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Sensory Overload
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The iPhone 2.0 is feast for your senses.

Designed to be intuitive and natural to use, the iPhone 2.0 caters to senses: your touch, your voice, your eyes, and your ears.

Taking the best of both the iPhone 1.0 and iPod touch worlds, iPhone 2.0 is encased in a sturdy but sleek black anodized aluminum shell. It encorporates many many new and exciting features (both hardware and software), yet retains a look of natural evolution for the iPhone/iPod family. Hardware upgrades can be exhibited in the entry above; software upgrades include: universal coverflow ability (contacts, notes... etc.), "fingerwriting" recognition as an alternate means of input, special OCR scanning software to extract text from photos taken with the camera (especially useful when using it to automatically sync with the Address Book for keeping a searchable catalogue of business cards), and external drive mountability.

Name: Christopher Doan
Location: Toronto, Canada

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