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What are the model numbers for all iPods?

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By Dennis Lloyd

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Published: Thursday, July 20, 2006
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All iPod models are designated MxxxxLL/A


First Generation, 1G, Original, Classic
5GB Mac: M8513LL/A
5GB Mac: M8541LL/A
5GB PC: M8697LL/A
10GB Mac: M8709LL/A

Second Generation, 2G
10GB Mac: M8737LL/A
10GB PC: M8740LL/A
20GB Mac: M8738LL/A
20GB PC: M8741LL/A

Third Generation, 3G
10GB: M8976LL/A
15GB: M8946LL/A
15GB: M9460LL/A
20GB: M9244LL/A
30GB: M8948LL/A
40GB: M9245LL/A

Fourth Generation, 4G
Black & White screen
20GB: M9282LL/A
20GB U2: M9787LL/A
40GB: M9268LL/A

Color screen (Also known as iPod photo)
20GB: MA079LL/A
20GB U2: MA127LL/A
30GB: M9829LL/A
40GB: M9585LL/A
60GB M9586LL/A
60GB M9830LL/A

Fifth Generation (Video), 5G
30GB white: MA002LL/A
30GB black: MA146LL/A
60GB white: MA003LL/A
60GB black: MA147LL/A
30GB U2: MA452LL/A

Enhanced Fifth Generation (Video, 5G)
30GB white: MA444LL/A
30GB black: MA446LL/A
80GB white: MA448LL/A
80GB black: MA450LL/A
30GB U2: MA664LL/A

iPod mini

First Generation, 1G
4GB silver: M9160LL/A
4GB blue: M9436LL/A
4GB pink: M9435LL/A
4GB green: M9434LL/A
4GB gold: M9437LL/A

Second Generation, 2G
4GB silver: M9800LL/A
4GB blue: M9802LL/A
4GB pink: M9804LL/A
4GB green: M9806LL/A
6GB silver: M9801LL/A
6GB blue: M9803LL/A
6GB pink: M9805LL/A
6GB green: M9807LL/A

iPod photo
See Fourth Generation iPod above

iPod shuffle

512MB: MA133LL/A
512MB: M9724LL/A
1GB: M9725LL/A

1GB silver: MA564LL/A
1GB blue: MA949LL/A
1GB green: MA951LL/A
1GB orange: MA953LL/A
1GB pink: MA947LL/A

iPod nano

1GB white: MA350LL/A
1GB black: MA352LL/A
2GB white: MA004LL/A
2GB black: MA099LL/A
4GB white: MA005LL/A
4GB black: MA107LL/A

2GB silver: MA477LL/A
4GB silver: MA426LL/A
4GB green: MA487LL/A
4GB blue: MA428LL/A
4GB pink: MA489LL/A
4GB red: MA725LL/A
8GB black: MA497LL/A
8GB red: MA899LL/A

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