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iPhone Nano - A New Generation -
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Meet the new iPhone Nano. Like my other entry, it features two screens. However, the smaller screen on this model does not have video-playback. Watching video files on such a narrow screen seems unrealistic, though if anyone could figure it out it would most likely be Apple. In horizontal mode one is able to browse the Internet and send E-mails. On the screen now is a toggle mode where you have several pages at once. You select which page you would like to look at from the stack and it is brought up on full-screen. The keyboard hovers over the pages. Right now the letters are in alphabetical order, but the option for the traditional keyboard would be provided. "More" gives you access to more characters. While browsing it is possible to control music with the left screen. Album art is shown as well the title, artist, and album. Instead of aiming for a small icon to pause, one just holds their finger in the general area near the progress bar. By tapping anywhere on the bar itself the song will fast-forward or rewind. Next and Previous song hide right above the song's information (album, song title, artist). Battery life (which would hopefully have become more accurate this time around) is displayed at the top-right and the signal strength top-left. This is iPhone will feature themes. Right now the relatively new Apple commercial theme is displayed. Everything changes including the logos for each feature (iPod, Phone etc.). Customizable themes loaded through iTunes would be perfect for Photoshoppers and other image editors. Perhaps they could be uploaded for everyone and even downloaded through wifi. The back plate in made of a smooth and scratch resistant anodized aluminum. It is bare except for the usual Apple Logo and product name and serial number. In vertical mode and at the main menu all of the logos are features lined up. Instead of going to the Phone options, users can have their contacts viewable on the bottom screen. Sliding a finger across will make them move in a cover-flow-like manner. Holding down on their picture or maybe even name will cause the device the bring up their numbers or call a predetermined and automatic one. Users seem to complain about the antenna so it's at the bottom of the device. I don't mind it personally smile. An iPod with two screens, even just a small and limited one would dramatically increase usability.

Stockbridge, GA

Sorry for the doublepost-again-but I uploaded the wrong jpeg.

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