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Epocrates Rx for iPhone: Pill pictures
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Epocrates Rx software is now available to download on Apple devices at no cost. Designed specifically for the iPhone platform, this popular clinical reference supports prescribing decisions such as accurate dosing, drug interactions and health plan coverage.

Plus, with one-third of U.S. adults taking at least five medications or supplements every day according to the Institute of Medicine, patients often struggle when asked to list their medications. Clinicians can now use Epocrates' drug identifier tool, exclusively on the iPhone, to correctly identify a patient's existing medication with a physical description (e.g., round, blue and scored), eliminating the guesswork and reducing drug errors. As many doctors have said - no more mystery pills!

More than 500,000 healthcare professionals (including one in four U.S. physicians) use Epocrates' software for clinical information such as drug dosing, interactions and insurance coverage. With the multi-functionality of the iPhone - they can now answer a call and access drug information whenever and wherever they are!

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