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iPhone Nano
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This another version of my idea of an iPhone Nano. This iPhone Nano, like another one of my entries, supports themes. Maybe one day Apple will allow users to edit the iPod/iPhone/iPhone Nano(?)/ on a deeper level that just changing the background. Apple could even supply their own themes. I would guess that an iPhone Nano would appear around the time of a new iPhone with more storage unless Apple plans to have both on the shelves with the same amount of memory. I would guess the storage would be around 4-8GB maybe more. Colors would vary, but I have only included white and black because of size restrictions. The device has two speakers for playing music without headphones. The headphone jack is located at the bottom of the device. I figured if the phone rang and you had to take out an earphone to answer that it would be less cumbersome if the jack was at the bottom. The button located at the bottom of the face of the device now sports a clear button with an Apple logo inside of it. The hold switch it located at the top if sticks out just a little bit. I got the idea for the interface from looking through the file cabinet today. You just select your main category, videos in this case, and finger through each section "Movies", "TV Shows", and "Music Videos". They're all listed down the page and you can click the image to select the video. Clicking behind the last tab takes you to the Menu, or you can just do it manually by pressing the home button. On the third model from the left it shows how the device would work in horizontal or landscape mode. To conserve screen space you can change the size of the icons or you can have a setup like I do. The features you use the least are downsized and shifted to the bottom so that the ones you use are bigger and easier to select. Now that the iPhone and possibly the iPhone Nano are around and display features through large buttons I think it's good to have backgrounds that give a little depth. The splattered paint theme used now would hopefully give the illusion that you were looking into your device instead of at it. These devices are just as thin as the current generation iPod Nano (with video), but are wider and taller. Who knows whether Apple is on the verge of upgrading headphones? Probably not, so I included the ones that come with the current media players. I imagine that this device comes with an anti-smudge screen though that's probably not likely. From what I have read the iPhone and iPod Touch have durable screens, in relation to sratches, so hopefully Apple would bring those screens to the new iPhone Nano. Well that's it. I hope the future of the iPhone and iPod is customization. That's what these represent. Well, that and having an very small but powerful phone and media player.

Demorrius Sims
Stockbridge, GA

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