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iPhone Archetype
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Rockwall, TX USA

The Archetype is a concept for the first 3G iPhone. Boasting a new metallic black shell with a blacklit apple, the Archetype has replaced the first-generation chrome bezel with a glossy black bezel. The Archetype includes a front-mounted "iCam" (Camera) for use with iChat and other video conference related applications. In addition, the Archetype is endowed with two new multi-functional structures: the "iBall" and a multi-color led indicator / button. The iBall is a scrollable/pushable sphere located on the home button. While its functionality will vary with different applications, playback/volume/zoom control, and chat window navigation are just a few of its functions. For the Archetype, the multi-color led indicator / button can be programmed to simultaneously convey the status of emails, calls/voicemails, IM's, and SMS/MMS. The status of each category will cycle repetitively and can be shown by a distinct flashing or steady color. To view the status of a particular category, simply push the led button at the appropriate time.

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