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iPhone Slim: Featuring Bumptop
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Friday, May 23rd, 2008 - Sacramento, CA USA

Introducing the iPhone Slim. Many hardware enhancements have gone into this concept device, however the beauty lies in its intuitive and unique new interface; BumpTop. In the storyline of the concept, Apple acquires the Bumptop ( interface for use in its products. The first of these to receive this brilliant new technology is the iPhone Slim. The iPhone is the perfect mechanism for this type of interface, which allows users to manage files (icons, pictures, videos, voicemails, emails, even web pages) just as they would papers on a physical desktop. Users can fan them like cards, stack them, pile them up or toss them into corners. Additionally, they can take important items, and 'tack' them up on to virtual walls, making them more prominent.

For users who like the original method of icon handling, they can enable the familiar springboard, and bypass Bumptop altogether.

In addition to the interface, much time was spent honing elements of the hardware design. This concept contains the largest iPhone screen ever (4.0" diagonally) yet is the smallest iPhone ever devised. This was accomplished by eliminating wasted space. It's also the thinnest; a mere .25 inches in depth. In addition to these size enhancements, the device has been given an HD Video Conferencing camera, to supplement the 8.0 mega-pixel camera with flash on the reverse side. (Not shown due to lack of real-estate within the concept itself.)

Customizeable buttons have also been integrated into the design, allowing users to scroll through applications, icons, pictures, or use them for gaming. The device also brings back the iPod's 'Hold' switch, which stops all input to the device. The device supports the standard iPod connector. In addition to all the features of current iPhone devices, it has a plethora of features that were never implemented. These include copy/paste, virtual disk support (when mounted via USB, the device comes up as a drive letter), Flash Support, Audio/Video Recording & Streaming, Carrier Choice, Wireless AND USB Syncing, and of course, Third Party Application and 3G support. Another key feature is that the music player supports swipe-gestures for volume, track control and pause/play (taken directly from the current PocketTouch iPhone App.)

The entire concept has been given a mock copyright of 2011, because I really think it would take at least that long for Apple to figure out how to add so much to such a small, sleek, and seamless package.

This is one device that I really hope sees the light of day.



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