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iPhone Nano,

in a brand new design. The differences from it´s father: iPhone, is that the new phone is equipped with the third generations technology.

The mesaurements is not very different from iPhone. A bit smaller on the height, and on the thickness. Otherwise the width is pretty much the same as before.

Detailed facts,

*A matte black "rubber-frame" (also covers the back of the phone) to protect the body from dust and light pokes.

*The front made of black glossy plastic.

*A small cam for iChat placed on the front of the phone.

*Also a multifunction-wheel to navigate the phones functions.

*A button on the top releases the "keyboard-display".

*A camera on the back to capture photos with.

*Next to the camera an analogue battery bar. Inspired by the macbook laptops.

Regards Andreas L from Stockholm in Sweden!

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