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iLounge® is an independent provider of information about Apple Inc.'s iPod, iPhone and iPad digital media players, accessories, and related software, published online at www.ilounge.com. Based in Irvine, California, the iLounge website is owned and operated by Dennis Lloyd's company iLounge, Inc., and is not affiliated with Apple Computer or the manufacturers of iPod- or iPhone-related products. We do not make or sell iPod or iPhone services or products. You can read more about our editorial independence here.

Established as a domain only days after the October 23, 2001 announcement of the iPod, the iLounge site was originally built by Dennis Lloyd and HTML Guru Dennis Martin. Fully functional on November 16, 2001, the site has grown dramatically from its early days, hosting daily news updates, independent product reviews and editorial content, incredible discussion forums and photo galleries, software download and self-help pages.

iLounge rapidly became the Internet's top site for iPod users and information, with an a audience that has expanded with the growth of the iPod platform. Only two years after its premiere, iLounge was receiving over three million page hits per month. By mid-2004, the number was five, and by the end of that year, it was ten. Today, it is well in excess of twenty. Approximately four million people now visit the site each month, ranging from casual passers-by to dedicated participants. iLounge and its editors have appeared in leading newspapers such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, magazines such as Newsweek and Time, numerous international publications, and television and radio broadcasts including CNBC, G4 Tech TV (Canada), the leading tech broadcast on KFI Radio, and leading public radio station WNYC.

Our slogan began as "All Things iPod," and has evolved to become "All Things iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Beyond." iLounge is committed to providing the world's best coverage of iPod-, iPhone- and iPad-related products and breaking information, so we welcome your contributions to the site, whether they be through posts in our forums, offerings of new editorial content, or advertising requests.

iLounge is a registered trademark (®) of iLounge Inc. All rights reserved.

The Team

Dennis Lloyd Dennis Lloyd is Founder and Publisher of iLounge. A passionate, long-time lover of Apple products, Dennis was a civil draftsman and graphic designer before creating the iLounge web site. His prior projects include work for The Los Angeles Times' LATimes.com, and the company Creative Domain, where he developed websites for clients including Columbia Pictures, Disney, Fox Studios, Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers. As the Publisher of iLounge, Dennis directs the site's general business affairs, which have grown under his watch to over sixteen million page views every month. Happily married with one child (Hannah), one dog (Rocket the Wonderdog), many iPods, an iPhone, and two turntables, he lives in and loves Irvine, California.

Who should contact Dennis? Individuals or organizations with business (advertising/promotional) inquiries related to iLounge. Mr. Lloyd is available for print, radio, and television commentary on iLounge and its community.

Jesse Hollington Jesse Hollington is iLounge's Senior Editor, responsible for iLounge's feature and tutorial articles on iOS, iTunes, and other Apple technologies, as well as our regular Tip of the Day series and HomeKit reviews. Jesse also serves as our Site Administrator, and in addition to his work for iLounge, he is the author of iPod & iTunes Portable Genius, now in its third edition. Prior to joining the iLounge team, Jesse ran his own information technology consulting practice and served as an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve. Jesse currently resides in Toronto, Canada with his daughter Victoria.

Dan Pye Dan Pye is iLounge's News Editor, responsible for writing news articles for the site. Dan is a graduate of the University of Georgia's Grady School of Journalism and got his start in newspapers covering cops, courts, schools, and business. For the last five years he's published and edited content on web portals for prominent cable companies and device manufacturers. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Dan now lives in Toronto, Canada with his lovely wife Katie and his exquisite record collection.

Guido Gabriele Guido Gabriele is an iLounge Contributing Editor. He is also an attorney, cyclist, audiophile, and overall geek. Guido started as a prosecutor, investigating computer crimes. In private practice, he continues to work with technology, helping clients mitigate legal risk and increase efficiency. Guido resides in New York City with his wife and dog, where he is experimenting with 3D printing and trying to learn how to solder without burning down his apartment.

Bob Levens Bob Levens is an iLounge Contributing Editor and is Chief Administrator of the iLounge Discussion Forums. Located in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Bob has worked in such diverse career fields as the nuclear power industry, TV and radio engineering, the Royal Air Force, and the Ministry of Defence. A relatively recent convert to Apple products after "switching" with the introduction of the first iPod, Bob joined iLounge's Discussion Forums as a full member in February 2002. He lives with his wife, dog, and seven iPods, has a passion for music spanning most genres (including the unusual and obscure), and enjoys travelling, digital photography, computers and "Warbird" airshows that satisfy his interest in WWII piston-engine aircraft and historic aviation.

iLounge Discussion Forums


  • Bob Levens – Chief Administrator
  • Jesse Hollington
  • Mike McKenney (MikeM)
  • Albert Tan (yinyang)


  • Audrey McGirt (honeybee1236) – Chief Moderator
  • cjmnews
  • rockmyplimsoul

Hall of Fame

The following people have helped to make iLounge what it is today and remain a part of our extended family.

Past Editors

  • Jeremy Horwitz — Editor-in-Chief (2003 – 2014)
  • Phil Dzikiy — Editor-in-Chief, News Editor (2012 – 2017)
  • Jerrod Hofferth — Contributing Editor & Site Administrator (2003 – 2008)
  • LC Angell — Senior Editor (2003 – 2007)
  • Charles Starrett — Senior Editor (2007 – 2012)
  • Nick Guy — Accessories Editor (2010 – 2014)
  • Kirk McElhearn — Contributing Editor (2004 – 2005)
  • Alicia Bankhofer — Contributing Editor (2005 – 2009)

Discussion Forum Retirees

  • John (eustacescrubb) - Administrator Emeritus
  • Tom Tracy (tntracy) - Administrator Emeritus
  • Alicia Bankhofer (ginalee) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Adam Shawley (ashawley) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Andy Hedin (AndyH) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Aaron Steele (AaronS) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Bill Mcnair (SouthsideIrish) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Cate (caterinka) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Kurt Young (c.c.r.) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Prithvi (m.r.m.) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Brett (GadgetGuru72) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Jed (jedk) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Ryan (moe_4eva) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Stuart VandeVenter (studogvetmed) - Moderator Emeritus
  • Tom (~tl) - Moderator Emeritus
  • kornchild2002 — Moderator Emeritus
  • Dan Paolucci (Doug Gilmour) - Helper Emeritus
  • Doug Adams - Applescript Forum Moderator Emeritus
  • deeg - Applescript Forum Moderator Emeritus
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