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Welcome to our new, continuously-updated First Looks - a collection of previews showing brand new iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories that we’re currently in the process of testing. Here’s what’s hot right now:

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Company: Power Support


Model: Water-Resistant Case for iPod nano

Price: $36

Compatible: iPod nano

Power Support Water-Resistant Case for iPod nano

Designed as an alternative to hard plastic nano shells from companies such as Otter and H2O Audio, Power Support's Water-Resistant Case for iPod nano ($36) is lightweight and easy to carry, a rubber tube that shields the nano's entire body from the sort of splashes and sweat you'll deal with during jogs outside and/or in the rain. It's not designed to be submerged in water. A headphone port extension cable is included to let you use any pair of earphones you prefer; just be sure they're not going to break upon water exposure. You can also wrap your headphone cord around cord management grooves molded into the case's top and bottom sides. Power Support advises us that the Water-Resistant Case will be on its website soon.

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Company: Womp! Products


Model: Wallet

Price: $17-18

Compatible: iPod nano

Womp! Wallet for iPod nano

Sold in canvas ($17) and sheepskin leather ($18) variants, the Wallet for iPod nano is exactly what you'd expect from the name - a bare-bones wallet that holds the nano on its interior left side, with a card-slotted flap that covers nano's face when the case is closed. An integrated screen protector is provided, but there are holes at the top and bottom of the nano, as well as its Click Wheel, and no clasp is there to hold the case closed. Black and pink leather versions are available, the black one with a red, U2 iPod-style interior, along with "urban camo" and "pink camo" canvas cases.

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Company: Elgato Systems


Model: EyeTV 250

Price: $200

Compatible: Macintosh

Elgato Systems EyeTV 250 TV Receiver/Recorder and Video Converter

Similar to the EyeTV 200 we previously checked out, Elgato's new EyeTV 250 is considerably cheaper ($200), physically smaller - the same footprint as a full-sized iPod, but twice as thick as the thickest iPod models - and still capable of running with the EyeTV 2 software we reviewed before. The EyeTV 250 uses USB 2.0 rather than FireWire for its connection to a Macintosh computer, and cosmetically matches the white plastic and aluminum bodies of Mac minis. A large black remote control is also included in the package.

NRNot Rated

Company: iStyles


Models: Skins for iPod nano

Prices: $6

Compatible: iPod nano

iStyles Skins for iPod nano

With over 200 different patterns, these inexpensive iPod nano front and back-covering stickers represent a staggering collection of artistic variations. They're nothing mindblowing on quality or protection, but the sheer array of options guarantees that you'll find something to your liking.

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