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How to burn a CD in iTunes

Since moving to the latest itunes v4.2 (wth AAC) encoding I have been unable to get my Irock Ibling to recognise MP3 CDs made from iTunes.  I have tried everything - altering the preferences, burning from the Finder etc. The genius bar Apple people suggested I bring my entire system to their store or try Toast.  Even the Ibling people could not help.  Has any had a similar problem.  Can anyone help ?  If you need more info about my problem, let me know

Posted by Asgar Ali on February 9, 2004 at 7:37 PM (CST)

The iPod mini Reaction Roundup

Apple is going to strike a home run with this product.  I am buying a silver mini as soon as it comes out.  I only have a couple gigs of music I realy care to silten to plus with usb2 it is not a huge hassle to swap.  I am surprised that apple hasn’t advertised it more as a great audiobook player.  I know it is not the main reason people buy ipods but with audible and itunes audiobook support this is the perfect audiobook player.  Get 50 bucks off the ipod/mini if you sign up with audible for 15 bucks a month.  I certainly am.

Posted by Nate on February 9, 2004 at 7:34 PM (CST)

How to create playlists in iTunes

When I first got my ipod the playlists showed up when I browse.  Now though I can’t get playlists that appear on itunes to download into my ipod and the playlists selection option no longer appears on my ipod.  Anyone had this happen before?  Solutions?

Posted by Bennett Thompson on February 9, 2004 at 6:41 PM (CST)

How to burn a CD in iTunes

I am having a frustrating time with Itunes! It is being very unpredicatble in the way it burns cds as it often aborts the burn by displaying “cancelling cd burn” and stopping before it has completed! any ideas?

Posted by Amerjote Bansal on February 9, 2004 at 4:14 PM (CST)

Future Pods

“I already have most of the iPod Pro - but it’s called the iHP-140. Truly this is the Rolls Royce of players.”

40 GB and only 1,200 songs? iPod Pro yea right….
sorry a** peice of sh!t

Posted by dan on February 9, 2004 at 3:11 PM (CST)

Future Pods

I heard the iPod is actually bought from the portalplayer company. When I looked at there website they have only a music player and a photo+music player.

So I think Apple will not bring out an ipod with video until portalplayer releases a video player. And they have not yet done this. So I will keep watching their website to see when they release something new.

Posted by waiting game on February 9, 2004 at 8:49 AM (CST)

How to burn a CD in iTunes

I found this very interesting, hope it is helpful….html

a way to, among other things, keep itues always on top

Posted by jperacha in London, UK on February 9, 2004 at 7:57 AM (CST)

Future Pods

Whatever changes occur to the “next” series of iPods, when do you think, or better yet, what is Apples usual release dates for newer generation items? I am seriously interested in the next iPod. I own a 3G 40gig right now and the battery has gone to s**t in only 4 months (will not play for more than 2 hours under ANY circumstances.

Posted by waiting is the hardest part on February 9, 2004 at 7:06 AM (CST)

Wishing for a play queue for iPod

The on the go play list is great.  Thanks to whoever suggested it.  I’m sorry about there not being an update for the old i-pods, but I’m sure apple has it’s reasons.  I don’t know what they are, but…Well…: ( Anyway,  I read one post that described the OTG playlist all wrong.  The way the OTG playlist works is you scroll through your tracks, and pick the songs you want when you find the one you want, you press and hold the select button.  That song is then placed in the OTG playlist.  YES, you can add songs while another song is playing.  The only problem I have is you can’t take it out of the playlist.  You have to erase the whole playlist.  You can’t do it one song at a time.  So, if you pick the wrong song.  You’re hosed unless you decide you want to that song now, or unless you are willing to erase all the other songs, and start over.  The OTG also goes away if your battery goes dead.  Other then that, I haven’t noticed any other problems.  After reading these posts I’ve decided to do some experimenting.  I didn’t know that the old I-pods didn’t have the OTG feature.  Well, I’ll post here if I find anything else.  If anyone has any questions, or requests, let me.

Posted by Kevdawg on February 9, 2004 at 5:45 AM (CST)

A look at the iPod mini

Stupid people exist everywhere in the world. When a PDA comes out with a 4gig flash it will wipe out the IPOD completely. COMPLETELY

Posted by Mainland Styles on February 8, 2004 at 4:09 PM (CST)

iPods for Windows: It's a good thing?

There’s nothing wrong with a Bush radio. It does everything the adverts for it say it does.

Posted by peshman on February 8, 2004 at 3:15 PM (CST)

How to burn a CD in iTunes

Make sure that while you are arranging your playlist, the SHUFFLE button is OFF.  (Bottom right of the window).

Then arrange your songs properly, and burn the CD with SHUFFLE OFF still.

Hope that helps.

-Jerrod Hofferth

Posted by Jerrod H. in TX on February 7, 2004 at 11:08 AM (CST)

Future Pods

i was not pointing fingers at ne one i used a quote from you saying it would cost more.  was not ment to be mean. sorry.

an ‘iPod’ for films by it self whould be kool. burn your dvds to it and be able to bring them around with you and have a screen that was like 3x5 whould be great for bus trip and stuff like that even in the back of a car.  iFilm?.  iPod for music iFilm for films.

Posted by sene_ncb on February 7, 2004 at 8:38 AM (CST)

Future Pods

I never advocated adding video to standard iPod, it would be released as a separate line of product. Also we are talking about the future here, maybe 2005-2006. At one point Quicktime-on-a-chip or MP4-on-a-chip will be cheap because of its use in 3G cellphones. This chip will stream the video right of the hd to the lcd screen and to an tv output. Very cheap and low power small screens are increasingly used in cellphones.It becomes an added bonus. In one year or two, I’m guessing, the price difference to add video to an iPod-like device will be around 100$ Maybe you dont find any use about having a portable video collection that can be viewed on any tv and -previewed- anywhere on its screen (no this thing is not about watching a whole 2 hours movie on its small screen), and it all fits in your pocket, but if its sleek and simple and well integrated with software like the iPod is, it can become a must-have for many.

Also I don’t know why so many people dispite the idea of a color screen on the normal iPod. Again these things are increasingly cheap and low power. The normal music player could have the bonus of displaying still images like art cover and have the interface colored. Once you get a cheap color screen that replaces the b&w screen for about 30$ its all a matter of software wich doesnt really add to the hardware cost. If you dont add video (to the normal color iPod) you dont even have to change the processor.

Posted by buzzy beetle on February 6, 2004 at 8:48 PM (CST)

Future Pods

why does the iPod need to have all these things added to it. i agree that a scrathing wheel whould be cool. but it whould take away from the dj experience. blue tooth would be sweet along with a mini air port card. xm maybe…the iPod was ment to hold a gig-antic amount of songs. and for some of us its more than enough.“iPod, now with longer battery life and another 20 Gigs.” -luke. its an iPod not a replacement for your computer. if you stare at your iPod screen all day, you need a hug.  its ment to play your favorite tracks, in your ears not your eyes. “Due to the components needed, such a product would cost as much as an eMac”-buzzy beetle. iPod not iBook

Posted by sene_ncb on February 6, 2004 at 4:25 PM (CST)

Future Pods

I’d like for Apple to include XM or Sirius satellite radio reception with on-the-fly encoding.  Might be worth a small monthly access fee.

Posted by robert on February 6, 2004 at 3:46 PM (CST)

iPods for Windows: It's a good thing?

I just thought I would peruse this thread, having the thought of procuring an ipod!

Looking at some of the caustic comments and naive attitudes I think it might be best for me to stick to my ‘Bush’ radio!!!

Posted by GeoB on February 6, 2004 at 2:31 PM (CST)

How to burn a CD in iTunes

I just burned my first CD from iTunes.  I was successful, however, when the Cd was burned it put all of the songs in random order.

How can I get the playlist to burn the CD EXACTLY in the order the songs are listed?

I would really appreciate some help on this, tried numbering tracks etc and nothing seemed to work.  I never had this problem with MusicMatch.

Posted by Suzi Hellwege on February 6, 2004 at 11:47 AM (CST)

Future Pods

I like the idea of a video iPod but if this video Archos already costs $900 then how much would a classier Apple version cost?

Posted by video Ipod on February 6, 2004 at 11:38 AM (CST)

Future Pods

how about having the album art show on the screen?  Even if it was just a grayscale image, that’d still be cool.

Posted by art on February 6, 2004 at 1:16 AM (CST)

Future Pods

—continued from last post—

As for enabling users to play their own materials on the video iPod, I dont see any context where Apple (or even MS for now) would release a player that only plays DRMed commercial media. Also average people produced homegrown music way before the Digital Video/iMovie craze, with GarageBand even more than ever. You failed to mention iMovie in the iPod AV part, did you forget about this little video editing app? If Apple releases a video iPod it would naturaly integrate with iMovie ,and probably iPhoto too for stills, so you could transfer your own home movies,including tv shows you recorded for free using a video input if you want, or even reencoded movies you got from the web.

Anyhow, just a lengthy way to say how I feel Quicktime/MPEG4 is the logical choice for an Apple portable video player.  I dare you to think otherwise after reading this article:

Posted by buzzy beetle on February 6, 2004 at 12:04 AM (CST)

Future Pods

I enjoy the overall idea of the article, certainly a better possibility than the pre-mini rumors that seemed to imply that the whole iPod line would get video capabilities. But…you seem to get a little off base about Quicktime and the video iPod. Quicktime is a multimedia architecture that provides standard OS-level means for applications to play/record/edit audio and video. It supports hundreds of media formats. The standard Quicktime file format is a wrapper that can include many codecs, some are/were exclusive like sorenson, but most are open standards. QT handles other “external” formats as is without the QT wrapper, like in the case of a .MPG file that you seem to like so much. And what is the successor to MPEG and MPEG-2? how about MPEG-4? Since QT 6 Apple as been pushing this ISO adopted open standard to be its main format. Even more so, the MPEG4 wrapper/format is heavilly based on QT’s .MOV format…

MPEG4 is looking to become the standard on 3G cellphones and Apple obvious expertise with its own format and having a tried and tested platform (QT) to play/record/edit MPEG4 content makes it the best provider for tools, but nothing prevents other companies to provide such tools. Quicktime is a given in a future Apple portable video device. And just as the iPod also plays MP3s and AIFF, I dont see Apple crippling the portable Quicktime player to only play MPEG4 files. Even if it did, MPEG4 only is still way better than WMA only. MP4 is owned by a consorsium of companies and is an ISO standard, the format is open and documented. WMA is owned by a sole company,Microsoft, wich is not just any kind of company, they happen to dominate the OS, browser and office apps market in the whole computer industry they try to do the same with their WMPlayer, WMA is a closed format that MS can change at will to break the apps that could play it on other platforms/OSes. Its easy to label both as proprietary, like it meant they were the same. MPEG and MP3 are proprietary too, using that same loose definition. The group that owns those formats dont give a damn about wich OS its media plays, nor does it have any particular interest in protecting or breaking a particular app or media player.

Posted by buzzy beetle on February 6, 2004 at 12:03 AM (CST)

Future Pods

Steve Jobs has said that recording video is not a task computers are ideally suited to do because multitasking would degrade the quality of the capture. With this in mind I would like to propose my own vision of a video iPod. This device would consist of two parts:

The first part would contain a colour screen, navigation buttons, DSP for decoding of video, rechargeable battery and an Airport card.

The second part would be a dock that contains a 3.5” hard drive, DSPs for live encoding of video, AV ports and another Airport card.

By un-docking the portable component, users could program the dock to record at specific times and channels. If an internet connection exists in the house, television program guides could be used to make this process more intuitive.

Once the recording is finished, the portable component could be used around the house to receive video from the dock.

Such a system would be targeted specifically at home user because that is where people are most likely to watch television and films. By separating the hard drive and AV connections from the viewing component, the battery can be made to last a long time. Long battery life is vital for any portable viewing, especially for content like sports games and films.

Due to the components needed, such a product would cost as much as an eMac. At this price the product would be ideally suited to those consumers who bought 1st and 2nd generation stand-alone DVD recorders.

It should be noted that the proposed system would be good for standard definition video due to the limitations of current components such as the AirPort cards and hard drives. In time, when AirPort becomes faster and hard drive capacities become bigger, the system could be upgraded to record and play back HDTV signals. This in turn would make it possible to split the product line into a high-end unit and a cheaper, low-end unit, much like the current iPod line.

Posted by Sol on February 5, 2004 at 10:04 PM (CST)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

It is funny how old these comments are, almost a year.  I am not going into a debate if pc’s are better than mac’c.  Even though you pay $5000 for a little cube that sits on your when for the same price you can get a wole lot more with a pc.  I was an iPod skeptic.  I didn’t like apple, if you can’t tell from my tone.  I had a Rio Nitrus then the damn thing fried.  It over heated when I was transfering songs to it.  I regreted getting an iPod because it was apple but I love it.  I have the 15 gb version and think it is the absolute best mp3 player ever.  I have gone through many mp3 players; Archos Juke Box (20 gb), Nomad Juke Boz Zen 3 (40 gb), Rio Nitrus (1.5 gb), Rio 600 (96 mb), and a audiophase mp3/cd player.  I love the AAC audio format, the 128 compression sounds CD quality.  I know that it compresses the audio but it compresses the parts that the human ear can not detect.  So why have a huge file size when you can only hear 1/10 of the notes.  Just carry your CD QUALITY audio in your pocket instead of lugging around four cases that have 20 CD capacity along with a package of batteries and the clunky CD player.  I think it has been enough time to say that the iPod is the smallest (in size not storage) portable mp3 player.  iPod is the best portable mp3 player on the market, period!

Posted by IAmNotHere on February 5, 2004 at 8:21 PM (CST)

Future Pods

The iPod and an FM radio are two entirely different products, I for one would rather have a smaller unit and more battery life than unnecessary functions. With storage getting bigger and bigger most people will have a huge selection of music without wanting to resort to the commercials and low-quality of radio. If Apple really wanted to push the boundaries they could build a digital radio into it - the circuitry in the iPod already is pretty similar - but I’m thinking of the UK perspective, with standards long set and great urban coverage nationwide. Worldwide, it would be near-impossible to implement.

In terms of a ‘sports’ version, I don’t want bulk or features on my iPod for a small minority of active users. As long as it’s shock-proof and reliable there are plenty of aftermarket solutions for waterproofing, shock absorbtion and so on. How many people own off-roaders and never take them off-road?

Posted by viracochas on February 5, 2004 at 7:40 PM (CST)

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