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Welcome to -- the world's largest community of iPod, iTunes, and iPhone users! We offer readers six ways to contribute to our site. This brief guide explains these options and our policies, so that you can efficiently participate in the community with the integrity your fellow readers deserve.

(1) News Tips are welcomed by iLounge's staff. Please submit all tips via e-mail to [email protected], and include your name or a request for anonymity as preferred. Tips sent to other iLounge addresses, or posted as public comments to the site, will not reach our news editors, and will be deleted.

(2) Error Reports are also welcomed by iLounge's staff. Please specify typographical or factual errors in an e-mail to Phil Dzikiy, Editor-in-Chief, at [email protected]. Please specify broken links and all other site-related performance problems in an e-mail to the Site Administrator, Jesse Hollington at [email protected]. Error reports sent to other iLounge addresses, or posted as public comments to the site, will not reach our editors, and will be deleted.

(3) Public Comments may be posted to our articles or in our Discussion Forums. We welcome thoughtful, honest comments, whether they are lengthy or brief, dealing specifically with the content presented in the article or forum thread. However, we require that commenters avoid personal attacks, otherwise refrain at all times from abuse of our services, and follow our forum policy.

iLounge moderates comments to stop abuse, including advertising (products, services, web sites) and astroturfing, off- or on-topic trolling, personal attacks on commenters or staff, offensive language, address spoofing, and other objectionable practices. Comments, including your user/screen name, may not include offensive language. If we feel that you have abused our comments system, our moderators will close your comments, then ban and/or publicly identify you. Please exercise common courtesy and decency when posting comments.

(4) Private Comments may be sent to the individual iLounge editors listed on our About Us page. All comments or questions relating to advertising on iLounge should be directed to [email protected]. All comments or questions relating to editorial policies or content should be directed to Phil Dzikiy, Editor-in-Chief, at [email protected]. All comments or questions relating to closed public comments, bans, and public identification should be directed to the Site Administrator, Jesse Hollington, at [email protected]. Other comments or questions for specific iLounge editors may be sent using the separate e-mail addresses here. Private comments posted as public comments to the site will not reach our editors, and will be deleted.

(5) Editorial Questions: Readers with general questions about iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and related products may submit them to Ask iLounge, our regular help Q&A column.

If you produce Apple-related products or services, and want to bring a product, service, or web site to our readers' attention, you may do so by either contacting our editorial team for news coverage at [email protected], or contacting our editorial team for further review coverage at [email protected].

iLounge has corresponded with over 400 third-party vendors of iPhone, iPad, and iPod related accessories and software. Our editorial coverage is provided at no charge, and is based upon our independent evaluation and opinions of products and services. We welcome interest in coverage, but offer no guarantees as to content or timing; our editors determine the nature and quantity of our content without any external involvement, and are not interested in receiving story, sales, or post-evaluation pitches. We also do not accept outside editorial contributions.

(6) Business Inquiries: iLounge accepts advertisements from companies that are in good standing with our policies on honest marketing and fair customer service. Contact our business team for advertising opportunities at [email protected].

Advertising is paid submission of graphic and/or text banners for placement on, or larger graphical content in our popular downloadable publications. A company's decision to advertise enables the company to display its preferred content on certain iLounge pages, without any guarantees as to the adjacent editorial content. Advertising does not influence our editorial coverage, and we do not permit advertisements to resemble or become parts of our editorial coverage or comments.

We do not allow individuals or companies to use our public comments for advertising or indirect advertising for products, services, or web sites, nor do we allow public comments regarding competitors' products, services, or web sites. This policy includes a ban on "astroturfing," the posting of positive or negative product-related comments by company-affiliated individuals; we hold companies responsible for all violations made by their employees, agents, relatives, and/or friends. Comments posted in violation of this policy will result in comment closure, a ban on commenting and/or product coverage, and/or public identification, in a manner and at a time that we deem appropriate.

If your company -- including your employees, agents, relatives, or friends -- is interested in adding factual, non-promotional, and non-competitive comments to articles about your own products or services, you may do so provided that you identify yourself in each comment with your real name, and your affiliation with the company. This is required in order to give our readers an open and fair disclosure of your position relative to the product or service you are discussing. Your company -- including affiliated individuals -- may not comment on competitors' products.

We hope that this guide makes it easier for you to participate in iLounge's community. Again, please direct any editorial questions to [email protected], and business/advertising questions to [email protected].

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