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Review: Kanex GoPower Watch Portable Battery for Apple Watch

Kanex's GoPower Watch is a new portable battery designed for charging an Apple Watch. A simple product, GoPower Watch has a built-in magnetic charger and an available USB port, both of which take advantage of the 4000 mAh battery inside. Kanex claims GoPower Watch can charge an Apple Watch up to six times before the portable battery itself needs to be recharged. It's a welcome addition to a market still mostly devoid of portable Apple Watch charging options, though we were big fans of Zagg's Mobile Charging Station.


Instagram 9.2 update for iOS includes pinch-to-zoom on photos and videos

Instagram’s latest update to its iOS app adds the ability to pinch-to-zoom on photos and videos, a feature long requested by iPhone users. The improvement allows users to get a closer look at images and videos, but notably, snaps back to the original size instantly when released. The updated app also makes changes to the Stories feature, providing better options for taking photos and videos in the dark by adding a low-light button that will appear when the camera detects darkness.

Judge dismisses key claims of Monster’s case against Beats over Apple deal

A judge has thrown out a former partner’s claim that the he was double-crossed by Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine during negotiations for the headphone maker’s $3 billion sale to Apple, the Associated Press reports. Noel Lee, founder of video and audio cable maker Monster, contended that Dre and Iovine orchestrated a “sham” deal with HTC in 2011 that led to the termination of Beats’ alliance with Monster and reduced his 5 percent share in Beats to 1.25 percent. Lee said Beats’ misrepresentations led him to sell off that remaining stake for $5.5 million in 2013, ahead of the 2014 Apple deal that would have made that stake worth $30 million.


Review: Nuvyyo Tablo Over-the-Air Television DVR

With the development of the Apple TV and similar devices alongside streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, more users than ever are looking to ditch traditional cable subscriptions and access their content through online services. Unfortunately, a need to access things like news, sports, and local content will still be a barrier for many users who haven't quite cut the cord yet. Although you can connect an over-the-air (OTA) antenna directly to your TV, it lacks some of the integrated features like guides that modern cable boxes provide, not to mention the ability to record shows without resorting to a third-party DVR. Fortunately, a new breed of devices such as Nuvyyo's new Tablo ($199-$299) are filling this gap, bringing the last missing piece of the television experience to the Apple TV and iOS devices. This network streaming box connects to an OTA antenna to capture any local broadcast channels that are available, streaming them to your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, providing features like a TV guide service and DVR recording all integrated within companion tvOS and iOS apps.


Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage option

Responding to the ever-growing size of many users’ photo libraries, Apple has added a new 2TB tier to its iCloud storage service, doubling the previous upper limit. Apple’s website lists worldwide pricing figures for the 2TB option, which costs $20 a month for U.S. users. Last September, Apple reduced the monthly cost of the 1TB option from $20 to $10, cut the price of the 200GB option from $4 to $3, raised the storage space for the $1 a month subscription from 20GB to 50GB, and eliminated the 500GB option all together.

Spec sheet shows Lightning EarPods, Lightning headphone adapter packed in with 256GB iPhone 7 Plus

A new photo posted by French site NowhereElse alleges to show that Apple will include both Lightning-equipped EarPods and a Lightning adapter for 3.5mm headphones with its iPhone 7 Plus. The image shows an alleged packaging insert for a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus that lists both accessories alongside the usual Lightning-to-USB cable and USB power adapter included with every iPhone.


Daily Deal: PRE-SALE — The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course

In our iLounge Deal for today, we’re bringing you a great opportunity to pre-order The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for only $29 — that’s a full 98% off the regular price. Order now and get The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course providing over 80 hours of training that will take you through the basics of iOS programming and get you put o speed with the new iOS 10 specific features such as Siri integration. In addition, you’ll get John Bura’s popular iOS 9 course included for free, letting you sharpen your dev skills on the current version before jumping into the new stuff that iOS 10 has to offer.

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Review: Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

Belkin's new PowerHouse ($100) is already the second Apple Watch/iPhone combo charger we've seen from the company. The earlier Belkin Charge Dock had the same functionality as this new dock — both docks can charge an Apple Watch and Lightning-based iPhone simultaneously. Both have a built-in, moveable Lightning connector and charging puck. Both docks use their own AC adapter to supply power — 2.4 A to iPhone and 1A to Apple Watch simultaneously for full speed charging. And both docks have a small dial to raise and lower the height of the Lightning connector to adjust for different iPhone case sizes. The biggest differences between the two Belkin docks are seen in the materials, and the corresponding price tags.


Papa John’s releases pizza-ordering app for Apple TV

Papa John’s has come up with what seems to be a first for the Apple TV: its new app allows users to order food from the device. The app lets users select from the restaurant’s entire menu, customize their pizza, save favorites, and re-order past orders. The company also offers a 25 percent discount on orders placed through the Apple TV and the ability to collect rewards points to be used on future orders.

Apple call Australian banks’ request a ‘detriment to consumers’

Apple has filed a scathing response to Australian banks requesting the ability to negotiate to have their own mobile payment apps featured on the iPhone, claiming the country’s “big three” banks are looking to stall Apple Pay’s adoption among consumers to stifle competition. The banks asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for the right to collectively bargain with Apple, and while the ACCC refused their request for interim approval to start the negotiations, the Commission won’t release its final ruling until October.


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