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Taking apart the iPod mini

iPod battery life wasn’t exaggerated at all. My first gen iPod, rated at 10 hours, ran for 12.

My second gen iPod was similar, though it’s getting old and only get 6 hours now. I’m going to replace the battery eventually, and I hope to get the full 12 hours again!

Posted by Michael2k on February 23, 2004 at 10:15 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

As to the CF card:

- Yes, it has a standard CF card connector. The ribbon cable simply goes from a standard CF card pins into a high density, verticle pin connector on the mainboard. For some silly reason, I didn’t realize it was a CF card when I took the picture, so I didn’t remove the cable.

- Currently, I have no way of reformating the CF card as I can’t even get it to mount. Lexar says their FireWire CF Card Reader won’t read a 4gb card and my Canon Digital Rebel SLR won’t even turn on with it in. The CF read/write light just stays on the whole time.

- Blake: I believe Creative has a $190 player that uses the same Hitaci 4gb Microdrive, but feel free to spend the extra $60 at Apple!

- I figured out how to remove the plastic LCD protector window and reinstall it…

Since many people seem interested, if you know what I could do with the 4gb Microdrive to see if it would work in other applications, please email me to let me know and I will try to get it to work so I can report back to you all.

Posted by GregK on February 23, 2004 at 9:19 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

The CF card really intrigues me.  Hell, for $250 for a 4gb microdrive is a pretty sweet deal if I could get it to work on my canon 1d-s.  Unfortunately I don’t have the guts to dissect my mini to test it out, but if it turns out you can, I’ll be picking up an extra mini or two.


Posted by bmarvin81 in Dallas on February 23, 2004 at 8:49 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

I feel sorry for your iPod mini, but on the other hand I want to thank you because I just wanted to see how such a piece is looking on the inside.

Posted by Cochrane on February 23, 2004 at 8:20 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

Excellent dissection. If you reformat CF card, will it work? Does it have a standard CF interface? [can’t tell from photos]

Posted by charles on February 23, 2004 at 8:08 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

what is the REAL battery use like, i remember all the ipod reviews saying 10 hours, but in reality it wasnt…i’ll wait a took a while for the real reviews to come out on ipod..will the battery die in a few months?, will the battery power run out even when not using it..etc etc..

Posted by wayne on February 23, 2004 at 7:56 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

Wow, you murderer.

I’m sitting here, waiting with great anticipation for my own iPodmini, (silver of course) and you’re destroying it right in front of me O_o

Heartless bastard.

I can only hope it’s for a common good.

Posted by Brian Andersen on February 23, 2004 at 6:27 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

omg you’re so barbaric! =P

oooh… good luck with the re-anodizing business.

Its definitely got potential mate.

Good luck
Redux out

Posted by Redux on February 23, 2004 at 5:44 AM (PDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

while I still think the iPod has the most desirable looks, and interface, I no longer believe it is a “best of breed” device, and if it is its grasp on that looks extremely tenuous…  and here’s my reasoning.

The Rio Karma has I feel better specifications - Gapless Output, Vorbis Support, Ethernet cradle (allowing you to use it on macs, linux whatever) and better battery life.  (the downsides are build quality and only 20Gb)

Also I want 60Gb sometime soon!

If Apple can provide these then I’ll gladly buy another iPod…till then, I ‘ll think carefully about what I’m gonna buy next

Posted by Gautam Bhatnagar on February 23, 2004 at 3:31 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

I took one apart also…  The Hitachi drive works fine in my Sandisk USB reader.  I can delete partitions and reformat it, etc. However, my Digital Rebel just turns the Red CF light on and sits there.

Posted by Kent Marshall on February 23, 2004 at 3:17 AM (PDT)

Taking apart the iPod mini

Oh my,

this really breaks my heart -:-)

But luck with the start of your service-enterprise.

Posted by Estecado on February 23, 2004 at 1:37 AM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

he OS wars are definitely not over just judging from this post, Windows fans, Mac fans, and now the Linux fans all arguing endlessly over which OS is better. Some time go to a car show and walk up to one of the guys with a Ford Shelby Mustang and ask him whether or not his car is faster than that GTO a few rows down, now wait for his answer and then go down the line and ask the guy with the GTO the same question. Two entirely different answers steped in mythology and torque equations.
The Mac vs. Windows argument is the same. Frankly, I love the Mac, I enjoy OSX—especially Panther—and I really dislike Win2k - XP. Linux is fine, I’ve played with both Yellow Dog and with SuSe and they work, sort of. So use the OS as a tool to get things done, if you’re faster or more proficient using OSX have at it, if you’re able to bang out more using a brand new P4 Dell or your hand-built system congratulations.
PCs are great until the registry gets twisted up, or until RBC call decides overloads my network, or until MS gets their panties in a bunch and asks for a new contract with their draconian EULA. I remember saying to someone who was comparing their Gateway against my TiBook, I said that’s really great, now it crashes twice as fast.
Apple gives me a better experience, and unless you have used OSX on a G5, XP on a 3.0 P4 (or AMD), and Red Hat on said same, you’re opinion about all of them really doesn’t matter much.
But, let’s talk about torque conversions…

Posted by Hulugu on February 22, 2004 at 11:33 PM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

Your Average American:
I hope you not refering to your lack of education with your screenname.

1. Windows XP does NOT command 99% of the market! Not even all Windows verisons together. Macintosh itself is supposed to be 3% (more if you change the “lifetime” parameter - as Macs traditionally have a longer usage lifespan) - not to mention other OSes.

2. As far as I understand, the Athlon 64 CANNOT run XP, because XP is NOT 64 bit compatible.

3. Check your QUALITY PeeCee company prices of the same configuration against the macs. and you’ll see the price difference isn’t as much as you think. Macs are generally(not always of course) ahead of the technology/UI and has a smaller market, so of couse you’re going to pay a little more. Like you to prove the “inferior hardware” statement!

4. Apple’s configurations are mainly targeted at the casual home users. Their Pro(sumer) level PowerMac is quite configurable. CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, HD, Removable Media, other I/O, wireless, etc. I’m not quite sure what yo would want to configure or put in after-market that you can’t w/ a Powermac.

5. Apple doesn’t trap anyone. The PC industry is large and diverse - you can buy what you want.
Here are the Macs I’ve bought over the years.
Used MacPlus - late 1988
Performa 460 - early 1994
PPC PowerTower Clone refurb. - mid 1997
Orig iBook - 1999
I(ce)Book - 2003

I wouldn’t consider that every “few years” or anything quicker than any PeeCee user. Also, Mac have traditionally been much more backwards compatible. I was running System 7.5 on my MacPlus (Try running Win 95/98 on a 8088 PC). I’m also running MacOS 10.2 on my old iBook for my wife. The G3 was out with the P2. (Try running XP on a P2 - 2K runs poorly enough)

Fact is - if you prefer a PeeCee over a Mac or Linux over a PeeCee or Unix over Linux or whatever; state it as opinion don’t pass it off as fact. Didn’t anyone teach you that in school??

btw - I’m a former Network operator/tech. and have a master’s in Educational Technology, so I’ve used a variey of machines with a variety of OSes and NOSes. I prefer Macs - but I don’t think everyone should. Just don’t pass of opinion as truth!

Posted by Bill on February 22, 2004 at 6:06 PM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

it seems to me that everyone on here has a severe mac bias. You guys need to realize that 99% of America uses Windows XP and loves it. You continually tout the ease of use that OS X affords, but find any 12 year old kid and hand him a mac and it’s totally foreign to him. The Windows security issues aren’t creating a problem for your average consumer, the interface is familiar, and there are more options for hardware and software.

Personally, the day i run a system with OS X is the day i can assemble a custom Intel system for 5 to 600 dollars and not have to pay the ridiculous prices for Apple’s inferior hardware (yes, inferior… as “earth shattering” as you all believe the G5 to be, if you do a bargain analysis against the Athlon 64 chips its not so great). And for the people who don’t like or know how to build the system themselves they can buy a bargain system from Dell or Gateway and easily upgrade Video, RAM, and hdd space down the road. Apple traps people into a cycle of purchasing their overpriced configurations every few years.

I love my iPod, and i’ll admit that i wouldn’t mind having a Mac around the house too, but at those prices most people are glad to stick with their friendly customizable PC’s

Posted by your average american on February 22, 2004 at 3:44 PM (PDT)

Future Pods

I dont think that apple should make a ipod av… the cost would be way to high and for that price… what they should do however is make the ipod able to send out movies to a tv using a cord

Posted by Ipod user on February 22, 2004 at 1:09 PM (PDT)

Future Pods

My biggest vote for an improvement is put a groove or something on the stupid “lock” switch so you can actually get a grip on the thing!  Even without my xSkin cover on it, it’s a pain to lock and unlock.

As for a SPORTS iPod, mine’s already 95% there with the xSkin cover.  I dropped it from about 1.2 meters onto concrete while getting out of a cab, and it just bounced a little—kept right on playing without a scratch on it.

Posted by otterpop on February 22, 2004 at 12:00 PM (PDT)

A look at the iPod mini

hey all, sorry for all the questions but, i was just wondering if there is any reason y an american ipod mini wont work in the UK except for the charger? Will i have to use an adapter or what? And, does any1 know a good website where they do cheap shipping to the UK?*gasp* Final one, does any1 know exactly when they will be available in the UK and how much they will be?

Posted by dom on February 22, 2004 at 9:42 AM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

I agree.

On a yearly basis, i will be looking to sell my mac and buy a more recent one, it’s a hobby, i enjoy it. I’m regularly on the apple website because i’m proud to be an apple owner.

I was just dissappointed when my £1000 pc was worth £250 3 years later. No more of that now i’m with apple!

Posted by JIMMY on February 22, 2004 at 9:11 AM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

“If you look on ebay at the prices for 3 year old imacs, they do actually hold their value well”

You are not thinking this through.

When you are Dell build a PC you are assembling it from potentially millions of suppliers. This pricing pressure keeps the total system unit cost low.

In “3 years” or so, your collection of parts is then competing against the latest and greatest the market has to offer, both in terms of price and quality and technologies.

PCs advance at a steady, fast rate. Therefore your system depreciates quickly.

OTOH, when you buy a Mac you are not competing with anyone except Apple. They assemble a standardized suite of components and basically fix a model for a long period of time.

Macs do not steadily evolve, like PCS, and so depreciate. Instead, they tend to depreciate steps.

Every few years Apple refreshes the entire Mac line (think G4->G5, or OS9->OSX) and that advances the Mac state of the art.

It is these Apple-driven stages that cause price depreciation on a Mac. That is why a 3-year old Mac intosh sometimes holds its value well—if it is still comparable to current models—or is sometimes worth nothing.

Have you priced any early, non OSX-capable PowerMacs on eBay? They sell for next-to-nothing.

As a Mac owner since 1988 I can tell you that the secret to staying current in Macs at lowest possible cost is knowning exactly when to sell and when to buy a new Mac with the proceeds. You wait until about two-thirds through a current product cycle, just as new prices have dropped but older resale prices have not yet dropped for your previous generation.

PCs don’t suffer from this - they are always depreciating at a steady, constant rate, because of the commodification of their components and their individual rates of technological advance or obsolescence.

Posted by market realities on February 22, 2004 at 8:51 AM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

What’s all this talk of a possible OS X port to x86? It’s already done. A while ago, Apple had a feature-complete version of Jaguar running on Intel boxes. I figure they have Panther by now (unless they were hedging their bets on what to do about the G5). Sure, there are the issues of random configurations (PCI cards, drives, etc) but the core OS was/is there.,4149,1501062,00.asp

Posted by joel on February 21, 2004 at 11:29 PM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars


It’s hillarious to see how worked up people get over their computer platforms. Such insecurities.

These companies are taking their 100s of millions and laughing their way to the bank while your simmer in your self-righteous loyalties.

Posted by Michael on February 21, 2004 at 8:56 PM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

Get the price issue right!!

Once I saw an add for a $500 Dell. But after I went to their site and added in what you would get with an iMac 17” it ended up only being about $200 cheaper. It isn’t just firewire either! It’s all of the apps the Superdrive. And if you andd in set up time you get about even. There’s a lot of design technology that goes into designing an all in one like the iMac. Also and GHZ argument just show the lack of knowledge of the poster. Macs aren’t over-priced luxury Cars, if anything they’re correclty priced ones.

Bottom line - Buy what you want and don’t belittle those that make a different choice Mac, PC or Linux!

Posted by Bill on February 21, 2004 at 3:48 PM (PDT)

Future Pods

I just got the mini and already love it more than the 40 gig iPod I had. I would definitely like an FM receiver in it to use at the gym to watch and hear TV programs wirelessly sent while exercising.

Posted by iPod mini lover on February 21, 2004 at 10:21 AM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

Actually, Linux in Lindows and Lycoris has made Linux a desktop system.  Its actually pretty cool. And if your building your own PC, $50 for the OS is cheap and is a breeze to operate (for a newbie).  WalMart is selling complete Linux PC’s for under $250 (can you imagine).  I would agree that Windows will eventually be maimed by the economies generated by these deals. (don’t think it can’t happen, all giants fall).  I mean for $250 I get a bundle of funtionality and the internet.  Thats cheaper than just buying just the XP OS!!!!

But, even as I stare at my dead eMachine and contemplate Lindowing it, I am typing and iTuning on my G4 and would consider nothing less than my Mac.  Looks like it will just have to remain a glorified paper weight.

Being that Apple’s core is similiar to Linux, I wonder if they would port iTunes over to run on these linux boxes being sold at Wal-Mart?

Posted by Ron in Pittsburgh on February 21, 2004 at 10:13 AM (PDT)

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

Did anyone watch these videos? They are great!

Posted by videos on February 21, 2004 at 8:27 AM (PDT)

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