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Wishing for a play queue for iPod

i bought a 12” iBook b/c it was smaller than the 15” ti-book at the time. it came loaded with OS 10.1. a couple months later they came out with the 12” powerbook (which i would much rather have b/c of the speed and would have bought had it been out when i bought my iBook) about the same time (ok a bit earlier) they came out with OS 10.2. i may not be able to upgrade my hardware to the nice size/power of the 12” powerbook but i can certainly upgrade to 10.2 and have the equal software features. so i reiterate the question posted in this forum, why cant i do the same thing with my iPod and upgrade the software (firmware, sameish thing)? iBook and powerbook have different hardware but can both run 10.2. my ‘old’ iPod should be able to run the same software as the 3rd gen iPods. i bought my iBook with 10.1 but never planned on using that for the life of my iBook. why should i keep the same firmware features in my iPod for the life of my iPod?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?

Posted by jPod on June 3, 2003 at 2:52 PM (CDT)

Switching from MP3 to AAC Without Losing Your Mind

Ok, Ok - it looks like there are many debates about changing to AAC.  I have one question:

If I re-rip a cd to AAC format, can I then burn an MP3 CD (with like 150 songs to be played on an MP3 CD player)?

If not, I’d loose some functionality to itunes and my burner for my brother’s MP3 CD player.  What do you think?

Posted by Pancho on June 3, 2003 at 10:42 AM (CDT)

Switching from MP3 to AAC Without Losing Your Mind


can i delete songs from ipod?
also why can’t my musicmatch convert cds into mp3 files?



Posted by h.j. on June 2, 2003 at 8:01 PM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

this is some bull shit forum, quit bitching at eachother, ipod is better on a mac because it was built for a mac by mac. everything built by microsoft is better when used with windows, now shut the fuck up about windows vs pc. this shit sposed to be about ipod. dumbshits

Posted by jeremy on June 2, 2003 at 3:30 PM (CDT)

Wishing for a play queue for iPod


Posted by Spud on June 2, 2003 at 1:12 PM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

I am a Mac Lover, but I am also able to trouble shoot PC’s, since I own 3 of them, beta tested several Windows operating systems for Microsoft, and am a registered with MIcrosofts MSDN to receive information on testing, and new develpment tools. I use a PC on a daily basis at home, and at school. Just because I like using my iBook more then any of my PC’s doesn’t mean that I hate all PC’s all together. The PC was a Dell running a 1.7 GHz Pentium IV. The scanner was part of an all in one unit made by Epson, where the printer always worked perfectly fine, but XP recognized the device as two devices. I don’t remember the model number. As far as XP is concerned, XP is a flop compared to Windows 2000. Windows 2000 had a lot better stability then Windows XP. I never had all these problems in Windows 2000, infact, all the problems I listed with devices in XP, never existed when I was running 2000. Windows XP was a step back for MIcrosoft, all in favor of backwards compatibality. Was it worth the trade off? No. In regards to your claim about my “tentative grip on the English language…” let me point something out. The whole “you’re/your” incident is my only real problem in the whole post. If you want to split hairs over something as trivial as that, and try to twist it to make it appear as if I don’t know what I am talking about over a simple mistake, then thats fine.

Posted by Charles on June 2, 2003 at 11:54 AM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

ok, quit using this as a bitch at eachother forum. go fight elsewhere. answer my question (two posts up).

Posted by jeremy on June 2, 2003 at 11:36 AM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

First things first.  If you’re going to call me sad, at least get it gramatically correct.  “Anon, you’re sad” would be the correct way of doing this, rather than inferring that I own sad in some way.  I find it difficult to be offended by someone who obviously has such a tentative grip on the English language.  Now I’ve got that out of my system, on to the meat of the discussion…

It does not necessarily mean that XP is at fault just because your friend’s installation of XP won’t work properly, especially when his best source of technical support is a self-confessed Mac lover.  Windows XP, much as it pains me to say this, is actually a decent operating system.  It’s not on a par with something like Unix for stability but it’s not far off.  A properly configured system using decent peripherals produced by reliable manufacturers will have absolutely no problems at all.  Problems arise when you have ill specified systems running cheap hardware with poorly written non-WHQL certified driver sets.  Apple has never had to contend with the difficulties inherent in producing hardware for such a varied hardware base and therein lies the problem.

On a completely different tack, what’s the make/model of your friend’s scanner?  What system does he run, AMD or Intel?

Posted by Anon on June 2, 2003 at 10:29 AM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

C’mon, Someone say something about how much better the OLD ipod is than the newer ones! I got a 10gig mac version of the older ones, and a few months later they come out with a smaller version, thats $100 cheaper, works with both (and i previously couldnt decide between getting a mac or a windows ipod) and has more games and extras. I desperately need someone to tell me that i got the better one.

Posted by jeremy on June 2, 2003 at 10:03 AM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

Anon, you’re completely missing the point though. Albert was saying so much crap that can’t possibly be true. Yes, there was a bug with a few of the iPod’s that shippsed. A friend of mine bought one that had it. He was able to go in and trade out his iPod for a new one no questions asked. He didn’t have to pay 15% restocking fee or anything. So now, Albert is trying to tell me that he went in, and they refused to do the same. Another thing is, I know that Windows XP has problems handling certain devices. Like I’ve said before, I’ve had problems with keyboards, ethernet cards, USB drives, and scanners. Heck, my friend just bought a new Dell, and I went over and installed his scanner. The next day I get a call, and the guy is asking me why he can’t access it. I go over, and check his device manager, and the scanner was gone. I installed it again, and did a little test. I restarted the computer, and realized that Windows XP was not recognizing the scanner after a restart. I could unplug it, and plug it back in, and it still would just ask me to install the drivers all over again. I tried installing the one’s on the CD and it kept happening. I even let Windows search the internet for the right drivers, and those kept disappearing as well. You can say what you want, but when I’m seeing problems like this on whats supposed to be Microsoft’s “most reliable” OS ever built, I can’t help but feel disappointed. If the iPod doesn’t work as well on the PC, then why on earth is anyone surprised. Am I flaming? Depends on your definition of flaming. If I was saying stuff without just, or truth to what I am saying, then yes I was flaming. If I have truth to what I am saying, then I don’t think I am. I think you and Albert are both full of crap. All jokes about your intelligence, sexual preference and etc aside; I don’t see why your expierencing the iPod to work right, when Microsoft can’t nail getting their OS to remember the damn drivers to a scanner. Or has problems getting sustaining a connect with my cable modem when my iBook, and dLink base station have no problem doing the same? It’s sad. Anon, your sad.

Posted by Charles on June 2, 2003 at 9:56 AM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

Oh the good old days of ZX or Commordore 64. I had a ZX but was jealous about the fact the com 64 could play music as the game loaded. Later the debates changed to pc or Amiga and now it is pc or Mac. I have an XP machine at work and home because it is the most commonly used system. The IPOD seems to work great with XP as long as you do unmount the drive before disconnecting. It is not so much that Apple have made a product not fit for use on a pc but more the software is not really up to the job. MusicMatch is not that good.

Posted by Robert Perkins on June 2, 2003 at 3:46 AM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

Nice.  This Albert guy posts about problems he’s having with his ipod and one guy helps tries to help him out while the rest of you just flame him.  Frankly it’s pathetic.  The issue here isn’t about Macs and PCs, or at least it shouldn’t be.  Apple have released a product for the PC.  Thousands of other companies seem to manage this without difficulty.  Clearly Apple’s inexperience with producing hardware for the PC is showing, not unsurprising really given their single hardware platform background.  I’m a PC user (I’m sure a few of you will be unable to resist the temptation to cast aspersions about my intelligence, manhood and sexual preference based upon this…flame away) and am considering buying an ipod because I think Apple lead the field in design, form and function for mp3 players.  The trouble is, I read about all these issues that the ipod is supposed to have with windows.  Any time a PC user brings these up, he’s shouted down and told his PC is at fault, buy a Mac.  Apple should not release a product in the PC space if it isn’t going to function as intended.  PC users should not have to buy a Mac to get their Apple product working.  I’d like to see a list of issues that the ipod exhibits when working in conjunction with a PC.  Perhaps then the PC and Mac communities could work together and provide information on workarounds and suchlike rather than indulging in pre-pubescent schoolyard “my computer is better than your computer” trash talk.  I got tired of that banter twenty-five years ago when the computers in question were the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64.  Do things never change?  *sigh*

Posted by Anon on June 2, 2003 at 3:25 AM (CDT)

My iPod Buying Experience

Be careful of buying your IPOD at CompUSA, if it still is unopened I believe they will give you a 100% refund, but if you do open it they have to deduct 15% restocking fee. So definately think before you open this. Which I think is bogus?  How are you suppossed to try something and see if you like it.  I bought my IPOD at J and R music world.  30 day guaranteed moeny back refund through mail order.  You should ask them if they would honor the dell advertisement.  Also if you buy from APPLE directly and if you are a student they will give you $30.00 off.  The J and R warranty is 29.99 for 2 plus the APPLE’s one year.  They will repair it for you or replace it if it is unrepairable.

Posted by Jennifer on June 1, 2003 at 9:50 AM (CDT)

New iPod Reactions: Accessory Makers and an Author

any updates on this list? especially the Contour Design’s “We will announce any plans we have for new iSee products sometime in May.”...

Posted by Celina on June 1, 2003 at 2:06 AM (CDT)

Switching from MP3 to AAC Without Losing Your Mind

Yes you will loose sound quality since the file has already been encoded before.
When you create an MP3-file from an uncompressed (or compressed. doesn’t matter really) source some (let’s say 20%) of the frequencies will be gone.

If you convert an MP3 file to an AAC file another 20% will be lost.
You should never compress (ie. convert from mp3 to aac) an already compressed file (such as an mp3 file) again.

Posted by Mikael on June 1, 2003 at 12:19 AM (CDT)

Wishing for a play queue for iPod

STOP Whining you bunch of babies. Your a bunch of fair weather people. Version 2.0 won’t work with the old iPods because of hardware reasons. Also the gen 1 & 2 iPods don’t have the proper chip that will let it queue up songs. If you don’t believe me buy the new iPod and you will see they have different parts inside one if these parts is key to this feature.

You all moan and cry about something you know nothing about. Get over it $300 isn’t very much money. Did you think your iPod was going to be cutting edge forever? If you don’t like the fact that your hardware becomes obsolete everyday then DON’T BUY IT.

YOUR THE IDIOT who bought it WITHOUT a queue FEATURE in the first place. It’s nobody’s fault but your own.

Posted by C Kizer on May 31, 2003 at 11:14 PM (CDT)

New iPod Reactions: Accessory Makers and an Author

ipod shows a variety of music to my friends

Posted by revo (gard) lamotak on May 31, 2003 at 10:22 PM (CDT)

Switching from MP3 to AAC Without Losing Your Mind

If I convert, from within iTunes, an mp3 that is 192kbps to an ACC that is 128kbps will I lose any sound quality?


Posted by Larry Dougher Jr on May 31, 2003 at 9:40 PM (CDT)

My iPod Buying Experience

Thanks Ramze, I followed your tip and used the Dell print-out to buy my 10 Gb iPod tonight at CompUSA. I was planning on buying one today anyway, and then I happened to read through these comments before I went out. They honored it without any problem. I was just wondering if the warranty you bought at Best Buy was better then the one I got at CompUSA. I have had it less then an hour now, so I haven’t opened it yet. The warranty I bought was 39.90 for 2 years, so if I can get a 4 year one at Best Buy for the same price, I may just not unwrap this baby and return it tomorrow to CompUsa, then go buy it at Best Buy. The reason I wanted to buy it at CompUsa is because they actually have an Apple section, unlike Best Buy.

Anyway, thanks for the tip!

Posted by dreaming1 on May 31, 2003 at 9:06 PM (CDT)

New iPod Reactions: Accessory Makers and an Author

i bought the old style ipod (5gb) and at first i was not very much impressed but its grows on me everyday..

Posted by pepper mont on May 31, 2003 at 8:34 PM (CDT)

iPods for Windows: It's a good thing?

A few things:
1) Why do you equate Microsoft as evil?  As you and I know, Microsoft owns about 10% of Apple computers, and in fact, much of the Apple software is thanks in part to microsoft.  As we all know, many of the so called i products were brained out and programmed by Bill Gates and Co.  Now a days, the apple programming team is very limited, and depends somewhat well on the microsoft team to turn their ideas into realities in a shorter time.
2) I see this as a PC bashing article, yet fail to see why you equate the PC with Windows?  As a personal Bill Gates hater, and a Linux lover, i use PC’s because of their superior power, availability of cheaper hardware, and across the board compatability.  I have yet to see a program for Mac that my version of Mandrake cannot run (see this as me saying i use iTunes on my PC gasp!).  Even the Mac dev. team seems to be partial to the Linux/Unix boys (see Jaguar).
3) Firewire is a very good standard, and is truely widely used in video equipment (which is the only reason that i even bought a firewire PCMCIA card), but speed wise, its no comparison to USB 2.0.  USB 2.0 also has a lot more to offer, including a backward compatibilty that will squash firewire really quickly.  Seriously, who wants to give up half of their ports to a standard that cant be used for everything?  USB 1.1 is the most widly used connection type out there, and without support for it, Firewire is done.
4) Still on the Anti-Firewire campaign:  What the hell was apple thinking developing 2 different types of Firewire?  They would have done best just leaving the 6 pin for everything, and having the power cables just ignored for those who dont want it.  I bought my firewire Cardbus card recently, and to use my camera, much to my surprise, i needed to go and buy a new cable.  Its too bad that there isnt a connection format that will work with both old and new devices natively.  We could call it the Universal Serial Bus version 2!!


Now, i dont see why many apple users see PC’s as the enemy.  We all know that Microsoft is the enemy, yet apple users still insist on spending huge amounts of money on inferior machines, that can not even run all the programs available natively!  My Mandrake system can run almost any piece of software out there, including OSX (which i have running).

Posted by Erich on May 31, 2003 at 1:53 PM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

The main bulk of this argument centres around the iPod’s compactness.

Yes, iPods are smaller than many other disk-based MP3 players, but they achieve this compactness by sacrificing features and expandability. They cost around 50% more than equivalently featured MP3 hard drive players. They have no digital line-in recording, no mic facility, no FM radio reception or broadcast, no wireless interface, no memory card interface, and no easy way for users to replace or upgrade the device’s batteries or hard drive.

Unlike most of the new generation media players they also feature no MPEG 4 video playback or recording. They have a weird, all-or-nothing metadata approach to storing music that forces you to use the moderately featured iTunes freeware to utilise the iPod to its fullest instead of being able to use some other full-featured, non-freeware media jukebox software.

Their battery life is shorter than (AFAIK) all other disk-based HD MP3 players. I gather from the chatter that the new-gen iPods are getting between 5-8 hours of real-world playtime, and this is with new, fully conditioned batteries.

On the plus side, they do look cute, and fit in most pockets easily. Well done to Apple for figuring that a large proportion of potential MP3 player buyers are not interested in advanced features, and will pay a significant premium for compactness and a simple, constrained interface.

In the 90s, AOL similarly spotted that they could capture a large proportion of online users by offering a simple, integrated system. I think iPods are “training wheel” MP3 players for many people. It remains to be seen whether Apple can manage their new users’ experience growth and release more compelling iPods using latest technologies so that these maturing users graduate to more fully-featured iPods and do not desert to other manufacturers’ offerings.

Posted by iPodReducedFeatureset on May 30, 2003 at 6:10 PM (CDT)

Wishing for a play queue for iPod

How well-featured is the iPod V3 playqueue? What kind of addition options are there?

One thing I particularly like in Media Jukebox is the flexibility of the “Playing Now” playqueue. When you add a song to the queue, you can set a default action and have one-click access to the other options:

Add (to End)
Add (as Beginning)
Add (as next to play)
Add (play now)
Add (shuffle)
Add (replace)

What I’d really like after this would be probabilistic addition and grouping-aware addition to the queue…

Posted by meehawl on May 30, 2003 at 6:04 PM (CDT)

New iPod Reactions: Accessory Makers and an Author

            C   R   A   Z   Y
to not incorporate an LCD readout on the remote…
to have THAT many mp3s on your machine and you can’t navigate through your library with the remote !!!! 
please tell me some 3rd party manufacturer is designing a better remote control


Posted by dj beta on May 30, 2003 at 10:46 AM (CDT)

Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?

*cooks Newby’s steak medium rare* Want some A1 with that?

Alberto, incase you have a hard time figuring out who this is, this is Charles, you know the name BELOW the comment!

Newby, want a baked potato with that?

Posted by Charles on May 30, 2003 at 10:14 AM (CDT)

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