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iPhone nano concept
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Chris Thomas,
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Description -
Tiny, Shiny, Mighty.
Meet the iPhone nano, basically an iPhone squeezed into an enclosure thicker than, but with the same footprint as a 3rd Generation iPod nano. The display surround is brushed aluminum, but with a more squared-off edge to mirror both the iPod touch and the new iMacs. The back is the same, gorgeous toughened glass as the front, but in one of 5 hot new colors. This eliminates the need for the black plastic wi-fi cutout, and improves durability over the iPod touch's shiny back, whilst allowing for the fashionable colors, and a slick shine. The new version of the OS has flick-scrolling enabled on the home screen, as all the existing iPhone apps are present on the iPhone nano.

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