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Tablet with hardware expansion
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This tablet pretty much resembles a large iPhone, with the entire top surface dedicated to the screen.

There are two hardware buttons located under the right and left end of the screen, which are used for navigation and turning on/off the tablet. The buttons can be pressed by lightly squeezing the edge of either end of the tablet, very much like the "D-click" system used in iRiver clix mp3 players.

This tablet enables the addition of external hardware (such as portable scanners, wireless keyboards, external speaker expansions, and much more...) directly underneath the tablet via magnets. The external hardware adds to the thickness of the tablet, but the width and depth remain the same. Once fitted properly, the hardware locks firmly in place.

Additional features:
- USB/Firewire ports, headphone & microhpone jack, SD card slot
- built-in speaker/microphone
- connectivity with computers via USB
- capable of running fully featured design softwares

Motokimi Yono
Illinois, USA

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