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iPad Xr
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Brian Hamilton
Omaha, NE, US

Model Xr
The model type Xr derives its namesake from the larvae of the death watch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum), which is a species of insect that is popularly generalized under the category of book-boring pests, also known as bookworms.
The term “bookworm” is also synonymous with the term bibliophile, and was adopted to describe an individual who loves books for their content, or otherwise loves reading in general. The classic bibliophile is one who loves to read, admire and collect books, often amassing a large and specialized collection.
The bookworm, both in the instance of the insect destructively consuming literature and the bibliophile voraciously reading and collecting literature is an appropriate conceptual model for the iPad Xr. The iPad Xr has the capacity to digitally consume and retain a vast amount of information. With the combination of readily available e-books and digital subscriptions, and the new scanning feature of the iPad Xr, an individual is better equipped than ever before to obtain and distribute information at a rapid pace while serving in the movement to preserve and distribute historic and forgotten texts from around the globe.

Physical design features:
Ergonomic skin
The polished streamline casing of the iPad is preserved by a factory included soft casing which also adds great hand support while holding the tablet. The casing is contoured in a way that supports the thumbs on either side of the tablet above the four other digits which are behind the tablet akin to the natural configuration of the hands while reading a book.
The index finger on both hands has a more specified contour that is naturally aligned with the page turning and scrolling controls that are located on both ends of the scanning strip on the back side of the tablet.
Scanning Strip
The 8-3/4 inch scanning strip feature of the tablet enables an individual to scan and upload information seamlessly in a fully editable condition. With the accompaniment of software applications, newspapers, magazines, and valuable books can become digitally transcribed and fully audible.
Back-side Page Turning and Scrolling Controls
To each end of the scanning strip is a 1 inch slot in line with the index finger of either hand. The slots allow the turning of pages, scrolling of information, magnifying of text and other functions without having to balance the tablet in one hand while interacting with the main display with the other.

Application features:
Textstitch Scanning Application
Textstitch is a highly accessible document stitching software. Extremely powerful though deceivingly simple to use, the application enables the user to seamlessly scan and digitally organize any bit of literature, from digitally absent texts, the daily newspaper, and other periodicals that have yet to be translated into a digitally subscribable or downloadable format. The process is effortless. Simply start the application by touching the Textstitch icon and scan the desired text using the scanning strip on the back of the iPad Xr in the fashion that you would normally use to manually read the text. The application is capable of multi-directional sequencing from beginning to end, depending on the language of the text.
DD+T Application
Digital Dictation and Translation is an application meant to provide a method of recording and editing text or the spoken word in real-time for transcription and maximum precision in a multilingual digital audio or text format. The application may be used as a voice recording device that instantly translates the spoken word into editable text. The reverse may also be achieved using highly sophisticated text-to-speech technology. Using advanced optical character recognition software, any text stored on the iPad Xr in any language may become translated and fully audible.

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