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iphone evo - go green
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name: amy lam
location: Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Apple has always based all their devices on minimalistic & simplistic; this is what creates everlasting design that stands up to the test of time and that is why we love Apple products. In design, sometimes Less is More and that is why I still believe in clean lines, simple buttons, uncluttered interface. But when it comes to functionality, More is always Better. What I was trying to create is not an iphone that is based solely on imagination, but rather one that has evolved to a more sophisticated state by encompassing the future of technology and one which is practical to achieve within the next 5 years (to appropriately fit the theme of "THE NEXT GEN OF IPHONES"). With the energy crisis creeping up on us and the constant need to be friendlier to our planet, what better way to help fuel the iphone then to use solar power.

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