PureGear USB-C PD Car and Wall Chargers

While PureGear is best known for its lineup of cases and screen protectors, like many iPhone accessory makers, the company has diversified in recent years, surprising us last year with an impressive HomeKit smart plug, and now the company has just released a pair of USB-C power adapters that fully support USB Power Distribution (USB-PD), making them great options for charging your iPhone at the fastest possible speeds while on the go.

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Belkin USB-C Car Charger

Belkin’s new USB-C Car Charger takes the traditional car charger up a notch by adding USB-PD Fast Charging capabilities for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X users. The minimalist car charger features a USB-C port that you can connect a standard Apple USB-C to Lightning cable to to juice up your iPhone at the fastest speeds possible. it’s a great solution if you’re a busy iPhone user who is always hopping in and out of you car to ensure that you reach your meetings with your iPhone topped up and ready to go.

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$30 | Car Chargers

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe

Crosley’s Cruiser Deluxe ($90) is an updated version of the company’s popular retro “suitcase” turntable. This time around, however, the company has added Bluetooth, to give users another way to listen to music. Cruiser Deluxe can indeed be latched and carried like a suitcase. Two small speakers are built into the front of the case. Inside the case is the three-speed turntable, and next to that are a headphone jack, volume knob, pitch control knob, and the Bluetooth on/off switch. On the back of the case are ports for the AC adapter, stereo line-out ports, and another headphone jack. Turntables are generally not within our purview — we certainly wouldn’t feel right giving a full review of this product — but we figured we could at least give prospective consumers some insight regarding Cruiser Deluxe’s Bluetooth capabilities. We don’t currently see Cruiser Deluxe listed on Crosley’s website, but the product is already being sold on other sites.

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CableJive PowerPortz Car Charger

CableJive’s new PowerPortz Car Charger ($20) offers four USB ports for charging devices while on the go. Like Belkin’s Road RockStar, PowerPortz offers two charging ports within its front seat section, and two ports on a hub at the end of a 6’ cord. CableJive’s offering, however, is half the price of Belkin’s, and it boasts more power, as well — all four ports on PowerPortz can provide 2.4A of power for a total of 9.6A.

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$20 | Car Chargers

Buqu Car Chargers, Power Bank + Wall Charger

Buqu has introduced a number of chargers and batteries that cater to a younger crowd with their bold designs. Where most accessory companies are content to put their batteries and chargers in inconspicuous boxy enclosures, Buqu’s got car chargers that look like rocket ships and power banks that look like grenades. All of the items we received boast 2.4A fast charging. Clearly, the designs establish that these products aren’t for everyone, but it’s nice to see a company bring something different to the staid world of battery charging.

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Belkin Road RockStar Car Charger

Belkin’s new Road RockStar ($40) is a clever new car charger specifically designed with multiple passengers in mind. Road RockStar has a total of four USB charging ports — two ports in the front section, which plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter, and two more ports on a hub at the end of a 6-foot cord. All ports are capable of 2.4A charging speeds, and Road RockStar supports up to 7.2A charging simultaneously (three of the ports at full-speed).

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$40 | Car Chargers

Secur Six-in-One Car Charger

Secur’s Four-in-One Car Charger was an iLounge Best of Show Finalist at this year’s CES, and the company has just released its Six-in-One Car Charger ($40) for the same price. Along with the USB-outlet car charger (which plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter), flashlight, and flashing emergency light found in the Four-in-One edition, the battery gets a bump up to 2000 mAh (or possibly even 2200 mAh, as Secur’s marketing is contradictory). The accessory also contains an emergency window breaker and emergency seat belt cutter, making it even more versatile. Six-in-One Car Charger comes with a micro-USB cable.

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Tylt Ribbn Car Charger

Tylt’s new Ribbn Car Charger comes in micro-USB ($40) and Lightning ($50) versions — we got our hands on the Lightning edition of the charger. Notably, Ribbn is a 4.8A charger — it has a 3-foot Lightning cable and an additional USB port, allowing two devices to be simultaneously charged at 2.4A speeds. Those speeds will allow any iOS device to be charged at full speed, including an iPad 3 or iPad 4. Ribbn comes in a variety of colors.

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$50 | Car Chargers
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