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iPhone 2 Featuring iChat AV
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The new iPhone 2 Featuring iChat AV has dual cameras: one on the back (now with flash) for 5MP still and video capture, the front camera allowing real-time video iChat. The iPhone 2 is smaller, thinner, and lighter (3.8"H x 2.1"W x .375"D, 3.5oz), and sports a new anodized aluminum body with a matte finish. The back now has a removable cover revealing the SIM card, Micro SD card, and user-replaceable battery. Side buttons are flush with the edge of the phone for a cleaner, more elegant design. The iPhone 2 no longer features a headphone jack, but now includes a wireless stereo Bluetooth headset. The iPhone 2 also now has GPS: in addition to the usual navigation features, you will also to able to locate your phone--via a special website--if your phone is lost or stolen.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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