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iPhone with a Twist
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A new twist on the iPhone

The iPhone 2.0 transforms into a smart phone with the twist of a hand.

With its sleek and shining white and aluminum body, this next evolution of the iPhone pays tribute to classic Apple iconism and gives it a modern twist... literally. When closed, it's a sleek and mysterious gadget, waiting to be turned on. When flipped open, it offers a touch keyboard and multi-touch pad: a dream for work-intensive applications (emails, documents) or casual texting between friends. When twisted and closed back, it functions as a full-featured touch screen iPhone.

Combined with new 3G capabilities and Bluetooth syncing, the iPhone 2.0 packs a wireless punch like no other. Software upgrades like Mobile iChat allow full featured video conferencing; OCR photo-to-text extraction (perfect for cataloging those business cards you took a picture of, and automatically import them into Address book); built in e-book and pdf reader; native to-do lists, audio/video recorder, copy-paste functionality, accessible file system, and VOIP support makes it a dream for both work and play.

Name: Chris Doan
Location: Toronto (Ontario), Canada

(The same presentation but with blank screens is available here

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