloud on 30th dec at 2:11am. Then last night my phone backuped automatically and it now says that size of my last backup is 238kb. I searched alot , my icloud storage also says full 5gb available. I need my backup of 30th december. is there any way to get it?

Posted by Fariha Abbasi on January 2, 2016 at 8:22 AM (CST)

Text messages being delivered to wrong iPhone

Still happening and getting worse!
It turns out, iCloud restores those extra email addresses and cell phone number to the preferences, even after you have carefully removed them.
The only way to be sure you have this fixed is to first get a unique iCloud (Apple) account for each device AND then RESET your phone.  Hope the next iCloud backup gets the right information.

Posted by tx on December 28, 2015 at 11:41 AM (CST)

Life with HomeKit: Our experiences with Apple's home automation system

I have started playing with some of these devices. Perhaps its just me but it seems a bunch of different companies have devices that meet Homekit requirements but are Proprietary through their apps. Some require a hub while others don’t. Some have iOS apps but not homekit certified. Some items work with some hubs while others don’t.
Then you have the crap Philips pulled with blocking 3rd party lights through a firmware update.
For someone just delving into this, consumer level automation is in a disaster.
I am hoping Apple reigns in the companys through apple homekit requirements.
The diagram in the article is what is needed, The user builds a model of their home and the devices appear in the rooms. The user can zoom in on the rooms and control devices.
Apple shares some fault on this disaster. Take the nest app for example. Yeah I know Google owns it however the app is simple, appealing and easy to use. Why block out such devices,
I enjoyed the article as it sugar coats a lot of the issues with the current apps and devices and shares where apple homekit will be in the near future.

Posted by Scott C on December 23, 2015 at 4:41 PM (CST)

The Complete Guide to Apple TV Channels

I think Apple needs to negotiate with Cable access company’s such as History, A&E, CNN, H2 for full access. If AppleTV can offer much more cable type access over the net they will have something competitive.

Posted by EinsteinJr on December 22, 2015 at 1:51 AM (CST)

Phone numbers for iMessage on an iPad and iPod touch

I don’t have a iPhone but I can send imessages from my iPad my cell is a Samsung

Posted by Wendy on November 24, 2015 at 3:32 AM (CST)

Instant Expert: Secrets & Features of iOS 9.0

In one of the comments I read “Apple still tends to be obsessive about these kinds of details, and prefers to hold an experience back rather than providing a sub-standard one.”  Hmmm, does that explain the disastrous IOS upgrades Apple keeps foisting on us?  Is that why my movie art sometimes comes through on my device in my last upgrade when it all came through before I updated?  And how about the movie meta-data not displaying like it used to way back in IOS 6.  I still have to remember which “English” vs. “English” that’s displayed in the alternate audio screen is really the Main Audio” vs. the “Director’s Commentary” that I painstakingly named when I created the video.  Thank you, Apple, for that great attention to detail that Jesse so fondly pointed out.

Posted by tezzy_bear on November 17, 2015 at 8:54 PM (CST)

Under the Radar: 10 'hidden' details about the new Apple TV

Had the Apple TV 4 since launch as here is my view:
1. I like the ease of set-up when I first got it from my iPhone.
2. I like the new remote itself with some points listed below. What I like is the volume, home button and control in screen whilst watching videos.
3. I like the new screen and that you can move the apps.
4. Now what Im reserved about is the swipe function its OK but far from perfect.
5. I dont like the single line to input letters and would prefer keyboard support this seems like a silly thing to have not implimented.
6. What is the point of the USB-C port if you cannot use it even for charging the remote, Apple this was stupid
7. Why not DNLA support unless Apple supplies the full chain which it does not this is a petty feature to not support.
In short Apple often dont listen to their customers and think they always know best the Apple TV 4 is a good device but it could have been great.

Posted by novainvicta on November 17, 2015 at 6:50 AM (CST)

Under the Radar: 10 'hidden' details about the new Apple TV

I looked forward to the Apple TV 4 for some time but now that I own it, I am terribly underwhelmed. These are my biggest disappointments:
1) I still haven’t found a way to see my Synology library of music, videos, and photos. That the Apple chooses to ignore the DLNA *standard* is a slap in the face! I have installed an iTunes server on my Synology but I still can’t see my content.
I did manage to find a Apple TV app that “sees” my Synology (called NAStify Player) but the quality is quite sub-par compared to what my WD TV Live delivered. Another 3rd party Apple TV app is available called Plex but I hesitate to purchase this b/c it only supports video and I’m uncertain if the quality is any better.
BTW, No I am not going to compromise by using Airplay or setting up a server on my desktop (that defeats the purpose of owning the Synology).
2) No ability to add local storage via a USB port. I used to travel with my WD TV Live and a 32 GB memory key loaded with training videos for my clients. I can’t do that with the Apple TV because of Apple’s tunnel vision and their inability to see use cases beyond their iTunes store! It’s frustrating b/c the device is technically capable but is locked down!
3) Very little offerings in the Apple TV store! And many of the apps are quite expensive and very few offer a free trial version. Until now, I had found that Apple Store apps are better priced than Android apps.
On my first day, I wasted about $15 on sub-par apps! Is there any opportunity to get my money back on buggy/poorly implemented apps?
4) Where is Siri’s voice? Why is Siri mute and so limited compared to the iOS version?
5) WTH? Why is there no way to add a keyboard via iPhone or 3rd party BT keyboard? I thought Apple was famous for integration of all Apple products? I own other Apple devices that all communicate with each other… yet I can’t use my phone or tablet to control the Apple TV? Ridiculous! Why can’t I use Siri for typing? That would have been impressive!
6) This is an Internet device! Why can’t I browse the Internet? I’ve owned other similar boxes for years and most of them offered Internet browsers! Yes, I can use Airplay but Apple could have been brilliant with a golden opportunity to offer Internet searching via Siri. Now, that would have been impressive!
7) I was hoping that the new remote worked in a similar manner as the WII controller and equally engaging games… thus far, I have seen no evidence of such immersive games / game control.
8) Youtube! This is probably not Apple’s fault but the Youtube app is infuriating! It plays the same two ads (Subaru and some insurance broker) after about every 4 videos. Playlists get stuck and repeat the same videos (rather than advancing) and if you attempt to skip ahead, the app gets permanently stuck at the end of the video you are attempting to skip.
I just expected much, much more from Apple and I don’t think I am asking for anything unreasonable.
Okay, that’s all for my 1st world problems.

Posted by SDC in Vancouver on November 13, 2015 at 2:26 AM (CST)

A First Look at iOS 9's Transit in Apple Maps (Updated for watchOS 2)

So if I mark the transit stop nearest my home as a favourite in Maps, will my iPhone Today Summary screen display bus arrival times for that stop alongside weather and upcoming calendar events?

Posted by Chuck Kahn on November 10, 2015 at 10:28 AM (CST)

Why do I have two separate conversations with the same person in Messages?

More simply, have each party go to “Send and Receive” in iMessage and FaceTime. Uncheck all the email addresses. You don’t need those checked, unless you’re sending iMessages via email. All you need checked is your phone number.

Posted by Spire on November 8, 2015 at 8:05 PM (CST)

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