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MacBook: Power brick No. 3, Mooing ‘totally normal’

A quick update on my MacBook problems: I received the replacement power brick yesterday from Apple, but it had the same noise and heat issues as the original one. After around 30 minutes on the phone with Apple Support, I was told that there is a known issue with the power adapters and that I had gotten another defective one from Apple’s parts stock. The Apple Support rep said that he would send out another replacement power brick and that—for sure—it would not have the issues as the others. I received this third power brick this morning, plugged it in, and heard the same noises. Ugh. After another call to Apple Support today, I was told that they now needed to take a look at my MacBook and that they didn’t want to send any more power bricks. So, I’ll be taking the MacBook to the local Apple Store tomorrow to see if they can find what’s wrong with the power brick and/or my MacBook.


As for the mooing, well, I feel like I’m writing this from the pasture of a dairy farm, if that tells you anything. I swear, I must have the most talkative heffer ever living inside my MacBook. During Tuesday’s Apple Support call, I explained the mooing issue after taking care of the power brick issue. I was put on hold by a “Tier 2” Apple specialist who went to talk with an on-site Apple engineer. Said engineer stressed to the specialist that this was not a hardware failure of any kind. He said it was “totally normal” and that the mooing would in fact be addressed with a forthcoming firmware update. (I believe this as Apple has recently released MacBook Pro firmware updates that “adjust fan behavior”.) He said that basically every MacBook has the potential to moo if they reached the same level of heat/processor load. Also, I can confirm that the Mac OS X 10.4.7 update released late yesterday does not kill the cow. The mooing began minutes after installing the update and restarting the MacBook.

So, the power brick problem might not be a power brick problem at all. It might be a MacBook problem, which will anger me greatly if I have to send in the MacBook to get it fixed. (I’ll see how that goes tomorrow.) And the mooing problem should hopefully be fixed soon. I really, really can’t wait. It’s easily the most annoying issue I’ve ever had with a Mac or PC. But hey, at least it isn’t turning yellow.

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there are various symptons people talk about if you go to apple discussion forum. well, mooing isnt’ caused every macbook. mine has no problem plus no adapter issue. even you have cow inside, you can’t really hear in normal environment like work place, cafe, studio, and so on. only you can hear it when you are in home where very very quiet. you can only hear some birds sing or wind. so it’s not a big problem.

by the way, I have weird issue. hard drive make some vibration through palm rest. but since I put it tilted position which couple of DVD case was put in the back of the bottom. vibration is gone. it’s like magic. some people have the same problem. so they went to apple store for checking out. genius bar staff took it out, connected with firewire raid. then put it back. vibration was gone. I think that I will put mine back to desk horizontally again tonight. see what’ll happened.

Posted by edward on June 28, 2006 at 5:33 PM (CDT)


“so it’s not a big problem.”

Perhaps it’s not a big problem to you, in the way you use your MacBook, “work place, cafe, studio, and so on”, but for those of us who try to work in a very quiet environment it’s a huge problem. My MacBook Pro is noisy enough to be picked up by microphones when I do music recording, and that’s a big problem for me.

Don’t dismiss other people’s problems simply because you don’t require the same type of results from your machine.

Posted by Adam on June 28, 2006 at 7:21 PM (CDT)


Sure it’s not ‘moofing’???

Posted by Bob Levens in UK on June 28, 2006 at 7:48 PM (CDT)


I have the Black MacBook as well. Best Apple I have *EVER* used. I have the iCow, and does it moo at night. But only at night when it is quiet. I do not notice it any other time. I belive it will be solved with a( several) firmware update(s).

In all the years Ihave used Macs ( 1984) not one new product is “perfect” for at least 4 to 6 months.I belive Steve really pushes hard to get these great new products out and perhaps in a perfect world they woud sit on the new machines for that length of time to work out the bugs.

They don’t, we get them now, no waiting.

But we are “early adapters” and as such you must suck it up. Many Mac faithfull do wait until all the issues are over before they buy. I know I have. But, when pure invention, and that is what most of these new products are, it’s darn hard not to get excited and go for it.

I did that with the first iMac rev.A, bought on the first day, got the tshirt. Spent weeks getting it right. Still have it!

I did that with the Nano 4GB Black, had to wait to the second day…..The Apple Store ran out, only got a few back they said. One of the purest expressions of technology and art ever produced.It can scratch, get a case!

And I did it with my MacBook Black. I had to order from Apple to get the black as my local Apple Store said good luck on the black. Orderd on the 4th day of release. I was so impressed with the way Apple expidited my order for the 18.00 charge. Came right from Shenzen to my door in 4 days!

Yes it gets way too hot. But the screen is awsome.Yes it moos. But the black is so cool.Yes my brick makes noise and gets hot, but only when I am surfing and charging at the same time. It is the best computer I have ever used . And when I take it out at Starbucks I can feel all the eyes on me, some even come and look and ohh!

Worth it.Yes!!!!

I think the same thing is happening to every MacBook ( except the white cases, they have the turning orange or brown issue that I bet will turn out to be caused by heat) out there because they still need to work out the bugs from this new invention.

And Apple will.

It’s the price you pay to be one of the first! Think of it as an Apple freaks way of helping out the Mothership. That way the masses can buy without a problem later and in return we get even better new stuff because Apple can with more and more market share that equals more money, more money means more R&D, more R&D = more invention.

So if you adapt early *suck it up* and enjoy the ride. I know I am….....

Posted by Rick on June 28, 2006 at 7:49 PM (CDT)


well i had the mooing for the other day, but that was cause i was using my 15000 media library on the notebook, and it was way warm..

Posted by zerock on June 28, 2006 at 8:02 PM (CDT)


“Yes it gets way too hot. But the screen is awsome.Yes it moos. But the black is so cool.Yes my brick makes noise and gets hot, but only when I am surfing and charging at the same time. It is the best computer I have ever used . And when I take it out at Starbucks I can feel all the eyes on me, some even come and look and ohh!”

Hmm. Wow. This comment is ridiculously stupid, and yet you seem sincere. I apologize if you were being sarcastic and I’m just missing it. I don’t even know what to think about this comment. If you’re serious, wow. You list all of these problems that would be fairly annoying and should have been worked out by Apple, and then you counter these with nothing but superficial reasons. It sucks, but it’s purdy. Typical Mac user…

Posted by catboy17 on June 28, 2006 at 8:38 PM (CDT)


i guess you prefer the typical windows user experience, where the OS is utterly useless and the hardware looks like crap?  my macbook is great. No moos, brick makes noise when im using it and its charging, but other than that, i have pretty much zero issues.  Mine gets pretty hot, but not too hot for me.  I think the point is that while they are kind of annoying issues for most people, the overall experience is very good.  Tell me something else; is there a single windows laptop that looks even close to as good as a macbook?  and that has a 2 ghz intel core duo? built in camera? iLife? magsafe adapter? see, its beauty combined with functionality that makes apple stand out from everyone else in the world.  OS X works great and it looks great.  Windows really doesnt work very well without having to jump through all these hoops. Even afer you jump through the hoops, it still pretty much is sucky.  Not to mention it is really…well…ugly. so i guess my point is that the guy has a very valid point, and that to call him a “typical” mac user is right. we like things that not only work well, but things that look cool as well.  Considering you probably have an iPod, you are kind of lumping yourself in with us Mac users. iPods look great and work great. So get over it and quit calling people stupid.

Posted by thespotlightkid on June 28, 2006 at 10:53 PM (CDT)

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