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iPods/iPhone in Argentina(cordoba)
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here is a photo of my brother with my 5.5G iPod Video 80GB , and a borrowed iPhone 4GB , iPod Touch 8GB , 2 iPod Nano 4 and 8GB 3G , an iPod Shuffle 2G 1GB , an iPod Nano 2G , a Palm , my dad's Qtek A9100(PDA) , and others phones .This photo has been taken during my 08' vacations in Uruguay , there i met Diego , the guy who owns the iPhone and the others iPods.

Aca les dejo una foto que le saque a mi hermano con mi iPod Video 80GB 5.5G , y :un iPhone de 4gigas , un iPod Touch de 8gigas , un Nano de segunda generacion ,2 nanos de tercera generacion y un shuffle todos prestados por Diego ,a quien conoci en mis vacaciones en Uruguay , tambien salen otros telefonos.

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