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Apple Tablet - iPort - Design Concept
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We think apple will follow the new UNIBODY concept for design reasons, more stability and easier handling in general.


64/128 GB SSD

apples new battery packs

1xaudio out
1xvideo out

2x USB
iphone touch keyboard
apple touch functions (stretch/rotate/ect.)

free positioning of all screen elements (new stack solution)

OSX + Apps in windowed mode


digital sketchpen,pressure sensitive (128/256 levels)
pen can be stored away in the body (behind a lid like the USB in the MacBook Air )

webcam/microphone/speakers of the MacBook Air

Although apple officially denies the idea of a Netbook we should be prepared for a big surprise......AND: yes, most people hate pens for their devices, but - if we can work with OSX programs we do not want to carry a mouse around, right?

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