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First Looks

Welcome to our new, continuously-updated First Looks - a collection of previews showing brand new iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories that we’re currently in the process of testing. Here’s what’s hot right now:

NRNot Rated

Company: Capdase


Model: Metal Case

Price: $18

Compatible: iPod 5G 30/60GB

Capdase Metal Case for Fifth Generation iPod

Similar to the company’s prior Luxury Metal Case for iPod mini - not the more recent version for iPod nano - this Metal Case uses a soft rubber protective skin to shield your iPod inside, and a hard (sharp) stainless steel frame for the outside. Two versions are sold for different iPod sizes, and two colors (mirror black and brushed metal white) are available, each with a screen cover, Click Wheel protector, plastic cord manager, wrist strap, and detachable belt clip.

NRNot Rated

Company: Macally


Model: mPouch for iPod nano

Price: $20

Compatible: iPod nano

Macally mPouch for iPod nano

This is a simple leather case for iPod nano. You can pass your belt through a loop on the back.

NRNot Rated

Company: Capdase


Model: Classy Leather Case
Available from

Price: $14

Compatible: iPod 5G

Capdase Classy Leather Case for 5G iPods

This PDA-style leather case for fifth-generation iPods includes a detachable arm strap with lobster claw ends, and a detachable belt clip.

NRNot Rated

Company: Macally

Website: Macally

Model: Clear Protective Overlay

Price: $5

Compatible: iPod nano, iPod 5G

Macally Clear Protective Overlay for 5G iPods and nanos

These sets of protective film for your 5G iPod or nano cover each iPod’s front and back, and include Macally’s name on the back surface.

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